Tuesday, April 03, 2012

New Black Panther Party Attacks The Southern Poverty Law Center, But Is Malik Zulu Shabazz A Black Version Of Hal Turner?

Are the dogs finally turning on their masters, or is New Black Panther Party Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz the "Hal Turner" of the Black community? A story published by The Blaze raises this question.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has obsessed with White "racism" over the years, but has virtually ignored racism by other racial groups. But this did not deter Malik Zulu Shabazz from delivering a broadside at the SPLC during a broadcast of the syndicated radio show “The Muslim Street” on Sunday April 1st, 2012. Shabazz started out discussing the NBPP's proposed “national day of action” on April 9th, when the group will conduct county-wide and state-wide defense training, followed by a national strike. But when radio host Laila Abdelaziz, who owned up to working with the SPLC herself, asked Shabazz, whose NBPP is a token black group on the SPLC's list of hate groups, about the SPLC, Shabazz erupted:

“I would say that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a pack of lies and it is an operation of deception to the highest of wickedness. It is an operation that is designed to suppress our liberation movement. And it is an operation controlled by liberals who seek to define an confine our struggle to white liberal accepted norms of civil rights struggle and they are vehemently against nationalists and they are vehemently against Muslims, but they claim that they are against hate and racist groups.”

Ironically, the same statement could be uttered by any reputable White nationalist with only two changes. Dr. David Duke's version of this statement might read:

“I would say that the Southern Poverty Law Center is a pack of lies and it is an operation of deception to the highest of wickedness. It is an operation that is designed to suppress our liberation movement. And it is an operation controlled by liberals who seek to define and confine our struggle to self-hating white liberal accepted norms of civil rights struggle and they are vehemently against nationalists and they are vehemently against Whites, but they claim that they are against hate and racist groups.”

Change "Muslim" to "White" and add "self-hating" to the description of white liberals, and it's a statement that could have been uttered by Dr. Duke himself. Shabazz also took a swipe at the Anti-Defamation League, explaining that while they claim to be against defamation, they are a Zionist outfit out to destroy legitimate black leaders that are strong and don’t bow down to Zionist control.

However, there is one important difference between Dr. Duke and Shabazz. While Dr. Duke never published a "Wanted Dead or Alive" for the killers of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, Shabazz' NBPP circulated a "Wanted Dead or Alive" poster for George Zimmerman on March 22nd. They believe Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood, although evidence increasingly points towards self-defense. Yet the Department of Justice has taken no action against the NBPP for circulating this poster, although they did prosecute former ANSWP Commander Bill White for posting less provocative material on his Overthrow website.

Yet there was one so-called "white activist" who was allowed to post such provocative material on his websites; Hal Turner. For five years, Turner got away with threatening judges and other public officials, because he was a federal informant tasked to "flush out crazies with his fierce rhetoric". Now the NBPP is also getting away with publishing similar threats.

Has the DOJ also tasked the NBPP to "flush out crazies with their fierce rhetoric"? This possibility cannot be excluded.

The SPLC has yet to respond specifically to the allegations by Shabazz, although they have just published a post hinting that the Department of Justice might be preparing to target Tom Metzger.


Anonymous said...

Funny to see the Southern Perverty Law Center go after non-Whites. Kind of puts Sleaze Dees and Scuzz Potok in an awkward position.

This negro gang are the same ones who were harassing and threatening White voters outside a polling place in Pennsylvania. Obama and Attorney General Holder refused to prosecute them for violating the civil rights of American citizens.

Wouldnt be that surprised if this latest version of the Black Panthers is a false front. Seems like the last time (and maybe the only) legitimate black nationalist movement was Marcus Garvey and his back to Africa movement. He was at odds with the jew- founded and run NAACP. That was almost a hundred years ago. Too bad it didnt take.

Anonymous said...

The American Nazi Party has announced that along with April being 'White Pride' month, because of April 20th being the birthdate of Adolf Hitler, it is also the begining of its annual Spring Blitz literature outreach campaign! This is when National Socialists as well as all sincere WN, should make an extra special effort to reach our people through extensive literature distribution. As Chairman Rocky Suhayda states in his current ANPReport - if only one hundred people distributed 100 pieces of material, we would reach over 10,000 new people with our message! Lets multiply that many times over, and reach a hundred thousand this month! No lifting of a 'mug of beer', or silly nonsense, lets honor Him through activism as He would have wished! Proud to be ANP! www.ANP14.com 88!

Anonymous said...

