Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Council Of Conservative Citizens Distributes The Citizens Informer Newspaper In Blue Springs, Missouri; White Multiculturalists Throw A Hissy Fit

KCTV Channel 5 reports that the Council of Conservative Citizens' newspaper, The Citizens Informer, was distributed from door-to-door in Blue Springs, MO, and the media found their designated multiculturalist marks to issue the standard ritual condemnation. The Council of Conservative Citizens also documented this report on their website.

The newspapers had an outer flyer is a map of America with Mexico and Central America shown in red and red arrows pointing to the U.S. to show the spread of Latin Americans. They were wrapped in plastic and deposited in driveways throughout the area. KCTV news video embedded below:

The designated white multicultural stooges were James Trible and Jeanne Brauhar-Trible (she can't even make up her mind which name to take, so she hyphenates). Jeanne said she lives in a racially diverse neighborhood and felt both offended and embarrassed about the tone of the publication. But at least she acknowledges it as part of free speech. James, in contrast, characterized the paper as like the old Nazi propaganda, and thinks barely avoiding the tipping point between free speech and hate speech. But James failed to show the clause in the Constitution that outlaws "hate speech"; many liberals mistakenly believe that hate speech is forbidden by law.

When contacted by media, CofCC CEO Gordon Baum was ready with an explanation. The most important point Baum brought out is that the CofCC is a racial populist organization rather than a racial nationalist organization. This means they not only accept non-White members, but don't want to eject non-Whites from society. "We'd like to keep America majority white. I just want the system of law we have. I don't want to look like they do in Haiti. If the whole nation changes ethnically, it will change the government," Baum clarified.

On June 4th, 2005, then-National Alliance Chairman gave a discussion on racial populism vs. racial nationalism, and although he prefers racial nationalism, acknowledged that racial populism can be a useful strategy, particularly if a pro-White candidate is running for election.

In any event, the Council of Conservative Citizens does effective work, and has made more successful inroads into the Tea Party than racial nationalists. They are worthy of respect and support.


Anonymous said...

The CCC, ANP and other so called WN and NS groups are great at talking and do little publicity stunts, but only for fundraising, YES have to keep hope alive so the fools send imperious leaders what little money the minions do not have so the imperious leader does not have to work.

Lets get real, the ANP's Lobbyist will never be heard, and why does a NS want to lobby Jew infested government we want to replace? Why? because the ANP is not a ral NS. Why does the ANP crawl on their hands on feet begging to work in a system that will never accept real WN and NS.

Fools, keep send your money to imperious leaders and they will keep banking on their keyboards and you will all feel better BUT NOTHING will change.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with 9:21. I like the ANP, they are the best NS group going, but realy dont see anything coming out of this lobbying.

Didnt that soft-line sorta WN A3P party send their chairman to DC to hobnob with the politican pigs? Dont know if it was official "lobbying" but it sounds like it didnt accomplish much.

Like 9:21 said, the ZOG system will NEVER accept anyone pro-White. Im sure that the A3P guy was polite and eloquent and sharply dressed, y'know "repsectable," and it still didnt help.

I wish the ANP all the best, but I think this will prove to be a futile endeavor. The politicians all have the kosher seal approval stamped on their asses, they obey their jew masters, no WN will get a chance.

Anonymous said...

The ANP is action while the others whine and cry like 7:00PM and (;21AM. boo-hoo. Most of the pro-White Movement applauding the ANP and its great tactic.