Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Police Downplaying "Trayvon Martin" Aspect Of The Assault On Matthew Owens In Mobile, Alabama; Black Mayor Sam Jones Slow To React

Note: All posts on the Matthew Owens case accessible HERE, with the most recent post displayed first.

Update: I changed the post title because Mayor Sam Jones has finally reacted. A new report from the Press-Register also paints a different and less innocent portrait of Matthew Owens than previously; it appears he's had past confrontations with some of the local blacks, which included the use of racial slurs. Comments to this story indicate much of the public isn't buying it, though.

Screenshot of Matthew Owens
In the wake of a grass-roots outcry by numerous websites around the country, Mobile Police are now downplaying the "Trayvon Martin" angle behind the savage assault upon White victim Matthew Owens by a group of Black thugs in Mobile, Alabama.

According to WALA Channel 10, police are saying that they have no confirmation that any of the attackers shouted out "Now that's justice for Trayvon Martin", or words to that effect during the assault. Police Chief Micheal T. Williams says that investigators have interviewed the sister, Ashley Parker, and the victim, and that neither mentioned attackers saying anything about "justice for Trayvon". However, it was Ashley Parker, present at the scene, who originally said that the attackers said it was "justice" for Trayvon Martin, and I would think she would know what she is talking about, so this impresses me as a possible attempt by Mobile Police to minimize the gravity of the situation. A second witness also reports hearing a "justice for Trayvon" remark as well.

Mobile Police also state that their preliminary investigation shows the incident stems from an ongoing dispute between Matthew Owens and a suspect yet to be named. An April 23rd story from WPMI Channel 15 sheds more light. Relatives of Owens, who live on the street, say local kids often block Delmar Drive when they play basketball, which leads to some confrontations. Racial comments from both sides may have made the confrontations more toxic. This does not excuse the behavior by the attackers, but it shows it was more that spontaneous combustion. Matthew Owens is still in hospital in critical condition. American Spectator says the black mayor, Sam Jones, had remained silent about the attack, but since this post was published, Jones has now cautioned the public not to jump to conclusions and to wait until the investigation had revealed the facts, saying that he would not condone assault regardless of the motive.

WPMI also provides another account of the attack itself by a witness who was present. The unidentified witness says that when he heard Owens at the door, he thought it was a joke. "Then I saw about 10 to 15 people from little kids and women with dresses to adult men, just flooding onto the property, surrounding the car, hollering and screaming," he says. "And then I heard Matthew saying, ' I'm sorry, man, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.' And then, the next thing, before I could get to the door, because we have it all deadbolted and everything, and before I could get it open, I heard all the beating and banging." Updated WKRG news video embedded below:

The number of attackers is still in dispute, with estimates ranging from 15 to 30. Such situations can be fluid, with people drifting in and out. Most likely there was a maximum of 30 people present during the height of the confrontation, but only 15 of them were actively participating in the attack. A new story from the Press-Register indicates that Matthew Owens has been arrested several times and has been involved in three violent confrontations since 2009. The neighborhood has changed from all-white to half-black over the years, but most whites in the neighborhood report good relations with the black residents.

A petition campaign on Change.org is still in progress. The petitioners protest the sketchy media coverage, and demand it be investigated as a hate crime.

Media Reaction: After a slow start, local Mobile media outlets have risen to the occasion and are now actively covering the story, to include the racial aspect. National media outlets continue to ignore the story for the most part, although the Daily Mail has picked it up in the U.K. Drudge posts a link to one of the stories on his main page.

The secondary media has stepped up to the plate to fill the gap (after the jump):

-- Gateway Pundit: "Where’s the Media?… AL Man Clings to Life After Vicious Beating By 'Trayvon' Sympathetic Mob (Video) …Update: Children & Women in Dresses Joined In", April 23rd.

-- American Spectator: "Sharpton, Jesse J., Mr. Holder: I'm Calling You Out", April 24th. The author is a resident of Mobile and wonders why Mayor Sam Jones has remained silent (clicking on the link to his name might give you a hint; the police chief is also black).

