Friday, February 17, 2012

KWTV Channel 9 Interviews United White Knights Of The Ku Klux Klan In Oklahoma City

The United White Knights (UWK) of the Ku Klux Klan were the subject of a news story by KWTV Channel 9 in Oklahoma City, and the Klan spokesman did reasonably well under the circumstances. On February 16th, 2012, reporter Kelly Ogle interviewed three members of the local UWK chapter, who were dressed in full Klan regalia and who asked the reporter to disguise their voices to better protect their identity. Perhaps the media interest was prompted by a UWK literature drop in Sand Springs back in September 2011 and another literature drop in Okemah back in January.

In the basic news story, the UWK spokesman explained the hypocrisy of all other races being permitted to express racial pride except for Whites. When asked how he envisioned racial separation, the spokesman said he envisioned separate school systems and even separate cities for the different races. But he also mentioned that he served with Blacks in the military in Iraq, and some of them he trusted with his life. He added that those few Blacks who know he's a Klan member have grown to accept it; that's because he doesn't preach hate and violence. His objective was to portray a new Klan that wasn't repeating some of the actions of the old Klan. YouTube of the basic news story embedded below:

But Kelly Ogle came back to the robes and the hood, which he referred to as a "mask" -- again and again. Ogle was visibly shaking his head at one point, wondering how the Klan could expect to be taken seriously when they appeared in a "mask" instead of wearing regular clothing. But the Klan spokesman kept his cool, patiently explaining that appearing in a hood was intended to keep their identity secret because of threats from some of the public. The Klan spokesman noted that they also want to protect their families and their jobs, as well as prevent their neighborhoods from being disrupted by anti-racist protesters.

Ogle also briefly interviewed the president of the Oklahoma City NAACP, Garland Pruitt, who didn't have much to add besides skepticism that the Klan had changed. He said that if the Klan had really changed, why were they still appearing in regalia in public?

The uncut interview with the Klan members is contained on a separate video (after the jump):

Numerous comments have been posted to the KWTV story, and a discussion thread started on Stormfront. One person opined that Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, Dr. Duke, and Dr. Pierce are more convincing, which is to be expected since they are experienced media-savvy activists. In contrast, this Klan member has only done two public interviews, and I thought he was quite credible. He also added that the questions asked by Ogle were not the ones agreed to in advance. Too bad the Klan spokesman didn't get the opportunity to discuss the Jerome Ersland case; when Ersland shot and killed a black teenage robber at his pharmacy, the local black community was ready to lynch Ersland. Under pressure from the NAACP, the D.A. tried Ersland for first-degree murder and somehow got a conviction.


Anonymous said...

Nice outfits!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but as an average white man I think that these guys look silly. Hiding their faces on tv only makes them look weak and cowardly, like they're ashamed of what they're involved in. Repercussions? Sure, it comes with the territory of being a spokeman for the klan. If they aren't willing to accept that, they should have stayed home, or got involved in a WN group that doesn't make them feel like they gotta hide under a hood. Lets face it, if they had come out as simple, average White Joe's who were offended by this anti-White garbage, without the wierd costume they might find some White community support coming out of the woodwork. As it is, acting like scardy cats as they are, the average White person is going to be afraid to get involved simply by these guys behavior. When is this movement ever going to shitcan all this bizarre behavior and act normal like Rocky Suhayda suggests? 14/88

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rocky. It does look stupid.