Saturday, March 17, 2012

Missouri National Guard SFC Nathan Wooten Fired From Honor Guard For "Neo-Nazi" Activity; Allegedly A Member Of The National Socialist Movement

Update March 28th: SFC Nathan Wooten denies membership in the National Socialist Movement; updated post HERE.

Which of these two NCOs would YOU trust with a squad?

No contest -- the one on the left. But the Missouri Army National Guard might not agree. The senior non-commissioned officer in the Guard pictured above left has been removed from his full-time state job of serving as part of a state military honor guard that pays last respects at the funerals of Missouri veterans for "neo-Nazi" activity, although he remains a member of the National Guard. He's also alleged to be a member of the National Socialist Movement.

Summary: The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that 32-year-old Sergeant First Class Nathan Wooten was fired on Friday March 16th, 2012 as a result of an investigation into a variety of complaints, according to spokeswoman Maj. Tammy Spicer. She would not elaborate on the complaints, but she confirmed that SFC Wooten was still a member of the Guard pending the outcome of an investigation. Wooten's enlistment is up in May, and he could be barred from re-enlisting because the U.S. military bans participation in extremist groups and groups that actively advocate supremacist doctrine, ideology or causes.

However, a number of his co-workers did elaborate on SFC Wooten's activities. His chief accuser is 24-year-old Brandon Knott, who began working with SFC Wooten in 2007. Knott claims that Wooten told him that he had joined the National Socialist Movement (NSM). Knott said Wooten tried to recruit other National Guard members working in the Macon office. Both Knott and another worker who filed a complaint, Eddie Ratliff, said that in November 2008, Wooten drove his own vehicle to a Columbia, MO funeral so that afterward he could attend an NSM rally in Jefferson City and a private after-party that included the burning of books by Jewish authors. Knott also wrote in his complaint that Wooten had showed him cellphone photographs of the book burning. Knott also claimed Wooten showed him photos on a Facebook page that he said were taken in a Jewish cemetery of several people that Wooten described as friends urinating on a grave and giving the Nazi salute.

The Anti-Defamation League then got involved, discovered Wooten had created a personal profile on the NSM's New Saxon social network, and reported Wooten to the Army in 2009. The Southern Poverty Law Center also got involved, monitoring NSM-operated websites and collecting several comments posted by someone who identified himself as Nathan Wooten from Missouri.

Then, after Wooten returned from a deployment to Afghanistan in April 2011, Knott, Ratliff and a third employee in the Macon office, who asked not to be named out of fear of retaliation by "hate groups", sent complaints up the chain of command claiming Wooten fostered a racist and hostile work environment. In their statements, the co-workers reported that Wooten complained when they ate lunch at a Mexican restaurant, refused to have a person temporarily assigned to the office serve on the honor guard because he was of Mexican origin and was reluctant to present flags to the families of Black and Jewish veterans.

But some of SFC Wooten's co-workers tell a different story. James Creel, a former team member who described Wooten as a good friend, said he considered the allegations against Wooten a witch hunt. He said he believes the complaints were made because Wooten was difficult to work for. And another former co-worker, Cody Fields, said he heard Wooten discuss the National Socialist Movement, but he ignored it, saying that Wooten never pushed NSM membership on anyone.

Dissatisfied with the slow pace of the state investigation, Brandon Knott contacted State Sen. Bill Stouffer (R-Napton) in December 2011, who began applying pressure. As a result, SFC Wooten is now fired from his honor guard position, and may be denied re-enlistment in the Guard in May. As for SFC Wooten, he did not respond to telephone messages Friday, but at the National Guard armory in Macon last month, Wooten denied being involved in neo-Nazi activities and declined to discuss the issue with the Post-Dispatch. "I didn't do any of that," said Wooten. "I don't need to explain anything to you guys. It's been taken care of."

A policy in effect since 1996 had prohibited active participation in supremacist organizations, including rallying, fundraising, recruiting and organizing. But some interpreted that policy to mean that military members still could be members of hate groups and post racist comments on social network sites and in emails, the center said. The new policy, adopted in November 2009, bans all participation in extremist groups and groups that actively advocate supremacist doctrine, ideology or causes.

On, the story attracted a few comments. Most condemned SFC Wooten, but one person wrote, "they need to root out members of the Black Panthers and MS-13 to be fair".


Anonymous said...

Thanks NSM! Another persons life destroyed through outing, who joined your costume club. Now that the enemy has your complete mailing list, through Jeff not being security minded and purchasing a frigging safe from a few dollars of his profits from Tyre productions, we'll no doubt see more people in a situation like this. This is what happens when the person in charge is a moron!

Anonymous said...

I agree. Another life wasted and exposed from the NSM retards. Kinda of a contest. Did the feds get the names from Jeffs stolen list or FBI mole Brian Holland snitching?

Anonymous said...

The OnePeoplesProject has another story about Jeffy Poop, White Nationalists worst embarrassment, on their website. Why doesn't this creep hide his head in shame. Apparently he did an interview with some negroid about - you guessed it - RACE-MIXING. I guess he's the worlds leading expert now! LOL

Anonymous said...

Check out Taylor Bowles website now. He's updated the info on Schoep, along with a pretty cool vidio on the NSM! Proud to be ANP! 88

Anonymous said...

The NSM is dead and buried. Throw it on the dung heap with so many other failed WN orgs.

Why though, did it take so long for people to figure out that the NSM was rotten? Why did it take the monkeys at OPP "exposing" the dirt for so many to finally get it?

Rocky Suhayda has been discussing the corruption of Schoep and the NSM for several years. He was the first, as far as I can tell, to expose the whole sordid "Joy of Satan" scandal. About a year before the "genius" Bill White figured it out and left the NSM to start his own club.