These people who talk big about violence and doing the turner diaries like stuff, ought to act more like the ANP does, then they wouldn't open the door and be targeted by zog. Lets face it, acting like some wild eyed 'insurgent' as Metzger advertises himself, is like putting a target on his back, and daring zog to come and get him. By encouraging others to engage in violent acts, and selling them the manuals to do it, seems pretty damn stupid to me. The stuff on his website reminds me of how close to the line he tries to play it. Didn't he learn anything from Hal Turner and Bill White, both of whom acted a lot like Metzger does. I guess that pushing the envelope trying to out-extreme anybody else carries a price with it. Too bad that instead of advising the Mahone brothers and no doubt a lot of other people too, to engage in political activism like Rocky and the ANP does, instead he misdirected them to be 'insurgents' who now will pay the price for having listened to his stupid bullshit. I guess that Metzger didn't learn squat from Portland, and those kids lives that were ruined by killing that nigger. Maybe, the chickens are coming home to roost for some old fart calling himself 'terrible tommy'? Son of Adolf 88

Anonymous said...

You're acting like a real low life, talking shit about Tom Metzger. I dont agree with everything he says, but he deserves respect.

That "old fart" has done more for the WN Movement than any other individual in the last 30 years.

Metzger was railroaded by the ZOG injustice system for the killing of that nigger in Portland. ZOG had a weak case, but since Metzger was pro-White, he got the screws put to him.

Tom Metzger is not some blowhard, constantly spouting off bullshit and not backing it up with any action, unlike most of the rest. He has been out there putting his ass on the line for decades. Even when things got bad, he never ran and hid.

Lest we forget, he also ran for office, and got the Deomcratic party nomination for US CONGRESS running openly as a WN. Who else has even come close to that since then?

Instead we have jokers claiming to be running for president,though you wouldnt know it, other than from their "big talk." and groups saying they have "secret nazis" finishing in 4th place in the local school board race. Great.

Its ridiculous to compare Metzger to informant scumbags like Turner and White. Metzger never talked the kind of BS those two rats did. Its insulting that you would make that comparison.

You mention that "roosting chickens" bit. So, youre happy that ZOG might go after Metzger again? You say people "ought to act more like the ANP does"
What does that mean? We should talk a lot of crap, criticize anyone who does anything more than drop a leaflet, and act all high and mighty?

What "political activism" does the ANP engage in, other than selling literature?

No thanks, I'll take Tom Metzger over some shit-talking Nazi Club any day.

Anonymous said...

Funny how these big, tough talkers like Metzger and now Schoep with his armed patrols are always trying to talk others into doing what they themselves won't do. Jeff ought to patrol Detroit himself if he's so gungho on this provocative behavior. Danny D

Anonymous said...

Naw, Zulu Shabazz is merely a fast talking bullshitter like Jeff Schoep. Both make stupid statements to the media, claiming what they're gonna do, and the media always looking for sensationalist headlines pick up on it like its gods truth, and run with it. Whats really comical is how many poor sops both black and white eagerly fall for it like drowning men grasping a life preserver, and actually fall for it. Act normal and sensible and your ignored. Act like a nut and your headlines.

Anonymous said...

Why are you attacking the ANP because Metzger tries to incite other people into doing what he's smart enough not to do? Now it appears that the chickens are coming home to roost, is it surprising? No one in their right mind goes around preaching breaking the law and thinks it won't catch up with them eventually. Yes, at one time Metzger did a lot of good, organizing white people into political action, then he lost it and went off track. Seems that the Portland trial that he lost, soured him and he got into this stupid lone-wolf nonsense, urging others into violence, and thinking that he would go scott free. Thats what they're going after him on, having provided the incitement and information on how to make bombs, etc. on his website for the Mahones and others. One thing he forgot I guess, was that real 'insurgents' don't shout about it, they do it and keep their mouths shut. Pretending and play acting do have a price, and we all better learn it soon.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. Tom Metzger is a GREAT man. I listen to his radio show every single day. He's probably the best since Adolf, himself. Schoep and all the other Hollywood nazis better give it up! LONE WOLF SPIXVILLE www.resist.com

Anonymous said...

It is true that more evidence related to self-defense is surfacing on the on-going investigation of the Zimmerman-Martin case. To this The Truth Collective declares that George Zimmerman who is half Jewish [his father] and Peruvian [his mother], and not "Hispanic," only defended himself from the violent aggression of the Negro whom he killed. Let the action of George Zimmerman be a warning to all Negros on what can happen to them if they attack any Native American.