Friday, April 06, 2012

Anitra Hicks Thought Birth Was A Bowel Movement, Dumped Baby In Trash, Now Faces Murder Charges In Savannah

Incredible. A woman in Savannah, Georgia claims she didn't know she was actually delivering a baby when she took a dump on December 4th, 2011. She threw the infant in the trash, and now she's facing a host of charges. Media sources include WTOC Channel 11 and the Savannah Morning News, and WSAV Channel 3.

You can probably guess the race without watching the video.

On December 4th, 18-year-old Anitra Hicks, a local high school student who is the youngest of four siblings, was in her bathroom believing that she was taking a dump when in fact she was giving birth. According to her mother, she started pushing like she was having a bowel movement, and when something was continuously coming out she stood up and looked down and it was the baby in the toilet, then she passed out and hit her head. She removed the issue from the toilet and threw it in the trash. On December 6th, a garbage truck driver found the newborn’s body in the back of his truck on Central Avenue near Skidaway Road, and reported it to police. Savannah-Chatham police detectives tracked down Anitra Hicks within hours after tracing items to her. She admitted giving birth and placing the infant in the trash.

On April 5th, 2012, a Chatham County grand jury indicted her for cruelty to a child, felony murder by causing the death during the commission of another felony — cruelty to children, contributing to the deprivation of a minor, felony murder by contributing to the deprivation of a minor and concealing the death of another person. WSAV news video embedded below:

Anitra Hicks' mother Patricia Hicks is covering for her daughter. Patricia says her daughter never showed any signs of pregnancy, and continued to have monthly periods up until delivery. "I feel that my child was shocked. She was traumatized. She panicked," Patricia Hicks said. None of the media stories mention if the baby's father was involved in any way.

Traumatized? Aw, gee, I wonder how traumatized the baby must have felt when, instead of being nestled in warm motherly arms with a breast full of milk in its mouth, it found itself splashing around in a cold toilet.

Already a 10-page discussion on Stormfront.


Anonymous said...

Too bad that Joanna Schoep didn't do the same with Amber, Jeffs stepdaughter!

Anonymous said...

I bet Schoep wished his present wife did that too.

David said...

At first I thought that confusing a black baby with a bowel movement was an understandable error. But then it occurred to me that since Anitra Hicks pulled the baby out of the toilet and handled it long enough to carry it to the trash can, she would have somehow perceived the difference and realized that the dark, slimy, foul-smelling thing in her hands was a black baby and not a piece of shit. In other words, I believe that Anitra Hicks and her mother are lying when they profess ignorance about her baby and about her reaction to its birth.

Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to Daryl Lamont Jenkins as a baby, but he miraculously survived. Maybe that explains his dislike for women and his love for collecting photos of naked skinheads.

Oh well, in this case its one less criminal, one less welfare recipient. I look forward to this being made into a movie of the week on BET, im sure they'll find some way to blame it on the White man!

Anonymous said...

You people are sick and ignorant. Those who are intolerant of race are just too dim to form an unbiased opinion. There's nuts of every color, and the ignorance you promote is as serious offense as the murder this idiot committed. By the way, human life began in Africa. I'm a green-eyed white woman, and I've seen racists of all colors. Move to Greenland if you don't like diversity; this is an immigrant nation. Poverty is what breeds people like this, not color, and unfortunately many black people are still trying to climb out of the situations caused by oppresion through generations. It isn't a crutch for lazy people, but it is fact. And oh, our president is black. I hope all of your children have interracial relationships, though people like you should be required to have mandatory castrations as to not reproduce. Why don't you go send some more money to Zimmerman? I'm sure you are gladly denying his Hispanic origins. Disgusting excuses for human life!

Anonymous said...

OH i see you sick fucks approve all your messages, so mine will never be visible. I merely wanted to read about what this idiot did to her child, and i found your site, which was even more disturbing than what she did. A murderer is a murderer. Period. Sometimes it has nothing to do with race and everything to do with environment. You people are obviously dumb hicks that still believe jesus was blonde and blue-eyed. I don't like racist black people either. Get a real hobby or find a cause worthy of this kind of energy. IT IS REPULSIVE.

Anonymous said...

Wow I have not seen so many racist ppl in my life wat she did was wrong yes but it does not mean she has to be black.. Racism was bak way b4 our time lets leave it there

Anonymous said...

That was very ignorant of this girl to think she was doing. #2. But I'm sure she was screaming and hollering at the time this baby was being born, you don't scream when pooping on a toilet. How come her stupid mother didn't the screaming, and who cut the cord, tell me that . By the way her mother is a nurse. Hmmm!!!

Chas said...

In jail now.

Birth Date: 10/07/1993
Race: B Sex: F
Arrest Date: 08/01/2013 at 1530
Arrest #:
Bond: $.00

Where she should have been all along.

chas said...

Pregnant AGAIN!