Thursday, April 19, 2012

Israelis Turn Palestinians Away From Kalia Beach Dead Sea Resort Even Though It's On Palestinian Territory, But Other Nationalities Admitted

Update: The video is back, and a new link specified and embedded below:

Here's a sample of the discrimination and humiliation Palestinians must routinely endure from many Israelis, even on their own territory. The Electronic Intifada reports that a group of Palestinians were turned away from a popular beach resort on the Dead Sea recently, even though the beach lies within Occupied Palestine.

This act of discrimination at Kalia Beach, which took place on April 13th, 2012, was personally witnessed and captured on video by Hazel Cameron, a Lecturer of International Relations at Scotland’s University of St Andrews who was traveling with a group of students. She threatened to withdraw them from the beach resort unless all visitors were allowed in regardless of their ethnicity. Visitors of all other ethnicities were being admitted. Although the beach itself is located within Occupied Palestinian Territory, the resort is owned by Kibbutz Kalia, located on the north shore of the Dead Sea. The Palestinians consider Kibbutz Kalia to be an illegal Israeli settlement.

Almost thirty minutes later and after threats of police arrest, the Palestinians were allowed to make their way towards the entry gate of the resort, only to be told that the resort was now full and they would have to leave. Israeli Jewish families did however continue to be admitted. One hour later, the management relented and permitted access to an Arab family. Cameron's video, taken down once already, has been restored and is embedded below:

The Electronic Intifada thoughtfully provides a written account of key events on the video. At the beginning, we see a family including men and women and several children being stopped at the entrance. The family are visibly identifiable as Arabs as two of the women are wearing headscarves.

-- At about 43 seconds the guard, speaking Arabic, can be heard saying to the father of the family, “This is harder for me than it is for you.”

-- At 3:30 armed occupation soldiers can be seen walking into the resort and clustering around the entrance.

-- At 5:30 a man speaking in Arabic speaking off camera can be heard saying that whenever there is an Israeli holiday, they don’t let Arabs in.

-- At 6:50 three men, apparently Palestinians, can be seen standing by the entrance, also apparently unable to proceed into the resort.

-- At 8:00 the guard can be seen explaining to another two Arab men that they are not allowed in. Although the sound quality is poor, the guard appears to tell them “I am telling you that in general Palestinians [unclear]” And once again, “this is harder for me than it is for you.” But the two men are allowed to proceed, presumably to the ticket window.

But although Jews in Israel build walls and deploy soldiers to keep Palestinians out in Israel, Jews in the United States do not show the same regard for freedom of association. Jewish activists, disproportionately involved in the civil rights movement, have been amongst the foremost promoters of forced diversity and multiculturalism. If Whites tried to keep Blacks out of a swimming pool, there'd be a firestorm of protest and heads would roll. This actually happened in Huntingdon Valley, PA back in 2009. And of course, there'd be a Jewish lawyer ready and willing to litigate.

One set of rules for the Chosen, another set for the rest of us.

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