Monday, February 27, 2012

National Socialist Movement Responds To Brian Holland's Perfidy, Suspects He Misappropriated Funds To Support Gambling Habit

The National Socialist Movement wasted little time in responding to the revelation by former NSM presidential candidate Brian Holland that he had been a professional informant for the FBI earning as much as $8,000 per month for 11 years, much of that overlapping with his NSM association.

In a lengthy statement issued on February 27th, 2012, the NSM said that they had cut ties with Brian Holland in 2010 over suspected fraud and theft from a number of NSM affiliates. The NSM now believes that Brian Holland's 2008 presidential campaign may have been a ruse to scam the public out of donations. They believe his primary motive was to support a gambling habit, although this has yet to be confirmed. The NSM noted that since no one is known to have been arrested for or convicted of any illegal actions as a result of Brian's activities, that the federal government (and the taxpayers) may have thrown away as much as $1,000,000 on Holland during the 11-year period (which could well explain why the FBI abruptly cut him adrift). The NSM calls upon nationalists and patriots not to allow the perfidy of Brian Holland to create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia which could inhibit activism.

John Taylor Bowles, currently the SA Political Adviser in the American Nazi Party, is familiar with Brian Holland from his own days in the NSM and says that he was suspicious of Holland back then. He also had David Gletty pegged as an informant.

The NSM's full statement, posted on Stormfront, is presented here after the jump:

NSM Statement on Admitted Federal Informant Brian Holland:

On Feb 27th during the Radio show "Coast to Coast" Inside the Neo-Nazi Movement - Shows - Coast to Coast AM, a former Movement affiliate by the name of Brian Holland has openly admitted to serving as a paid informant. It should be noted that Brian Holland has not been affiliated with the NSM since sometime in 2010 when we cut ties with him for fraud and theft from numerous NSM affiliates. Brian claimed in 2010 to have finished writing a book about the Movement, and showed up at our National Meeting to solicit pre-orders for this alleged (Movement based) book from those in attendance, he claimed the book would ship in a matter of weeks to anyone who paid for a copy at that time. Brian claimed the book would cover his decade of History in the Movement from the time when he claimed to have worked with Dr. David Duke, other various White Civil Rights groups, and up through his time with the National Socialist Movement. We soon suspected that his claim to have written this book was simply a ruse to extort a little more money from the Movement Faithful when the orders went unattended. Brian also ran for Office on a NSM Platform in 2008, where he solicited and accepted donations from all around the Nation, speaking at events around the Country and passing the hat for donations for that endeavor. It is unknown to myself and The NSM exactly how much funding he extorted from the Movement during his phony campaign, and what he did with these donations is also unknown to us. It was rumoured within the NSM that he may have misappropriated funds to support his widely suspected chronic gambling habit. According to Brian Holland's own statements to Coast to Coast radio he was being paid 7 to 8 grand per month by the Federal Government for the past 11 years, which equals just short of 100 grand per year, or about a million dollars total over the past decade.

The man (if you can call him that) clearly has no honor whatsoever and sold his soul to the highest bidder. He can live out the remainder of his days as a hated pariah, a thief, a fraud, and as a man with no substance, now that his handlers have apparently cut him loose. The reason I am addressing this bottom feeding leech at all is this: For all the time Brian Holland spent working as a snitch and getting paid nearly a million dollars (if that figure is even correct as he claims), the American people via our Government have footed the bill. We are not aware of any person being arrested or locked up due to any illegal actions that Brian may have witnessed, therefore his tenure monitoring the so-called violent Movement of evil White Civil Rights activists was a massive waste of time and funding for the Federal Government, although Brian got his dirty money, the system reaped nothing in return. Brian Holland is simply another scam artist who was looking for a quick buck, he was scamming the system, just as he scammed many of us in the struggle for Race and Nation.

There is so much more I could say about this vile creature, however the above paragraph sums up the legacy of what and who Brian Holland really is in my opinion. Brian Holland will not be the last informant, and he is certainly not the first, but what he and people like him better always remember is this: We will not forgive or forget their treachery! Their shame will loom like a dark shadow over them for the rest of their days on this earth!

