Saturday, March 24, 2012

English Defence League To Launch Freedom Party To Oppose Islamicisation Of Britain, But Bias Against The BNP May Split British Nationalists

The English Defence League (EDL), which has boldly opposed the imposition of forced diversity and multiculturalism from the top down, to include the creeping Islamicisation of the United Kingdom, is taking the next step in their activism. They're forming a political party called the Freedom Party.

According to Stephen Lennon, head of the EDL, the Freedom Party will be launched in May at their Luton demonstration. However, the Freedom Party also comes equipped with a poison pill that could divide the entire British nationalist movement -- hatred of the British National Party (BNP), even though two of the EDL's political role models are French nationalist Marine le Pen and Dutch nationalist Geert Wilders.

"At the Luton demonstration, the whole country will hear an anti-Islamist political party that gives everyone an option in a non-racist way - the opposite to the British National Party", explained Stephen Lennon. "We hate Nazis, we're anti-Nazi...In England, we're the only organization that stands up for the Jewish community."

Obviously, Lennon is not very well informed about the BNP. First, the BNP has not taken any stand against the Jewish community; they have Jewish members. Second, they are not "Nazi". Furthermore, distancing themselves from the BNP will not protect them against anti-racist persecution; Lancaster UAF considers both the BNP and the EDL to be essentially two peas in the same pod. And shouldn't a group that calls itself the English Defence League be more concerned about the British community than the Jewish community?

The British National Party has posted no reaction to this new development on their website, instead preferring to continue their focus upon the bread-and-butter issues affecting all British citizens -- and in particular, white Britons. As the fourth largest political party in the U.K., the BNP has become well-entrenched as a conventional political force, something that has escaped the EDL so far. The EDL is currently known much more for their street activism. The last time the BNP discussed the EDL on their website was on February 25th, 2012, they announced that they had lifted their official proscription against cooperation with the EDL. The BNP was concerned about behind the scenes links between sections of the EDL´s national leadership and a neo-con/extreme Zionist clique in Canada and the USA. The BNP acknowledges that thousands of young Britons have developed a basic political and ethnic awareness thanks to the existence and activities of the EDL and its Scottish and Welsh sub-sections.

Mind you, I don't expect the EDL to join the BNP any time soon. But it would be a mark of political maturity by the EDL if they would at least refrain from working against them. There should be some limited cooperation; for example, if a BNP candidate is standing for a particular constituency, the EDL does NOT put up a candidate, and vice versa.

Failure to engage in some cooperation will make it easier for the British establishment to pick off nationalists one group at a time. If Muslims can shelve their individual differences and work together when common interests are threatened, British nationalists should be prepared to do likewise.


Anonymous said...

"We hate Nazis, we're anti-Nazi...In England, we're the only organization that stands up for the Jewish community."

Well, that sums up the EDL. Yes, they have done well with some activism in the streets, but with a ridiculous statment like that? They sound like they are trying to be the "right wing" of the Tory Party.

The "only ones" who stand up for the jews, lol. Nothing like kosher White Nationalism, is Jared Taylor involved?

BNP are no saints either. Too many compromises.

Both groups seems to be raising awareness among UK Whites, which is great, but don't throw up a brick wall when it comes to the jews! That's doing a severe disservice to people.

The true White Nationalist Party in Britain is the National Front.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another "pressure valve" systemite created false-opposition org to me. Get angry Whites to join a group that means to corral their anger into a deadend, never meant to achieve anything real. Oh yeah, go after the JEWS current main enemy "the moslims" - FOR THEM - just DON'T mention the REAL source that brought all these "immigrunts" IN, in the first place! The JEWISH LOBBY. Thats like a doctor telling you - "yeah, you got cancer" - but, NOT telling you "HOW or WHY". For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

A kosher fraud. The EDL, known to REAL Nationalists as the ZIONIST Defence League are hardcore multi-racists and Israel Firsters.

The "Freedom" Party is simply another zionist false flag op.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The National Front, founded 1967, zero councillors, MP's, public reps.

As Colin Jordan opined many years ago, particularly relating to the UK, "PARTY TIME IS OVER"!

Anonymous said...

10:33AM What IS the real alternative to taking part in REAL politics? Fantasy terrorism? Only in your mind buddy. Proud to be ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

What the hell happened to Colin Jordan? Didn't he "convert" to Hinduism or some such nonsense?