Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stormfront White Racialists Organizing Pro-White Rally Against Anti-White "Un-Fair Campaign" In Duluth; Fraternal White Knights Organizing Klavern

Screenshot of typical Un-Fair campaign poster
In response to the so-called "Un-Fair Campaign" in Duluth, Minnesota, which targets and blames Whites exclusively for racism, White racialist activists are currently organizing a pro-White protest rally to be held at the Duluth City Hall on Saturday March 3rd beginning at 10:00 A.M. In addition, a representative of the Fraternal White Knights Klan organization discloses that a klavern (chapter) is being organized in Duluth. This would also be a great opportunity for American Third Position Party presidential candidate Merlin Miller to get some publicity for his campaign if he could show up. Since this post was published, a flyer to be distributed at this rally has been produced and is hosted on Facebook; in case it's taken down, it's cross-posted below:

While media stories have been published by the Duluth City Pages and the Northlands NewsCenter, the real meat of this post comes from this Stormfront thread, beginning on page 51. Here are the pertinent posts (after the jump):

Plenetwork, February 2nd, 10:29 P.M:
My understanding is the Rally will be held March 3rd in Duluth Minnesota at 10:00 AM at Priley Circle at city hall.

Plenetwork, February 3rd, 8:59 A.M:
This is not organization-specific but simply a collective effort of various pro-white individuals. The permits have been filled out and turned back in. The rally will be at 10:00 am Saturday march 3rd at the city hall. I will be there even if it is only a few of us. [Ed. Note: According to Northland NewsCenter, the Duluth City Parks and Recreation Department and the City Clerk's Office said no permits have been filed for the rally. And City Attorney Gunner Johnson and Duluth Police confirm they have not received a permit for a pro-white rally as of this post.]

Babymaker, February 13th, 11:16 A.M:
There is the link to the story. We here have been getting a new Klavern organized in Duluth since this has started. Not by choice but by the will of those in Duluth who are contacting us wanting to join saying they have had enough of this garbage, so this might be a good thing. Its waking people up and sending them to us.

Babymaker, February 13th, 8:43 P.M:
As soon as the new recruits in Duluth are organized, they will be fighting against this in several ways. After all, this is the reason these families are coming to us asking to join. We will support them with manpower, ideas and Brotherly fellowship. They now know they are not alone and that things are going to get better.

Although Babymaker doesn't specifically identify the Klan organization in his posts, there's a link to the Fraternal White Knights in the signature, so it is logical to assume the FWK is the organization represented.

There's also non-racialist opposition to the Un-Fair Campaign. Phil Pierson created the "STOP Racist Unfair Campaign" Facebook page (must be a Facebook member to view) to mobilize opposition. However, at this point, it appears Pierson may be more scared of associating with White racialists rather than standing up to the local anti-racists. On Facebook, Pierson wrote "The unfair campaign and their openly racist message don't even deserve the attention they've been getting. I say we treat them the same way we treat these white supremacist clowns. Ignore them. All they want is attention". In addition, one Stormfront member notes that persons on Stop Un-Fair have been slandering and banning those who comments are deemed too "racist".

Perhaps Pierson is subscribing to the popular stereotype of "white supremacists" as shaven-headed, tattooed individuals wearing uniforms, brandishing swastika flags, and bellowing "Rahowa" or some other guttural war cry. What he doesn't know is that a pro-White rally organized under Stormfront auspices will have none of those elements. The last time Stormfront organized a pro-White rally was on June 16th, 2007 in Knoxville on behalf of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, and as you can see in this post, the participants looked and dressed no different than ordinary people. We can expect the same this time.

What Is The Un-Fair Campaign? The Un-Fair Campaign was launched in January by a loose umbrella coalition called the Twin Ports Coalition, comprised of the City of Duluth, St. Louis County Public Health and Human Services, the Central Labor Body, Lake Superior College, University of Minnesota Duluth, University of Wisconsin-Superior, the NAACP, and the YWCA. Their campaign, which will include seven months of events, billboards, a website, public service announcements, and various media splashes, is directed strictly against the White community; they want White people to become aware of the unfairness of judging people by their race and of their so-called responsibility to help bring racism to an end. WhiteNewsNow provides contact information on the members of the Duluth City Council should anyone want to express themselves to these people.

Even though Duluth is 90 percent White, this "hate Whitey" campaign is being led by progressive anti-racist whiggers and the white elite; Mayor Don Ness is personally leading the charge. Also note the prominent involvement of three universities; this is no surprise since colleges are the incubators of anti-racist hatred and apostate doctrines such as "white privilege"; they also teach that only Whites can be racist. Proponents of white privilege doctrine maintain that white people receive advantages in life merely because of the color of their skin. They attempt to defend it by saying that most white people are unconscious of this privilege. Since there is no way to objectively or empirically prove otherwise, which would require one to prove a negative, this line or argument -- and indeed, the whole concept of white privilege -- is invalid. It also can promote a distorted sense of entitlement and resentment against the White community by various non-white communities.

