Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Art Jones Finishes Third In Illinois Third Congressional District Republican Primary, But Gets 11 Percent Of The Vote

On March 20th, 2012, Illinois held its primary elections, and in the Third Congressional District, Art Jones, who ran openly, credibly and unapologetically as an America-First national socialist, finished a respectable third. The specific results from the Cook County Clerk's website:

Richard L. Grabowski: 13,776 votes, 58.86 percent
Jim Falvey: 7,053 votes, 30.14 percent
Arthur J. Jones: 2,574 votes, 11.00 percent

Analysis by township indicates that Jones' support was a rather consistent 11 percent across the board except in Cicero, where 19 percent of Republicans voted for him. Prior to the election, the local media made sure to play up his "neo-Nazi" connections and trumpeted him as a "Holocaust denier". The Riverside-Brookfield Landmark published a short story about the election.

On the Democratic side, incumbent Dan Lipinski handily disposed of challenger Farah Baqai, winning 85.77 percent of the vote. Lipinski and Grabowski will square off in the November election, where Lipinski is favored because of his reputation as a conservative Democrat.

Was Art Jones' campaign worth it? Only Jones himself can best answer this question, since it was his time and money he invested. But at least 2,574 people decided it was worth it, thus validating Jones' powers of persuasion. He certainly did much better than Harry Bertram, who got only 0.35 percent of the vote in his West Virginia gubernatorial campaign despite the support of the American Third Position Party; Jones had NO official Republican support. As a national socialist activist, he's certainly a better role model for impressionable youth than some national socialist leaders; you won't see him associated with dramas like "Satangate" and "Johannagate". Nobody's perfect; we all contend with the weaknesses of the flesh. But when one's personal drama overrides their activism, it becomes a net minus for the Cause.

I'd say it was worth it.


Anonymous said...

I think he did a fine job! Now he can point to these 2,500+ voters - and rightfully state - I REPRESENT these people who wanted ME - a NATIONAL SOCIALIST as THEIR representative! This is THE correct manner to move the Struggle forward - REAL POLITICAL activism, not acting like a collection of "Blues Brothers". For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

NJ-NSALP rants,
Only one of the 3 NS Parties actually supported Jones and worked at it and it was NOT the NSM or ANP.

Jones candidacy shows the following:

The egghead stand for nothing approach of the A3P fails.

The leftist (OWS, Gay tolerance, attack other WN & NS) approach of the ANP fails

The multiculturalist approach of Jared Taylor fails.

The "always fundraising" David Duke, fails.

The street gang approach of the NSM fails.

The ethical NS and political approach taken by true National Socialists like Arthur Jones and the NSALP works and had more people taken to helping Jones, by walking for him and giving him money, he would have, at least pulled into second place. The Jones campaign proved there is a place for real National Socialism in American politics. So much for the talking heads in the "Movements who says the Nazis need to go along with the swastikas.

The NSALP's Deputy Chair and Party Editor is in Illinois and Illinois is home to the Party's 3rd largest State Unit, we supported Jones because he represented real NS, we nearly pulled it off and did so while other WN and NS argued over Jeff Scheop and other foolish high school crap. Hope it was all worth it. Other NS gossiped over Schoep while a real NS was running for office, what a disgrace. Some NSALP members even went to Illinois to help. While clowns were gossiping, real NS working. The difference between us and the rest, we do not consider ourselves part of the corrupt and inflitrated "movement".

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that Rocky and Taylor thought people would come over to the ANP after the Nsm crash. How much money did the mailer cost you guys? Another classic ANP failure set to the tune of Taylor Bowles money wasting plan #107! Maybe another fake post by some unknown member defecting to the ANP will win them over? Just remember, the 10 man national meetings are proof against that BS. The NSALP has only been around a short time and already passed the ANP in terms of....everything! Gee, I don't know why that is. I can't figure out why anyone wouldn't want to be associated with Presidnt John Taylor Bowles, the true president of the United States. Keep up the comedy guys!

Anonymous said...

From a new Nazi in PA,
Rocky, maybe you should have helped out instead of being so preoccupied with Schoep and the NSM and all the gossiping and rumor-mongering that you always do. Yes, The Jones campaign was real, you have done nothing real and you and your handful of hens didn't help. You always offer "expert" analysis/BS after the fact. The fact is that during the Jons campaign you were blithering and blathering about Schoep while other NS were helping and sending him money.

Anonymous said...

... The two nuts behind a keyboard funded by the FBI approach is a failure ("nsalp")

Anonymous said...

Look above you Mr. FBI @ 1:55 - Obviously America's ONLY NS org (ANP) DID and DOES support Art. Get a clue and get a hobby.

Anonymous said...

I have known and supported Art Jones since 1980s, and I took part in his last campaign. At no time we saw anyone claiming affiliation with this "NSALP" group coming to help us. This guy is full of shit. The only NS group Art Jones has anything to do with is the NSM, he has nothing to do with cowards and liars like you, "NJ-NSALP".

Anonymous said...

LMFAO at 8:18, ask Art what he thinks about race mixing.

Hey ANP, how much of the "pledges" did you contribute to Art's campaign??? we know that one--ZERO

Hey ANP, how many ANPers did anything real in Illinois for Art? we know that one too, NONE

The ANP's keyboards are funded by Jews, we have seen Jews nams on ANP lists when Bowles emails were leaked a few months ago.

