Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Three Black Inmates Attempt To Take "Slavery Reparations" Out Of The Hide Of Travis Eugene Winemiller In Polk County Jail, Florida

"We just wanted to slave a real cracker"
Three black inmates decided to gang up on a White inmate and take "slavery reparations" out of his hide, and it would have continued except an alert deputy spotted it and put a stop to it. The three blacks now face enhanced hate crime charges in addition to attempted felony murder. Media sources include Free Line Media and WTSP Channel 10. American Renaissance also picked up the story.

Summary: The White inmate is 16-year-old Travis Eugene Winemiller, who is no angel himself. On Friday February 24th, 2012, he was arrested for unlawful possession of a firearm by someone under the age of 18, four counts of burglary, trespassing, grand theft with a firearm, and petit theft. He was placed in a cell with 17-year-old Devin Terrel Watlington, 17-year-old Michael James Hector, Jr., and 16-year-old Trevon Leondra Hendrix, all black. Winemiller's ordeal began when Hector demanded Winemiller fight him. Although Winemiller demurred, Hector punched him and began fighting anyway.

When Winemiller tried to defend himself, Watlington then came up behind Winemiller and held him while Hector hit him in the head several times. The two then slammed Winemiller onto the floor and Hendrix wrapped a pillowcase around Winemiller’s neck and strangled him until he was unconscious. The three blacks then hogtied Winemiller on the floor with a sheet wrapped around his hands, arms and neck and threatened to kill him if he told deputies; he was punched several times and whipped with wet towels.

On one occasion, a deputy did look in on the cell to see what was going on, but the blacks knew he was coming, so they stopped beating on Winemiller temporarily and propped him up on the bed to make everything look normal.

After the deputy left, the three blacks resumed their torment. They held Winemiller up against the wall with a sheet around his neck with the sheet run through a bar on the window, and one of the blacks told him, "This is how you slave a real cracker". When Winemiller protested that he had nothing to do with slavery, one of the blacks said "Well, it was your ancestral background that did it, so now we’re going to show you how it [explicative] feels" (this is a product of the increasingly Afrocentric version of history being taught in our public schools). The blacks then tightened the sheet around Winemiller's his neck and he passed out. He later woke up when the other three splashed water on his face. They then cornered him again and Hendrix struck him with his elbow. It is quite likely that these three thugs would have tortured Winemiller to death, except the blacks were so obsessed they did not notice another deputy making his rounds, who saw the situation and stopped the attack.

Winemiller could have been injured worse. Visible injuries included ligature marks around his neck, welts and bruising on his face, chest, arms, and back; he also had a bruised left eye and bruising across his nose. The three blacks were charged with attempted felony murder on February 28th, but because of the racially-based prejudiced statements made while the suspects committed the offense, the felony charges have been enhanced by one level to a life felony based upon the incident being designated as a hate crime.

And for what were the three blacks originally jailed? WTSP published their complete criminal histories:

-- Devin Terrel Watlington: Two probation violation charges for previous felonies; the previous felonies included burglary, grand theft, criminal mischief, resisting an officer with violence, and trespassing.

-- Michael James Hector, Jr: Robbery with a firearm. His other charges include trespassing on school grounds, burglary, and aggravated stalking.

-- Trevon Leondra Hendrix: Two robbery arrests.

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Anonymous said...

I know its been said before, but I'll say it again. These "color-blind" White liberals, especially the ARA morons, need to spend some time in jail. Racial reality will hit them like a ton of bricks, as they will find that their BS about equality and class warfare will fall on deaf colored ears.

Also, has Schoep resigned from the NSM yet? If he tries to stay will he be impeached? Doesnt really matter. If he leaves or gets kicked out, he will still have his "company." He can start a new group with a new name to sell "merchandise" with.
So it goes.