Monday, March 19, 2012

Save White People: The White Voice Interviews American Third Position Party Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller

Merlin Miller, American Third Position Party Presidential Candidate
From this Stormfront thread, I've learned that a website called Save White People conducted an interview with American Third Position Party (A3P) presidential candidate Merlin Miller on March 14th, 2012. The interview was part of their weekly podcast entitled The White Voice, and the webmaster excised the 35-minute segment featuring Miller and presents it as a standalone segment for those who do not want to listen to the entire podcast.

While one can visit Merlin Miller's campaign page to learn more about his platform, this podcast represents an excellent opportunity for those unfamiliar with Merlin Miller to listen to his verbal presentation. Miller is well-spoken and articulate, and displays a command of the critical issues, including the issue of race replacement in the United States. Miller discloses that he first came in contact with current leading A3P figures while working on the Ron Paul campaign in 2008. Apparently, Miller made a lasting positive impression, because after the A3P was formed, they asked him three times to become their presidential candidate. After the third approach, he agreed, primarily because he noticed how our racial demographics were being unnaturally changed through mass immigration.

Miller was also alarmed at the fact that the majority White population, far from attempting to defend against this change, seemed to be actively aiding and abetting it under the guise of "diversity" and "multiculturalism". He attributes this to the fact that Whites, because of their greater empathy, have become more vulnerable to the emotional blackmail employed against them to convince them that not only are diversity and multiculturalism desirable, but that we "owe" non-Whites as payback for "historical sins". The audio is embedded below:

Merlin Miller discloses that the A3P is employing a two-track strategy to get his name on the ballot:

-- Target the most promising states. A3P has identified the 14 most promising states, as depicted in the graphic shown above, based upon lowest campaign costs and lenient ballot access rules. To avoid spreading themselves too thin, boots-on-the-ground activism will be directed primarily at these states.

-- Obtaining access through Americans Elect. White News Now explains this alternative in more explicit detail. the purpose of Americans Elect is to nominate a presidential ticket that answers directly to voters — not the political system. They're using a secure, online nominating process to identify a competitive, nonpartisan ticket. Merlin Miller is currently the eighth most-supported declared candidate; if 30 more supporters register, he'll be on the first page and get even more attention. With a serious push, Miller could make the top three and in serious contention for the Americans Elect nomination. Signing up on Americans Elect to support Merlin Miller may take up to 20 minutes. To determine that you're a registered voter, Americans Elect uses public information about you to verify who you are.

Of course, voters could also choose to simply write in Merlin Miller's name on their ballots in November. If neither Ron Paul nor Mitt Romney become the Republican nominee, I will do this. Not enthused about Romney, but the re-election of the Obamessiah is unthinkable.

Is the A3P strategy working? One of our chief political adversaries seems to think so. In their Spring 2012 Intelligence Report, the Southern Poverty Law Center paid a backhanded tribute to A3P, identifying it as one of the three largest groups of the White nationalist movement, and writing that "Of these, it has been A3P, which only started up in 2009, that has been growing the most rapidly". Thank you so much for the props, Mark Potok, who has now grandiloquently bestowed upon himself the title of "Senior Fellow" (considering his sexual orientation, "fellow" is not exactly the first word that comes to mind when I think about Potok).


Anonymous said...

What a refreshing change of topics, from Jeff Schoeps race-mixing and adultery, and Fed infiltration of the NSM. Lets be honest though, this guy has about as much chance of getting anywhere, as Tom Metzgers running for Congress as a write-in, what did Metzger get, three votes? Why can't people just follow Rockys advice and campaign for realist local offices? Ego I guess. Proud to be ANP!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that WN need to have the enemy stamp of approval, to tell us 'who' is the biggest, or fastest growing? How the hell do they know this unless that group is heavily infiltrated. Seems to me that Chairman Suhayda of the ANP is correct. The enemy pumps up those groups that they want advertised, because they're harmless. And other groups they ignore, that might have more potential. Rockwell used to call that 'killing them with silence'. Makes sense doesn't it? Hey, I'm the presidential candidate for the solar loony party, with ten million secret followers, now do I get the spotlight directed on me? LMAO

Anonymous said...

With all the looney anp/ara spam on this board, figured we could use a breath of fresh air, some activism from the NSM and a message they just sent out. In case anyone did not figure it out the anp is mailing crap out to everyone on the stolen NSM list, and its making them even more enemies than they already had if that is even possible, Good going Rocky, first you are banned from Bob Miles Farm, and banished from all Michigan area events, and now the whole Movement hates your guts, good one. Now we all know why your bloodlines are so messed up.

National Socialist Greetings, just a quick reminder to everyone regarding the National Meeting and Rally in Kentucky April 20th through the 21st. More details here: We just released a promotional video for the event as well here: and on The NSM Party website The National meeting is a pre-register event this year, as it is every year, so be sure to get your registrations in to HQ asap.

On a personal note, I would like to Salute and publicly thank the membership of the NSM, and all of our Comrades in other White Nationalist/Patriot groups around the U.S. and Worldwide for the solidarity given to the NSM and myself personally over the past few weeks, during a difficult time which has already been addressed to our membership. I have served the National Socialist cause for about 20 years now, and I have seen many groups come and go. The NSM has stood the test of time, and continues to prevail against whatever evil or ill will which is thrown our way! National Socialism is the organized Will of our Folk, and that is the reason why we continue to surge forward where so many others have failed before us. It is not an organization of one man, or 100 men, or even 10,000 men and women, but the organized WILL of our FOLK. The loyalty that surges in your blood is what has and will continue to lift us upward and forward, in our quest for a National Socialist State here in America, and later around the World.