A handout from Portland Community College in Oregon best illustrates anti-racist thinking prevalent within academia:

"Racism involves the subordination of people of color by white people. While individual persons of color may well discriminate against a white person or another person of color because of their race, this does not qualify as racism according to our definition because that person of color cannot depend upon all the institutions of society to enforce or extend his or her personal dislike. Nor can he or she call upon the force of history to reflect and enforce that prejudice. . . . History provides us with a long record of white people holding and using power and privilege over people of color to subordinate them, not the reverse."

Privilege: The structures of racism work in two ways: to discriminate against and subordinate people of color, and to privilege white people. Privileges are unearned benefits from the structuring of inequality, and as such are intimately tied to discrimination. Privilege (unearned advantages) is sometimes difficult for those receiving them to see. This is particularly true in a societal environment such as the United States, when we think that we get things because we are nice people, or because we worked for them. Molly Ivins once alluded to privilege with the analogy of baseball - a person is born on third base, but thinks they hit a triple. A good introduction to privilege is the 1988 article by Peggy McIntosh "White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack", and Allen Johnson's book "Privilege, Power, and Difference" is more detailed and highly readable.

However, because a White person cannot prove objectively or empirically that he's not privileged, it shows that the purpose of this indoctrination is not to promote dialogue or discussion, but to quash it by intimidating Whites into silence and compliance with the anti-racist agenda. It proves once again the validity of the Mantra -- anti-racist is code for anti-White.


Anonymous said...

NSALP has a awsome hit on this on their site, nsalp.org.

Anonymous said...

The nsalp has posted all the little programs and classes the white hater Mayor and this fair group is planning. We should all protest those and go to those.

Anonymous said...

I suggest that your mighty, unknown Wizard of Oz style leader ( he hides like the mighty Oz, no one has ever heard of him, knows what he even looks like, or is aware of any movement history before he appointed himself mighty fuhrer ) writes one of his famous 'letters to himself' about it and post it on his website for nobody to bother reading. That ought to get them shaken in their boots! Can anyone imagine following some guy who's afraid to even use his real name, or let anyone see who he is? This nsalp is the worst fantasy group that I've ever seen. Even Jeff Scloep the race-mixer deadbeat dad, at least shows his face. This guy must either be awful ugly, or he's another Frank Cohn-Collins type ( jew ) fraud. Or, is it he's just a simple COWARD? Nonfunctional Sneaky Absent Leadership Party

Anonymous said...

Yep, the leader of the NSALP is a scardy cat afraid to be exposed because their must be something wrong about him.

Anonymous said...

ANP "supporters" are just now learning and writing about this on their blogs, maybe if the ANP would take a break from trashing others and asking for money they could could keep up with the times.

Anonymous said...

Whats the big deal? Shit like this goes on everyday in our classrooms, on the jew-tube, in the movies, where not? Rightwing reactionaries get so jacked-up with their pantys in a twist, whenever something like this is brought up, that its almost funny. Now I know why soap opera's were created and who they appeal to. That the "alp" would get so excited over ONE solitary instance of anti-White stupidity, when the whole country is drowning in this filth is comical. In all honesty, its GREAT! The MORE that this Judeo-Capitalist monstrosity SLAPS White Americans right in the FACE with this outright ANTI-WHITE propaganda, the BETTER! Perhaps it MIGHT just knock a few more lemmings off the fence, into GETTING INVOLVED in their own survival in a serious manner. Of course, the kook-groups will rush to the rescue - along with their "robes, uniforms, tattoo's, and hate-filled slogans" - once more perpetuating the SYSTEMS "image" of racially aware Whites as crazy mindless bigots... What does the "AN" website claim? Hem, "they are THE MOST FEARED racial organization...". OK, yeah - being "feared" by everyone is gonna get you a LOT of mass support. The ONLY "fear" that I personally would experience with most of these groups, is the fear of being around a bunch of dysfunctionals and getting slammed for THEIR stupid actions and winding up in prison. LOL For White WORKER Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman www.AmericanNaziParty.com 88! ( PS - yeah, our website was hit by 'anonymous' again and is currently offline. I guess it goes with the territory, when your being effective, sigh )

Anonymous said...

12:46 & 3:02 are full of shit and need to come out from behind the screen.

From the fringes...to the mainstream
"The NS'ers have Rockwell, Matt Koehl, Richard Miller, and countless other political soldiers who lost blood and treasure for us, all the while throwing a thick quilt over fame and the limelight. For me, these nameless remain the Unknown Soldier; loved, missed, and thought of often"

Anonymous said...

See, this is an instance where Chairman Suhayda has summed up the situation quite accurately. As he often has before.

