Friday, February 10, 2012

Stormfront Down Once Again; May Have Been Hacked This Past Weekend, Currently Undergoing A Major V-Bulletin Upgrade

Update February 11th: Stormfront back to normal. There's now a Stormfront thread on this subject.

We've finally got some possible answers as to why Stormfront has been intermittently unavailable since Saturday February 4th, 2012. On Saturday, Sunday, and part of Monday, Stormfront posted a message stating that because of high visitor traffic, only registered members could post by signing in. Then beginning on February 8th, Stormfront posted a message stating that the discussion board is down for maintenance.

Throughout it all, access to the Donate button has remained unaffected.

A discussion thread on White News Now provides some answers, beginning with post #53. A hacker group called LulzFin hacked the Westboro Baptist Church website this past weekend and was talking about exploiting some unspecified vulnerability on Stormfront. However, it has not been confirmed that Stormfront was actually attacked. According to post #57, Don Black has been planning to do some V-bulletin upgrades and that it might be a rough process. In fact, he and Derek Black passed up on their radio show on February 9th to work on the upgrade. The latter could be the reason why it's not available now.

TheForbiddenTruth offers a different opinion. They believe it's a psychological warfare tactic to drive up donations. Of course, it should be known that Scott Roberts, the webmaster of TheForbiddenTruth has had disputes with Don Black in the past and was banned from Stormfront, so his objectivity is questionable. Besides, it would be insane for Don Black to take down Stormfront just to scare people into donating; Stormfront is the largest white nationalist resource in the world, and the go-to source whenever the media does a story about a white nationalist issue.

But Don Black has done a piss-poor job of keeping people informed. At the very least, the sustaining members who pay money have a right to know what's up with the forum. Its operating status shouldn't be a state secret. There is no reason why Black couldn't have posted a status message over on WhiteNewsNow so we could get the word out. This amateurish bumbling makes us look like a bunch of retards.

Contrast this to the professionalism of Jamie Kelso on WhiteNewsNow. When his forum was recently hacked, he had his sister forum, TheWhiteRace, all ready to go and it was a seamless transition until his main website returned to service. Kelso showed us how it is supposed to be done.


Anonymous said...

Forums are one of the best things to happen to white nationalism. Let us all hope Stormfront gets straightened out soon!

Anonymous said...

Good one 11:15. Ha ha. I assume you're being sarcastic.

While forums seemed good at first they eventually lost their usefulness. As AA has said before, why spend a lot of time on forums preaching to the choir?

Unfortunately, there seem to be a lot of forum-addicts in the WN Community. I think if all the forums went down, there would be a lot people freaking out at losing their avenue for what they consider activism.

I am all for having a wide range of information sources (like this blog) but when you're up to 20,000 posts on the forum and nothing of substance has come from the years you've been there, maybe its time for a change.

Anonymous said...

Forums are the best thing to happen White Nationalism WHY? Because it enables NOTHING to really truly happen. It provides a sense of accomplishment by mere pounding of the keyboard on forums, some of which are utterly worthless, Stormfront included. Stormfront is a means so that Don Black can avoid real employment.

Anonymous said...

The amount of information one can learn from Stormfront is quite amazing. To say forums do nothing makes you look really, really stupid.