Monday, April 16, 2012

Jacob Palasek One Of Seven White Victims Of Black-On-White Mob Assaults In Grand Rapids, Michigan On March 24-25, Mainstream Media Has Ignored Story

During the weekend of March 24-25, 2012, there were an alleged seven black-on-white mob assaults in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Getting the most publicity is the case of Jacob Palasek. Around 12:20 A.M. on March 25th, the 37-year-old Palasek, who is a full time student and does computer work part time, was walking to his apartment when he saw three black males loitering the corner of Sixth Street and Broadway. Suddenly, one of the thugs, who was on a bicycle, rode up beside him and smashed him in the side of the head with a chain. He was hit two or three more times in the head with the chain before he broke loose and ran to the nearest home. However, all three of the blacks then attacked him on the porch, screaming "this is what you deserve, you white piece of shit". Palasek was hit in the head with the large chain several more times. After breaking free and hiding behind a dumpster, the black thugs initially pursued, but then broke it off because of the possibility that bypassing motorists would see them and call police.

The police report listed aggravated assault with a weapon and ethnic intimidation, the latter reflecting Michigan's state hate crimes law. Palasek identified two of the perpetrators. However, police have told Palasek that the thugs will get a minimal sentence because they are only 17, and may not even serve time in prison for the brutal hate crimes. This is because the suspects will not be tried as adults, so they'll only face juvenile boot camp instead of prison. A detective told Palasek that they believe all the attacks were racially motivated, and related to the Trayvon Martin media frenzy.

How did I find all this information? Not from the mainstream media. Not a single media outlet in the area has published any information about this crime, or the six other similar black-on-white crimes taking place during March 24-25. The other six victims, ranging in age from their 30s to their 50s, were attacked within about six blocks of where Palasek was attacked. Some of the attacks took place in broad daylight.

Instead, I learned of this information from the Council of Conservative Citizens and from Kyle Rogers, the editor of the Charleston Conservative Examiner. There's also lengthy discussion on Free Republic. Adding to Rogers' credibility is the fact that he personally talked to Jacob Palasek. The Grand Rapids area media is doing a gross disservice to the public by not reporting on these crimes; in fact, their failure to do so further endangers the public. Now you know another reason why this blog and the rest of the pro-White media exist; to counter the effects of selective mainstream censorship. The comments section to the Examiner now indicates that one media outlet, WZZM Channel 13, is finally bestirring itself, and that FOX 17 may follow:

Shelly Watkins April 16th 6:00 P.M:
This was just posted as a comment to this link that I posted on our local ABC affiliate's news page:

"WZZM 13 Grand Rapids No one has contacted us about this incident. We encourage the victim to call us Tuesday. He should ask for a news manager. The number to call Tuesday is 616-559-1300. Thanks. -jp"

According to another comment, FOX 17 says that the police have issued no reports, press releases, or statements, but that they will investigate.

Unfortunately, Jacob Palasek continues to suffer aftereffects of the attack. He suffers from headaches and has been unable to work. Without insurance, he can't afford the correct medical treatment. His landlord is now threatening to evict him from his apartment.

Most commenters to the Examiner story seem to know the score. Here are some of the more informative comments (after the jump):

Kathy Martin-Tyrrell April 16th around 2:00 P.M:
...More and more people are recognizing the true nature of blacks. The liberal media can no longer hide the chimpouts, black-flash-mob theft, overt, racially driven hostility toward White people. Even my mother, God bless her libtard soul, has sworn off her charity work with the local church because they keep sending her to black people who are not happy with the food she makes for them with her own hands, then hand delivers in her own containers, using the gas in her car. The blacks not only show no common courtesy of 'Thank you' or 'how was the drive over' - the blacks immediately launch into asking for more handouts - they wanted my mom to buy them ciggarettes, coffee, home furnishings and even decorations for their homes - One black woman told my mother she needed wall hangings and would trust my mothers taste to purchase what she thought looked nice. Her only demand was that she needed at least 10 pieces to cover the walls.

