Friday, March 02, 2012

Former National Socialist Activist Bill White Gets Prison Sentence Set Aside By Fourth U.S. Circuit Court Appeals, But Convictions Upheld

Former national socialist activist Bill White got good news and bad news from the Fourth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on March 1st, 2012. The good news -- they set aside White's 30-month prison sentence for making racially charged threats. The bad news -- they did not set aside the convictions, which are listed HERE. This has generated fears that White could be sent back to prison for at least three months. Primary stories from the Roanoke Times and WSLS Channel 10.

Bill White initiated the appeal, contending that he should not have been convicted, while the government countered by contending that Judge James Turk was wrong to dismiss one of the four convictions. The conviction dismissed was in the Richard Warman case; because Warman was a public anti-racist activist who had even gone so far as to masquerade as a white nationalist on Stormfront, Judge Turk decided he was fair game for White's activism.

The three-judge appeals panel decided that Judge Turk erred in sentencing in the case of the tenants of a Virginia Beach apartment complex who had filed a housing discrimination lawsuit against their white landlord. They determined that because at least one of the tenants had young children, this case called for an enhanced sentence for targeting especially vulnerable victims. Judge Turk failed to consider this in his sentencing, so the Appeals Court decided that the case should be returned to Judge Turk for re-sentencing. According to according to Ray Ferris, a Roanoke attorney who originally defended White on the charges, the ruling calls for a minimum sentence that is three months longer than White's original 30-month term. No new sentencing date has been set.

-- Read the full 50-page decision in 104241.P US v. William White HERE.

The BillWhiteTrial blog estimates that the federal government squandered over $1 million to prosecute this case -- and that was before the trial even began. In a May 2011 article published by the American Free Press, White said that his arrest was actually prompted by a false claim by FBI informant Hal Turner that he was planning to assassinate President Barack Obama by detonating a truck bomb at the Poff Federal Building in Roanoke, VA. But although the government ultimately determined there was no bomb, they were determined to get their pound of flesh, and so they charged him with a series of free speech violations for publishing a website and magazine critical of the government. They were using those charges as leverage to get White to testify to a “neo-nazi domestic terrorist conspiracy” and perjure himself before a grand jury and Congress, implicating their political enemies. Since White refused, the Feds pressed on with their prosecution.

One million dollars down the drain -- and all because the federal government had too much pride to admit they made a mistake. Will the government be stupid and stubborn enough to spend more tax dollars to send him back to prison for three months just to get another pound of flesh?


Anonymous said...

Something sure stinks of a "deal" here. The Feds toss one used tool aside and prepare to bring in another one. The only question is how many, if any WN will be stupid enough to... But, hey! Some fools still think that Glenn Miller is a hero over on VNN?! Barnum, you were sooooo RIGHT!

Anonymous said...

All the cases were thrown out at least once and most more than once.
Those Mailings were not threats. There were no crimes committed.

Be noticed for there anti social behavior got them worried. These jews and non whites want PRIVACY for there Degenerate behavior.

Anonymous said...

If it looks, thinks, acts like a duck, its a duck. Bill White acted like a provocature. It was like he was pushing the envelope in competition with Hal Turner who could out extreme the other. No real, sincere National Socialist in these times would act so absurdly reckless. Bill White was never a NATIONAL SOCIALIST, he was the supreme CARACATURE of a typical HOLLYWIERD NUTZI.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Art Jones had April 20th events with Bill White before. What two losers.

Anonymous said...

Bill White went after the enemy. Rocky and Taylor aren't fit to shine his shoes. What have they sacrificed for the cause? They make money off it and see it was a cash source! The only prison time either of the ever saw was when Taylor was convicted of burning down a NS HQ in Maryland and trying scam an insurance company!

Anonymous said...

9:11PM loves to make up shit. He backs up nothing with fact! Just a piece of White Trash probably being paid like Holland was.

Anonymous said...

Rocky you need to build up some cred by commiting crimes and being sent to prison!

Anonymous said...

9:11, Bill White was a nutjob. I think he really believed his own bullshit, thought of himself as some kind of genius.

Did White ever explain what happened with that "ShopWhite" fiasco?

Do you recall one of the last issues of Whites magazine, where on the cover he threatened a prominent politician? Just plain idiotic.

Maybe White can take over the NSM after Schoep leaves.

Anonymous said...

I like Rocky's approach better. If you never attack the enemy, they will never attack you. Maybe we should hide in the catacombs like he says. People like Bill White who are actual national socialist are careless. The best strategy is to just send in your dues and let Rocky and Taylor sort out the rest. WPWW.