-- Occidental Dissent, “War Against White People” : “Now That’s Justice For Trayvon”, April 24th. Hunter Wallace refers to it as a vicious Black Undertow lynch mob attack.

-- Free Republic, "Mobile Police on mob attack: no corroboration yet on allegation of racial motive", April 24th

-- Stormfront, "‘Justice for Trayvon’: Alabama Man in Critical Condition After Mob Beating", discussion thread begun April 24th.


Anonymous said...

Back in the 60's, George Lincoln Rockwell had a slogan that the ANP used - "White man what will it take to make you fight?" . Sadly, we are still saying it today. I think that we need a NEW slogan - "White man, if you refuse to listen, you'll HAVE to LEARN the hard way!". After all, IF something like this doesn't turn Mr. Owens, his family and friends et al - into AWAKENED and ANGRY White folks - they might as well be dead... For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

Chairman Suhayda is absolutely right. I know a lot of people here dont care for Tom Metzger, but one of the best things he's said was that violence is a great teacher. That makes a lot of sense. EVERYBODY understands violence.

Havent so many of us been trying to educate our fellow Whites for years about what's happening? You can lecture people till your blue in the face, present them with a concise, eloquent, fact filled arguement, and still get nowhere.

But getting a harsh ugly dose of racial reality can be life changing. A scary incident with "diversity" that lasts just a few minutes can potentially do more than hundreds of hours of "education" ever could. If that's what it takes, well, many have to learn the hard way.

Please dont get me wrong, I dont wish any harm to our people, but what the hell does it take? If what happened to this Owens man doesnt wake him and his friends and family up- if they are liberal types- then like Rocky said, they are dead.

Anonymous said...

May I ask how ANGRY Rocky is and what he has done and does doe besides bang on his key board and of course take in pledges? Let's keep it eal, Rocky and the ANP s most so called WN and NS Groups DO NOTHING. Talking up the problem dos NOTHING. By the way the Lobby thing is a great publuicity stunt if you want to be the Court Jester in the Court of Zog and coninue to give Zog entertainment.

Anonymous said...

What exactly do you think the ANP and other groups should be doing? Do you want more street-theatre shows? Like the pitiful NSM is STILL doing, even though they are DONE. Really, NSM is deader than Trayvon Martin. Its all out there now, everyone knows what a low life hypocrite Schoep is, he and what's left of his gang bring shame to National Socialism by using the swastika.

Its fitting that this freak show Phase One outfit, which was a joke from the beginning, is pulling the same old crap. A useless "org" using useless tactics.

Suhayda and the ANP are walking the walk, trying something DIFFERENT, and I applaud them for it.

Im not sure if you think the ANP should be engaging in their own publicity stunts, or if you have some delusional fantasies about some "serious action" that could never happen. You know, the kind of Turner Diaries stuff the bullshitters on VNN and Stormfront talk about when they're not discussing their favorite beers, or "T and A" matters.

The ANP is avoiding the same old fantasy land playpen, and working on real political activity. You can call them "court jesters" if you want, but they are doing something betoynd the usual going in circles stuff that other groups are still stuck in, in spite of the fact that such activity has done hardly any good for a long, long time.

You either move forward and grow, or else you wither away and die.

Anonymous said...

5:59AM You sound like an illiterate moron, so much so that your comment is worthless, nay embarrassing to the WN community. If you are the type of idiot who is against Rocky and the ANP, it only shows them in a more positive light!

Anonymous said...

5:59 is right on. The ANP and other so called WN and NS groups are great at talking and do little publicity stunts, but only for fundraising, YES have to keep hope alive so the fools send imperious leaders what little money the minions do not have so the imperious leader does not have to work.

Lets get real, the ANP's Lobbyist will never be heard, and why does a NS want to lobby Jew infested government we want to replace? Why> because the ANP is not a ral NS. Why does the ANP crawl on their hands on feet begging to work in a system that will never accept real WN and NS.

Fools, keep send your money to imperious leaders and they will keep banking on their keyboards and you will all feel better BUT NOTHING will change.

Anonymous said...

Just remember the ANP has a registered lobbyist in CONGRESS. Notice the "IN CONGRESS" words. What do the other groups have. Nothing nowhere in the political process.