Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Canadian Taxpayers Less Willing To Pay For Anti-Racist Propaganda; Edmonton Center For Race And Culture To Lose $500,000 Of Federal Funding

Screenshot of Charlene Hay. Look at that smug, self-righteous sneer on her face
It appears mainstream Canadians are growing weary of being hectored and lectured by anti-racist harridans. And one of the leading anti-racist propagandists in Edmonton, Alberta is taking a major hit in the wallet.

The Centre for Race and Culture, based in Edmonton, has been notified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that they will no longer receive any federal funding for that department. For the past few years, the center received roughly $500,000 annually, so that represents a big hit. Charlene Hay, the Centre's executive director, says they're not going away, but will look at eliminating some programs and cut about half of the Centre’s 14 staff positions. They already charge the public up to $200 to participate in their "workshops" to defray their costs.

Two of the programs to be cut:

-- Peace Ambassadors program, in which volunteers learn about issues of race and discrimination, then give educational presentations to schools and other groups. Basically, these volunteers get pumped full of anti-racist (and generally anti-White) propaganda, then go forth and replicate the virus elsewhere.

-- Keshotu Leadership Academy, a leadership and performance arts program aimed at African-Canadian youth. But this clearly has no applicability to the greater Canadian community, and deserves no federal funding.

The Edmonton Journal article implies that the cuts may not be permanent, although it doesn't explicitly state so. Citizenship and Immigration (CIC) will not pay for any of the group’s costs accrued after March 31st until a new funding proposal from the Centre is approved. A recent proposal submitted by the Centre lacked sufficient detail to justify a new agreement. So this means that if the Centre submitted a proposal satisfactory to CIC, the $500,000 could be restored, all of it or at least part of it.

Like many anti-racist groups, they encourage other races to express racial and ethnic pride, but discourage white pride because, to quote them, "The term “White Pride” is commonly used by groups with ideological links to neo-Nazism and white supremacy... They have proliferated on the internet and seek to legitimize themselves by using terms like 'White Pride' and advocating for Freedom of Speech. Their websites appear to be legitimate only on the surface – scratch a little and you will find the promotion of hatred toward many different groups in our society... Please understand that we are not discouraging people from expressing their identities. Just please be aware that “White Pride” carries a deeper meaning of hatred towards other groups". What's particularly galling is that the people promoting anti-racist hate and discrimination against White are themselves white. No wonder Martin Lindstedt is so insistent that we have a whigger problem. Charlene Hay is just as much a whigger as a bonehead who wears his ball cap backward.

It's easy to tell which comments posted to the Edmonton Journal were pro-White; namely, the three comments that were deleted. This implies the Journal is not interested in presenting the whole story.

The story was picked up by American Renaissance, provoking a couple of Canadian comments:

Ao April 17th 4:00 P.M:
The Conservative Party, as far as I can tell, doesn't care for these kinds of people. It definitely isn't a pro-White party but it has been reducing some of the madness of the previous governments now that it has a majority.

It's not much but at least we have changed direction somewhat.

My vote went and will continue to go to the Conservative party merely because they are the less evil of the three main parties (Liberal, NDP (socialists), and Conservative).

ELN April 17th 4:00 P.M:
To give readers a wider perspective on this Edmonton, Alberta story, and to see exactly how this foreign-clad organization used Canadian tax-payer's monies against them, read this:

Canadian City Abhors "White Privileges"

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Anonymous said...

Well, good for those Canadians who are sick of the bullshit. With such a low population, waves of colored immigrants that would be minor to the USA have a much greater impact on Canada.

That anti-racist bitch- Ugh, look at her. She looks pretty twisted with hate. No doubt she has some personal issues that fuel her political animosity.