Sunday, April 22, 2012

Diversity Watch: White Man Sucker-Punched And Robbed By Non-Whites At Boston Hempfest, No One Comes To His Aid

The Council of Conservative Citizens reports an outbreak of "diversity" at the Boston Hempfest. It appears to be a secondary Hempfest celebration on April 20th (4-20); the main Hempfest occurs on September 17th each year. A White man and a non-white man who appears to be of North African origin are arguing about racism. When the argument gets heated, another White man steps in to try to settle things down. Then suddenly, one of the North African's friends reaches from behind and sucker-punches the White man, flooring him. Two black males then blatantly empty the man’s pockets right in front of a big crowd. No one intervenes to stop the robbery.

Unfortunately, the YouTube video posted by the CofCC was taken down. But a copy was uploaded to LiveLeak, and is embedded below (LiveLeak's videos have improved so that they are subject to no more buffering than YouTube videos):

The Mad Jewess has an interesting take on this. She claims the White victim was actually sticking up for the Blacks at Hempfest, and went over to the North Africans to accuse them of racism against Blacks. I wouldn't have referenced this source, since the Mad Jewess and a pro-White blogger, Incogman, have had a bitter rivalry, but the Mad Jewess is just as wary of non-Whites as we are.

A Stormfront thread also reveals the white man was an anti-racist. I wonder if he's still anti-racist after getting roughed up by his "pets".


Anonymous said...

If you lean into someone's face like that you are asking to get hit.

Anonymous said...

One of those "LOL" moments. I dont give a crap about those dirty drug addict white trash "420" losers. Sure, technically "white" but almost always anti-racist types who think Bob Marley and Bob Dylan and John Lennon are gods.

Drug addicts are some of the weakest specimens of humanity.

Thousands of stoned liberal Whites are a potential picnic for nigger criminals.

I've been around potheads who have lectured about pot "not being physically addictive" yet they're smoking it 5 times a day.

No coverage of this in the mainstream media, they're gonna be saturating the country with coverage of the trial of that mestizo who shot the teen nigger thug in Florida. Of course.

MJ said...

White people would not do this. anonymous

Anonymous said...

"Anti Racist" pothead got a dose of diversity, maybe he won't be quite so self righteous next time. Verdict: deserved.