The system sends these creatures into the ranks of the Movement in an attempt to slow our momentum, and against the groups and individuals they fear the most. The cause and effect the system wishes to create an atmosphere of fear and paranoia amongst Nationalists and Patriots in order to slow our progress. The proper response to an offensive against our Folk is to double your efforts in the struggle! With that said I will leave you all with a quote from one of our Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety".
Benjamin Franklin from the Historical Review of Pennsylvania, 1759

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Kyle said...

Bowles can quit it with the hindsight 20/20 bullshit. He's always going "I knew it" after somebody is exposed, he's never dared to call a person out by his own observation.

David Gletty is not news anymore, I didn't need Bowles to tell me that, did you?

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Holland was essentially running the same scam as Taylor Bowles was. Both of them ran off with thousands of dollars that could have gone to real activism. We've got no time or money for someone's self promotion. Holland and Bowles were two peas in a pod when it came to all that. Both compromised security while draining the movement of much needed resources. Holland was a fink and Bowles as far we know isnt one. Holland got paid by ZOG to give our info to our enemies where Bowles was just incompetent. At least Holland is sure to never come back!

Anonymous said...

More wonderful publicity for WN from the nsm... Thanks freaks.

Anonymous said...

No "12:52AM" we must NEVER FORGET about creatures like Gletty, because when you do, you get lazy and complacent. Thats the real problem here, too many movement organizations, especially the NSM tend to have little or no quality control over who they allow to join their efforts. Any warm body is welcome and obviously with little concern over vetting their backgrounds seriously, they are appointed to high positions. Its obvious to me at least, that Commander Schoep with his long record of these continuing fuckups under his watch, over many years ought to resign or be replaced. I left the NSM after meeting with Hal Turner at one of the NSM rallies. I warned Jeff that Turner was a fake, but Jeff just ignored me like I had insulted his best friend. Turned out, that I was right! Just as myself and a number of other NSM members complained about Cliff Herrington, when he was exposed for being a satanist. Jeff told us he would 'deal with it', well next event, there was Herrington with his goofy hat. Jeff is either a total, habitual LIAR, or he simply doesn't really care about 'who' he recruits as long as its another warm body. I never met Taylor Bowles but word from others was he was a standup guy, and left because Jeff first encouraged him to campaign, and then refused to do anything to help him. Bronson told me that. After I left, some of my friends who stayed in told me that a lot of members believed the rumors going around about Jeff's girlfrend Joanna having a mullatto kid, but Jeff threatened any member who even talked about it with being expelled. With Joanna's mailing around those pics of her, Jeff and the kid after she kicked Jeff out for dicking around on her with another of Jeff's pickup girlfriends, I now know its sadly true. I was new to the movement, thought NSM was 'the' organization to join, and now I'm only relieved that I quit before some shit came my way. If only I have known about the 'David Glettys", the 'Herringtons', and all the other trainwrecks within NSM, I never would have joined it. THATS 'why' its so important to NEVER FORGET about this kind of stuff.

Anonymous said...

What I dont get is why a supposedly long time veteran "old guard" WN like Bowles would have joined a silly Phase One Costumed Clown gang in the 21st Century?

Bowles says he suspected things, heard rumors etc. Why the hell would it have taken him more than a few weeks (if that) of being in the NSM to see that it was a freak show collection of misfits and weirdos? Why would anyone stick around that mess?

"Scheop ought to resign or be replaced?" How about, all sincere, good intentioned WNs who want to actually do something meaningful stay the hell away from the NSM?! Let that rotten ship sink!

Or maybe Bowles will try to "take over" NSM after he gets kicked out of the ANP. Taylor can then fulfill all his "fuhrer fantasies" while "commanding" a gang of criminals and freaks. The blind leading the blind.

Tim said...

All it comes down to is Mr. Bowles was right all along and Schoep has been wrong.

Anonymous said...

OK, Bowles is now BATHING in the attention that this "Brian Holland" affair is causing.

Bowles seems to think that "the FBI and the NSM Cooperated to Thwart his campaign for president in 2008" according to the title of his latest blog entry.

Bowles says:
"The pieces of the puzzle are now coming together as it appears there was a coordinated effort between the leadership of the National Socialist Movement (Jeff Schoep) and the FBI to thwart the NS Presidential candidacy of the NSM's first choice for running for President (John Taylor Bowles)."

Note that he says "it appears" NO EVIDENCE, just ego stroking speculation from Bowles.