Hey 8:18, where did you help Art out the last few months?

How much did the NSM and Jeff give Art?

Anonymous said...

I'm in the NSALP and we didn't even know Art Jones was running or supported him. I'm thinking about leaving the NSALP because I now can see why candidate Dan S. did. They are bullshitters and cry babies and take credit for stuff they didn't do and list people supporting them that don't.

Anonymous said...

The 'nsalp' is taking credit for Jones' campaign!? WTF Thats news to him, he told me yesterday that he's never heard of them. Its either of two things, idiots trying to leach off of Arts efforts (typical), or antis trying to stir shit. I'm glad more WN are taking Chairman Suhaydas advice and getting involved in real political effort. He's been preaching that for years now, maybe its finally starting to take hold in the more intellegent WN minds.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't call Jeff Schoeps RACE-MIXING "personal drama", I'd call it what it is - the ULTIMATE SIN to any sincere NS/WN.

Anonymous said...

I did not read the comments to read that the NSALP took any credit for Jones campaign. What I read was that while the ANP and NSM slimed eachother over Jeff, they did help and supported Jones. I actually beleive them.

I also think that the 12:22AM post is clearly a ANP trolling post. We all know Dan S.'s history and here he is now.

The comments by the NSALP writers about the NSM and ANP being preocupied with Jeff is spot on and I do note that no one answered the questions regarding howmuch money the ANP donated to Jones or who from the ANP and NSM worked for Jones campaign.

The fact is Jones' campaign is over, it was a lost opportunity and lessons should be learned, but here we see maids at the market bitching eachother out over their hair color.

Rocky, you are a piece of work, just go get a job.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! Ha! 1:27PM, er Jeff - hey, I'm RETIRED with a PENTION. You know what that is? You receive it after WORKING all your life at a (gosh, gasp) JOB! Since you've never WORKED - no Jeffry, peddling trinkets on the internet ISN'T a "job" - you probably never heard of it? As for just "WHAT" the ANP "did or didn't do, or does" - you'll just have to keep on guessing, won't you? LMAO Frustrating when unlike you - the ANP can "keep its info secure" pretty well - while your ENTIRE MAILING LIST is presently in the hands of the ENEMY, through your incredible stupidity. As for Comrade Schruenders "history" that you snidely refer to - it was SLURS posted here, by an ANONYMOUS source - is THAT where you get your facts? OK - here's one for YOU - JEFF SCHOEP is NOT married to an ARAB woman with a NEGRO child. Nor is he commiting ADULTRY on her, with some porno-floozy. Neither is NSM Chairman Clifford Herrington a JOY of SATAN cultist. There! Now, are those FACTS, just because you read them here? When your human waste, sometimes the FACTS just ain't pretty! LOL For White Worker Power! Rocky J Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88!

Anonymous said...

I certainly think Jones campaign was worth it. No, he didnt win, but 11% is significant.

I was impressed by his website, which showed him as a normal, sane, concerned White citizen. No picture with a uniform/costume, roman salute, angry scowl. No "controversial" symbols or inflammatory language. No crazy talk about far flung ideas that are incredibly unrealistic.

I certainly hope to see more campaigns like this in the future, I hope Mr. Jones runs again in 2 years.

I really dont think Jones campaign is anything to scoff at. He ran in his home territory,the area he knows, and ran a REAL campaign. Not some outlandish publicity stunt aiming for a much higher office. You know, lots of big talk, very little effort. All in the hope of getting a hand full of write-in votes.

The democraps ditched White working people a while ago, they really dont need a lot of their votes to win anymore.

The Gay Old Party might make a few gestures to White folks, but they sure as heck arent gonna become pro-White. A lotta White people are going to be looking for somewhere to go, especially after Romney runs a weak campaign and loses in November. "Wait till next time" might not do.

Anonymous said...

Thank heavens for the ANP! Rocky, you ARE a piece of work, and I only wish there were a thousand more like you! Sieg Heil! 88

Anonymous said...

For all those who constantly ask "what does the ANP do", well lets review. #1 The ANP operates a high quality website, as well as four other associated sites, that are constantly updated and filled with intelligent material. #2 The ANP has a Twitter operation that has around 1,200 followers already, and is growing. #3 The ANP operates an interesting and informative Talk-Shoe radio program. With around a 400 listening base and growing with each program. #4 The ANP publishes a monthly, hard-copy publication The White Worker, which is available for only a $20 donation. #5 The ANP publishes its own outreach materials, stickers, leaflets, booklets, message-cards, all at 'cost' for activists to utilize without gouging them like most groups do. Its obvious that unless the ANP had people to make use of all these positive activities, that they wouldn't bother, thus putting to rest the nonsensical lie that "the ANP are Rocky and a couple other guys"...yadda, yadda, yadda. I know, the other groups have - FBI informants galore, members getting arrested, exposed and losing their jobs, and getting popped in the head by their own children, jews, satanists, non-Aryans, adulterers, criminals, con-men, peddlars, and so-called leaders who have Non-White wives and negroid children. Wow! Now THAT certainly clarifies things doesn't it? Thats why I'M - Proud to be ANP! www.ANP14.com 88!