Yes, this Duluth thing is some anti-White BS, but hell, look at the last several decades of history in this country! All you have to do is turn on the tv, look at a newspaper, bring up any mainstream news website, and its incredibly crystal clear that as Chairman Suhayda said were "drowning" in it.

We need to reign in the reactionary emotion and instead of getting pissed off at the latest "political gesture" from our enemies (which should not be any kind of shock) we should be working on a real plan to move forward.

Let this Duluth type stuff stoke the fire of those masses of Whites who are seriously losing faith in the good ol jewSA, and finding it harder to cling to the multicult delusion. Maybe, after round after round after round of this stuff, they will start to wake up and realize neutrality is not an option. Many of them will be looking for guidance and help, and LEADERS.

Leaders who dont flip out at the newest "offensive act" by the scum, and have a real plan. A plan that goes beyond showing up in uniforms and yelling slogans at a bunch of brain dead muds and self hating White leftists.

ZOG will be finding it harder and harder to pacify the various groups in this country, competing for "benefits," and wanting answers. Keeping this rotting husk together will not be as easy as it used to be, one big factor being the economic climate. There will be a lot of White people looking for new options.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Suhayda to remind true White patriots that they are revolutionaries and not reactionaries like the NSM and NSALP are.

Anonymous said...

The way I look at it, Rocky Suhayda and the ANP are the most sensible WN organization out there. Too bad they got that nazi name, otherwise they're always 100% on target. On the other hand, maybe its not the nazi thing that bothers me as much as its misuse by so many knuckleheads out there who slap it on. After all, Hitler was no fool and he would probably hate the idiots who misuse his name and symbol as much as I do. Maybe Suhayda and the ANP can eventually clean up the NS image, brush aside all these posers, and continue to finally do it right. The way I see it now, its the only real hope for our White people ever rising again. Real NS would be great!

Anonymous said...

3 ANP Posts, all from the same ANPer, lets get real. Rocky ays this is no big deal, why--because Rocky and the ANP have no position on Race, much like their Gay Tolerance position. The ANP is a economic-leftist Trade Union collective entity. The language that the ANPers use, such as "reactionaries" proves this, that is a a leftist-marxist term as well.

Rocky endorsed Obama, and supported OWS, called for Gay tolerance, and what few positions he talks about all stem from leftist marxism.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the ANP is by far the best NS org currently out there, and Rocky Suhayda says a lot of things that make sense.

What I don't understand is why Suhayda associates with someone like JT Bowles. Suhayda's bringing Bowles into the ANP after previously mocking him hurts the ANPs credibility. Why was Bowles invited to join the ANP?

Some seem to think it was for "fundraising" purposes, but Bowles is the guy who claims he spent thousands of dollars of his own money on his ridiculous 2008 "Presidential Campaign." He certainly does not strike me as someone who is good at raising money, or someone who should be trusted with someone else's money. Maybe Bowles coming to the ANP was more for access to the Redneck Shop for ANP events.

Despite being some supposedly experienced long time WN activist (35 years or whatever) Bowles still felt compelled to join the idiotic costumed clown "NSM" outfit. Apparently "Phase One" was still going on in the 21st Century in Bowles mind.

Recently Bowles has been "blowing his own horn" advertising on his blog for his book, apparently memoirs,that will be out in...2015. Bowles is gonna "expose" some secrets or something. Like "Who really killed Commander Rockwell?" (It was ZOG. Duh.) Bowles also showed off a "certificate" given to him by some Klan outfit for some "achievements."

Bowles seems to have an overinflated sense of accomplishment, or at least a need for attention. He seems to feel that he has done a lot, that others should look to him as some kind of authority figure.

Rocky Suhayda has mentioned before the idea of WN figures/leaders living in some little world of their own. Bowles seems to be one of those types. He will forever be prattling on about his presidential campaign, which didnt seem to consist of much more than a website, and maybe a few buttons. In his mind Bowles "did something big" with this gesture.

This whole White Racial Movement has been in a serious rut for the last few decades. It will not move forward if people like Bowles are regarded as leaders or even serious activists.

Anonymous said...

4:52, if you are so critical of Bowles, what does that say about Rocky?? They are two sides of the same coin, both over blown sense of importance. Rocky did take Bowles for fundraising, Bowles gave Rocky a chunk of the money he "procured" from Nick Chappell.

Anonymous said...

I voted for Bowles and hoped he'd run again. At least he had the balls to do it instead of typing against someone who did it like 4:52 is doing.


I don't see why anyone would join the NSALP since they have an invisible leader and attack people on their website i.e. fellow pro-White patriots.

I don't see why anyone would join the ANSP with career criminal Mullet and bank robber Gullet at the wheel.

I don't see why anyone would join the NSM with race-mixer Schoep and his band of la-la criminals.