Honestly, does anyone think the FBI felt "threatened" by Bowles and his pitiful campaign?

Bowles then says:
"Eventually, the Bowles campaign ran dry for lack of support from the pro-White Movement and the NSM sabotaging it along with their buddies of the FBI."

No, the "Bowles Campaign" ran dry because it was a joke from the beginning. Who in their right mind would have given any of their hard-earned money to an obvious lost cause like Bowles OR Hollands "NS" presidential campaigns?

Bowles finishes with:

"Now, my attempt at running in 2008 wasn't EGO or being POWER-HUNGRY. It was done to show that it could be done and should have been done since the murder of George Lincoln Rockwell; but should only be done with a proper base of support which the pro-White Movement doesn't currently have, i.e., elected mayors, city council, sheriffs, alderman, etc. So, until the pro-White Movement can win local offices and even state offices it should refrain from running for any high elected offices. THAT'S REALITY!"

WTF? He ran for president to show that it shouldnt be done? Where the hell is the logic in that? Especially when Bowles claims he spent 10 grand of his own money on the campaign, why on Earth would he do that? Waste that much money to show that no one else should do what he was doing?

Also, note that Bowles says that no other WN should run for a high level office until they get the "proper support." Sounds like Bowles is jealous that someone might run a real campaign and get more votes than he did. Which would mean more than 5 I guess.

Anonymous said...

I too read Bowles latest blog entry. What a meltdown! I hope even AA gets a clear picture of Taylor Bowles now. Bowles more or less admits that his election campaign was a scam and one that Brian Holland took over. One minute he is insanely saying Holland kept him out of the white house and the next minutes, he's saying it was all a stunt! Which? What? Huh?? Bowles has either completely lost his mind or become so tangled in his web of lies that he can't keep up with them all. If it was designed to never work them why milk the moment half dry over it? Why lie and cheat for it??

Anonymous said...

I read the Bowles Blog and he makes plenty sense. He is very much right and the others that sabotaged his efforts should be cast out. Thank you Mr. Bowles for running for President and not being an FBI snitch like wannabe Holland and Schoep.

PS. Love your Blog. You make a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

1:45, have you ever heard of a bullshit meter? Most people have one. I think you just broke mine.

Anonymous said...

7:54PM goes off the bullshit meter too. That commenter talks and puts people down but doesn't get out there and run for anything. Asshole.

Anonymous said...

When ANY of you anonymous tards gets the balls to crawl out from the shadows, and put a face and a name to your bullshit, I'll consider your thoughts. Taylor Bowles DOES just THAT! You might not like or agree with everything he says, but he is man enough to own up to his beliefs. How long have any of you criticizing Bowles or the ANP even been in the struggle? Bowles has been involved for decades. He deserves some respect!

Anonymous said...

The best thing that can happen is for the "White Nationalist Movement" to cease to exist, in order for the White race to survive. I know this sounds extreme, but it is exactly what needs to happen. The main reason is it runs off normal, average, everyday white people in the real world. The WNM is an underground sub-culture for the most part, that has no real influence on society, politics, or the culture at all. We need to just raise our kids on big farms, store up supplies, and wait for the collapse of the U.S. empire to happen. It is inevitable eitheway, so it really doesn't matter to try, and stop it. We are going to be the minority in 30 years regardless what we do.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you e-mail Mr. Bowles and do an interview with him?

Anonymous said...

NSM response? I have seen nothing on their website. Looks like Scheop is trying to hide another fuckup under the rug, per usual.

Anonymous said...

Well I think this is mainly about Brian Holland , he was the exposed rat that jewish piece of shit. That human waste not only gave information for the feds ,but dipped into the donation box brought to you by the general member's whom pay $10.00 a month to be a member only to be exposed by the FBI.

Now jews are foul no good schwein who have nothing better to do is infltrate the White Movement since holland claim's to have spied on Aryan Nations and World Church of the Creator Brian Holland probably testifed about MAtt Hale as well under close doors .

Jeffery is a moran who does it for the money and thats about it these day's. Gone are the Landsings,Toledos,Riversides,St. Louis ,and that one in Pennsylvania where 200 White nationalists atteneded.He did it all wrong.They(The NSM) had a liscense to grow but greed got the better of the schoep