Kyle Rogers April 15th 9:36 A.M:
In Philadelphia these racially motivated black on white mob attacks have been going on regularly for two years or so. The media rarely shows any of the perps and calls them "teen," "youth", or "kids." A while back there was a segment about a surge in CCW permits being issued in the Philly area. They were on the news begging and pleading with people not to carry and not to shoot any "kids." They kept saying "there just kids." Since that newscast, and white college student was beaten to death in broad daylight. A disabled Vietnam Vet was severely beaten and almost died. Several other whites have been beaten in attacks that could have been fatal as well.

Dave Levine April 15th 12:14 P.M:
Not to mention the flash mob attacks on convenience stores in the East from Baltimore to Minnesota, Chicago's famed "Magnificent Mile" Mall, state fairs in the Midwest, etc. Nothing's been done about this as politicians in control of these cities and states cringe at the thought of coming down on these criminals. We all know that most of these hoodlums are teens led by adult gang members using cell phones and texting to keep one step ahead of the police. It's high time they were stopped. If this spreads across the nation to, say, L.A., San Jose and Houston, it could turn into a full-out race war.

Howard Music April 15th 9:26 A.M:
I'm 58 years old and these type of shark attacks have been going on since I was a teenager. I spent a year in school in south Dallas in the late 60's, and it was by far, the most dangerous place I have ever been. I served in the military, was stationed overseas, and as a civilian have worked and lived in a foreign country and never saw the mindless violence that I was subject to in Dallas at the hands of the black population. Without the modern internet only the victims would know that it still goes on.

Jacob Palasek 4/13/2012 (posted to the CofCC story):
I emailed all local news stations and the local press. No one seems to care. No one replied.

I guess it does not make news when it happens to a white person.

All I have so far is pictures the police took and the police report.

I did ID who did it but since they are 17 the police say it is not likely that they will get any jail time even though the “youth gang” as they call them was responsible for 4 other racially motivated aggravated assaults within a 48 period of mine.

Thank You,

Jacob Nathaniel Palasek


Anonymous said...

I feel so bad for Mr. Palasek. He is clearly a well meaning decent productive White citizen, who worked hard all his life, was trying to better himself by getting more education, and meant no harm to anyone. Not only he has been seriously injured, but now he is starting to experience all the wonderful joys of the toilet bowl called ZOGland JEWSA. He cannot get decent medical care (no insurance), his "compassionate" landlord is about to evict him (no money to pay for the rent, and who is going to help a White working man like him in this predicament? nobody!) Oh, and those niggers are going to get away with it anyhow!! Hopefully, after all this crap is over and he feels better, Mr. Palasek seriously considers getting involved in the Struggle for the future of his Nation to prevent things like that from ever happening again. I am very happy that I "got involved" as a teenager going back to the 1980s to fight for what I believed in, and I still do today! Proud to be ANP SA!

Anonymous said...

The back and forth on this board by the ANP and NSM is sick, especially the sex references about Schoep having sex with an Arab and her half black child with her former spouse.
An NSM fan I am not, but this is all rather odd, while Jeff has woman problems and has sex with woman, these jackals in the ANP have stated there should be tolerance for queers in the Movement and Rocky Suyahada has said he has no problem with flamers running at him with a “huge” errection.

There seems to be a problem in both the ANP and NSM with sexual perversion
Do you think the real issue is the ANP is turned on by the bully-boy image of the NSM?


Why don't you host a online debate of the 3 NS Parties, NSM< ANP, NSALP on real issues and real National Socialism and see how it comes out, kinda like what Counter-Currents did with Covington's NW Front. Lets just see which of the 3 has a real sense of National Socialism. I for one am tired of all the shit throwing.

Anonymous said...

Well the nsm and nsalp don't have a clue what National-Socialism is or what it means so that would be a pretty pointless debate. Sounds like you are the one with sexual issues...

Anonymous said...

I understand where you're coming from. However, Schoep and the NSM are done, he is a despicable person with so many criminal flaws, a shameful figure. This does need to be addressed.

So does the ANP with its homosexual stance. Why did Rocky even bring it up in that ANP Report?

I am also tired of the shit throwing. I think the ANP is by far the best NS outfit going, I would hope they could focus on their political goals and ignore the antics of rival groups.

Anonymous said...

What IS really SICK - IS Jeff Schoep having sex with an ARAB who, yes does have a BLACK child! For four fucking years, pardon my pun.