Honestly, I dont know why anyone took NSM seriously in the first place. They were clearly a Phase One, "any-publicity-is-good -publicity" freak show. The main goal was for Schoeps company to bring in profits.

Guess ZOGs disability checks werent enough to get the Kommander his necessities, like a vacation to Mexico. Or hair-straightening products for the step daughter, or halal certified items for the A-rab wife.

Like the old saying goes: Phase one has phased out. We need real plans and strategy to move forward, not public events that are just fodder for the jewsmedia. The ANP is leading the way.

Bob Fairlane said...

Yet, daily, the US gov recruits Hispanic militants who don't even speak English, homosexual extremists who want to use "hate" laws against anyone who simply doesn't support them, and jewish and christian extremists who believe the USA must necessarily endorse and support Israel or "god" will blow them up, and also Islamic supremacists and their "religion of peace" (look at them shooting up military bases).

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I left NSM, its a pretty messed up group. At the last years nationals I thought his wife looked pretty dark, a lot of people were talking about it wondering what nationality she was. I guess now we know.


everyone who commented completely missed the point.
the us military would rather have faggots spreading their sickness to the youth of america,than a proud white man just being himself.they filed reports saying he asked people to join the nsm?what could those reports possibly say?How could any human take them seriously?
it was silly of him to even mention the nsm to co-workers he wasn't sure would agree with it but if we truly had freedom of speech this wouldn't even be news.
personally,i preach white power to everyone i see.
i used to just ignore the niggers and faggots,now i actively speak out against their raping/murdering ways.i am not afraid to tell the world that all non-whites and homos are scum that need to leave america.
what are they gonna do?kill me?hahahahhha
i'd rather be dead than live with the monkeys.

Anonymous said...

11:59 is a fine representaive to be preaching white power. Yeah, while your at it, maybe you add that 'god is fake', like your avatar? No wonder the movement is so successful. Btw, we whites DON'T HAVE freedom of speech in police state jew-s-a. Don't you realize that yet? Thats the kind of nonsensicle idiocy that the NSM tells its members. OUT YOURSELF - we still have the constitution and freedom of speech! Which Wooten found, just ain't so. WPWW

Anonymous said...

Urinating on a grave in a cemetary,while giving a salute wow! now THATS typical National Socialist behavior - NSM style! Thats not Aryan behavior, its downright degenerate. What did they do next, daub some swazis on headstones? The typical NSMer, led by race-mixer Jeff Schoep has little or no idea of what National Socialism is all about. They seem to have bought into the Time-Life version 100%

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Just stay in your fantasyland. You "preach White Power to everyone you see?" You'd rather "be dead" than live with the monkeys? Oh, so were gonna be seeing you in the news soon? Sure. What a shining example of how NOT to be if you are WN.

Possible Agent Provocateur at 11:59.

Anonymous said...

He should have joined the American Nazi Party and he wouldn't have been outed. Unlike Jeffy Shoueps clusterfuck, the ANP actually looks out for the best interest of their members. Proud to be ANP!

Anonymous said...

Stormfront finally has a thread on this Jeff Schoep amber-gate issue in the "politics & continuing crisis" section, under the heading "this is sickening". Almost 4,000 views so far! Even 'Jack Boot', who likes Jeff, who has closed the comments, states that it looks like Jeff is fucked. Hell, he fucked himself! Its simple, like one poster stated - CHARACTER in a leader IS important. Jeff Schoep refused to walk the walk, with what he talked. He has never lived the lifestyle of what he supposedly represented. National Socialism has zero tolerance for even the littlest amount of race-mixing. Jeff Schoep must resign and never be allowed to return! If he refuses, the membership must leave this POS. FORMER NSM MEMBER

Anonymous said...

The jews over at the ADL and SPLC are the most upset about Jeff Schoeps race-mixing and adultry. After all, without Jeff and the NSM, who will they have to parade around as 'the face of hate in America'? If they weren't already on the jews payroll, they ought to have been for all the good service they provided for the kikes propaganda mill against sincere White Nationalists.

Anonymous said...

I am or was a NSM member who recently received a mailing from the American Nazi Party, which contained a leaflet referencing this website about Commander Schoep. I was shocked by what I read, and am currently following up all the web address's that this leaflet contained, to see if it is true. Sadly, I believe that it is true, and disgusting as well. I tried to post a question about this on New Saxon board twice, but each time it was deleted. Now my account there is disabled. So apparently, at least in my mind, it is true and the leadership is trying to keep the membership from learning about it. Well, they can forget about that, as I called another member in another state, and he got the ANP mail too. Everybody knows, but you can't discuss it apparently. Its horribly true! After three years, I resigned, along with my friend. I can't imagine that I was loyal to a race mixer all along. I'm still checking online to see if all the other things ANP brought up are true. The satanism, the FBI for President thing, the anti's having the NSM members list and so much more... Arizona Aryan 88!

Anonymous said...

Go ANP. Hope the ANP becomes the top NS organization soon.

Anonymous said...

How did the ANP get hold of the NSM's membership list? Hell, its obvious. They simply downloaded it off of the OPP website. As of now, every anti, fed, jew or whatever has access to the full list of anyone associating with the NSM, thanks to Jeffs laziness of not keeping the list secure. If there is no other reason for Jeff to resign and be replaced, this is it! Derelection of duty to his followers. What a chump.

Anonymous said...

If it hadn't been for some brave and decent white nationalists like Rocky and the ANP, along with 'AA' of White Reference, this Satansgate and Joannagate racemixing degeneracy of Jeff Schoep would have continued without being exposed as it should. Hats off, and a big thank you to both!

A Klansman said...

Thank you ANP for being honest and sincere and stating the true facts about Jeff Schoep.