Our enemies have rejoiced time and time again, hoping and praying for the demise of the NSM and the destruction of the National Socialist cause in the United States. Currently a very small group which is falsely claiming to be National Socialist is sending out mailings to known members and supporters of the National Socialist Movement in a weak, desperate attempt to undermine our efforts, blacken the name of the National Socialist Movement, and personally undermine my name and efforts over the years. The group sending the mailings does not deserve to be named publicly, however it should be known to anyone that gets the mailing that this group is working hand in hand with the Anti-Racist Action/OPP, and other anti-racist groups. We have been provided details in the past that there was collaboration between this so-called NS group, and the Anti-racists, however this latest mailing proves an open collaboration between them. A criminal action against the Party, and theft of Party property, has enabled these putrid swine in their attempts to attack The Party (YOUR PARTY)! Thanks to the many people who have contacted us, and the steadfast solidarity of the membership of our Party. You have proven beyond all doubt once again that the enemy cannot weaken our resolve in this fight! These pathetic attempts by lesser men (if you can even call them men), have strengthened our resolve, and in turn will weed out a few of the weakest links.

The resolve of fighting men is only battle hardened by attacks, with that said we welcome the enemy hordes, and await the beast with swords drawn!

Commander Jeff Schoep

Hail The National Socialist Movement!

Anonymous said...

American Elects CEO is LYNE ROTHSCHILD, along with a bunch of Ackermans, etc. Can anybody say CONTROLED OPPOSITION? LOL

Anonymous said...

This has got to be a joke! Not another write-in presidential candidate, geez. Fantasyland in action.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that a bunch of "intellectuals" as the A3P considers themselves, would do better than a make believe presidential campaign? Doing shit like this is like some kids mentally jerking off. Its another attempt to fool some desperate, naive people into donating money into a deadend. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I'm being realistic here. Obama will be re-elected, its not hard for a moron to become president when 99% of the electorate are morons themselves. Look at G.W. Bush.

Romney would not be too much less worse. Yeah, so, a White guy is President again, big damn deal. Romney looks all too willing to attack whatever enemy of Israel his jew masters want him to. He sure as hell isnt going to deport the illegals, stop "legal" immigration, or repeal anti-White snivel rights laws. Again, I refer to G.W. Bush. The previous "White" president.

I have no faith in this system or any stooge politican who works for it. I remember Dr. Pierce during the 2000 election saying he thought Pat Buchanan was the closest thing to an honest man of all the candidates. But Pierce said he could not vote for Buchanan or anyone under the present system. That's how I feel.

I think the ballots should have "For Entertainment Purposes Only" printed at the bottom of them.

Anonymous said...

"Doing shit like this is like some kids mentally jerking off. Its another attempt to fool some desperate, naive people into donating money into a deadend"

HOLD THE PHONES---The ANP has done this, they have in times past announced they have "stealth or secret" candadates and have raised money for so called unnamed candidates, which we do not even know if they were real. We do know that Miller is real and is running a real campaign.

Anonymous said...

According to some members, the NSALP is falling apart. There has supposedly been no communication from anyone and many, including political director murdough, has left.

Anonymous said...

12:20PM, nice rumor, but I am a NSALP Member and we had a meeting last week.

Anonymous said...

Mr. 12:20 PM must be a ANPer dreaming. NO, the NSALP is not falling apart. Actually, the NSALP is the only WN & NS Party that has protected it members this last 2 months when WN & NS sites and emails came under atack. NO we do not shit talk, we do not parade, and do stupid shit. Nor do we accept faggots (ANP) and other pussys who bang asses and keyboards.

Our meetings are closed and we do not tell the world, not even the snitch-ridden Movement what we are up to. By the way, we knew about Holland before he outed himself, and by the way the ANP has a snitch in its upper leadership as well. Just look for the one that has without.


Anonymous said...

The NSALP is full of shit. I am a former member and they don't do shit but bad talk other groups and act like they are special.

Ex-NSALP Member

Anonymous said...

@9:42pm "We do not shit talk" and then you proceed to talk shit and spread lies!!! LOL! The NSALP is a joke. 2 clowns on keyboards... So sad

Anonymous said...

It does make sense that the ANP has a infliltrator, I know a person who went to their SC meeting a couple years ago and was home only 2 days and got a visit from the cops and they knew stuff that he had told the ANP in his ANP paperwork.

Anonymous said...

The nsalp hasn't been attacked simply because the anti's realize that its nonexistant and no threat, except to the couple of idiots who like playing net-nazi, who would crap their pants if it ever came out who they really are. lol

Anonymous said...

Mr. "6:45 AM":

Next time try to come up with a better lie, provocateur. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I also am an ex-NSALP member. Now if there are a few members in one location, okay, maybe they do have meetings. But nationally? Don't make me laugh. When I was a member there was talk of a national meeting. That's all it was - talk. One was arranged, and postponed four times. By then they had fallen apart. A year later they "reorganized". How many members? Two or two hundred? I don't know.
But this "rumor" of silence from their HQ is not new. It has happened before. You get emails from them, the monthly ezine, communiques on their Yahoo Group (I have no idea if they still use Yahoo Groups), then all of a sudden -nothing for several months. It's like they vanished off the face of the Earth. Then all of a sudden they're back saying they have been reorganizing things. They need to reorganize every year or so? Well, maybe one of these times they'll get it right.