Saturday, March 03, 2012

Supreme White Alliance Activists Confronted By 70 Anti-Racists At White Unity Rally In Duluth

Robert Hester
The first reports on the White Unity Rally in Duluth, Minnesota on March 3rd, 2012 have been published by the Duluth News-Tribune and Northlands News Center and Minnesota Public Radio, and it appears that while the rally started at its appointed 10 A.M. time, ten White activists associated with the Supreme White Alliance who showed up were confronted by as many as 70 anti-racist counter-protesters. According to this Stormfront report, only one of them, Robert Hester, was an actual member of the SWA; three people were NSM members, two were NSM supporters, one local who is in the Knights Party, and the other three who are independents.

As the White activists began to speak, they were met with yells and were unable to continue their speeches. Counter-protesters began throwing snowballs at the White activists; FOX21 says four counter-protesters were reportedly arrested. Eventually, the White activists were escorted into City Hall by police officers, although counter-protesters stayed on the west steps of City Hall until around 11:30 A.M.

The rally was in opposition to the Un-Fair Campaign, which has targeted Whites as being exclusively responsible for racism. Many local White people expressed opposition to the campaign in various discussion venues. There was also organized non-racialist opposition to the Un-Fair Campaign by Phil Pierson, who created the "STOP Racist Unfair Campaign" Facebook page (must be a Facebook member to view) to mobilize further action, but he got cold feet and was worried more about being perceived as "racist". None of them bothered to stand with the SWA activists or even organize their own opposition rally. So now, because only eight people publicly rallied against the Un-Fair Campaign, Un-Fair will likely claim that they are gaining further support.

Nothing could be further from the truth.


Anonymous said...

Proud of our city for not standing for a racist rally!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:32PM must be a ANP Member/Supporter, the message is consistant with Suyahda's recent statements and anti-racial positions.

Anonymous said...

Proud? People were throwing snowballs, pushing and using vulgar threats against these protesters. That should be considered a hate crime

Anonymous said...

Eight? Well, lets see - three boneheads and five infiltrators from various anti/fed outfits. Sounds about right.

Anonymous said...

I was in the city to support our fellow brothers and sisters in their rally and unable to attend (I stayed in an area hotel with the small children) and the attendees showed dedication and bravery. Some commuted from considerable distances to show their solidarity, so I think that those who are calling them names on a blog (such as this)is petty and weak. Where were you??? People whine and complain that there needs to be changes, yet almost nobody does anything about it. GREAT JOB RALLY ATTENDEES, AND KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! 14!