Sunday, February 26, 2012

Teutonic Warrior Chick Exposes How Kindergarten Teacher Convinces White Children That They're Not White

Teutonic Warrior Chick is back -- with another credible, hard-hitting video. This time, she exposes how our schools are denying our kids White identity at an early age, while not denying children of other races their identities:

Quite literally, the kindergarten teacher featured at the start of this video is teaching White children that they're not White. They're taught that they have no heritage or identity. And they're taught this at a very vulnerable age -- when they still believe that all adult authority figures are "God-like". This is by design; reach the kids as early as possible while they are still malleable and have few contrasting life experiences to fall back upon. Note that you did NOT see the Black kid being told he's not Black, though. Anti-racist is nothing but a code word for anti-White.

See accompanying discussion on the Vanguard News Network Forum.


Anonymous said...

That is not her video, she stole it from the Aryan Nations YouTube channel when it was still up and running (it's gone now). She cut the beginning and end of the video out (that had the AN information in it and that it was created it by us from footage we found in our own research) and has since called it her own. Nice, huh?

The original video made by the Aryan Nations that was hijacked without credit by her is still on YouTube in it's original form at some anti's page:

towelhead said...

This woman (Teutonic Warrior Chick) has much in common with David Duke. Both she and David Duke tell the truth about multiculturalism, but they are not credible because they are anti-Semites.