Thursday, February 09, 2012

Jewish Gadfly Mikey Weinstein Paid Himself $218,201 In 2010, Equals 41 Percent Of Military Religious Freedom Foundation's Revenue

A discussion thread on the F2 Anon board reveals that my previous post on Jewish gadfly Mikey Weinstein, who heads up the disingenuously-named Military Religious Freedom Foundation, stirred the hackles of one Ed Brayton, who edits FreeThoughtsBlog. In a February 7th post entitled "Mikey Attacked by Bigots. Again.", he takes issue with my attempt to portray Weinstein as having potentially jeopardized Christmas celebrations for as many as eight million kids by virtue of targeting Air Force Academy commanders for allegedly "crossing the line" by promoting Operation Christmas Child, an annual charity of Samaritan’s Purse, because an evangelical Christian message was included in the gift boxes to be distributed to numerous children.

Brayton notes that every time Weinstein takes a swipe at Christians, he gets emails full of the most vile hatred imaginable along with death threats, and has even had his house attacked and painted with swastikas. While these are unquestionably criminal acts, Weinstein's chronic anti-Christian activism undoubtedly sows the seed for such expressions of lunacy. In addition, PJ Media notes that Mikey Weinstein and his Military Religious Freedom Foundation have been linked to at least four other recent outbreaks of anti-Christian bigotry directed against the military:

–- Charges of neo-Crusaderism against military supplier Trijicon for its gunsights inscribed with New Testament verses.
–- Charges of neo-Crusaderism against an Army unit for daring to have a cross as part of its unit insignia.
–- The branding as “a hate crime” the placing of a cross next to the the Air Force Academy’s neo-pagan worship site.
–- The Army’s decision to disinvite prominent evangelical Franklin Graham from speaking at a Pentagon prayer service on the National Day of Prayer.

So why does Weinstein continue this racket? The ChristianFighterPilot blog implies that not all of Weinstein's motivation is altruistic. In 2010, Weinstein paid himself a $218,201 salary, representing 41 percent of the MRFF's total revenue that year. While that’s down from the 54 percent he paid himself in 2009, it still is considered inconsistent with both his implications that donations to his charity support the troops, and with the general practices of other charities, whose president/CEO compensations are generally much lower (even if the charities themselves are larger). And yes, one of his chief donors is from his "tribe"; in 2009, a full 20 percent of Weinstein’s donations came from a single source: the Jewish Communal Fund.

The fact is, Mikey Weinstein has proven by his actions that his so-called Military Religious Freedom Foundation promotes freedom for all religions except Christians. He's used it as a front to promote his endemic anti-Christian bigotry. And he reaps a rich harvest of shekels for his "activism", thus ensuring that he will find more "issues" in the future. He emulates the business model so successfully employed by the Southern Poverty Law Center, which casts a wider net to artificially increase the number of "hate groups".

My advice to Weinstein remains unchanged: Walk it off, lampshade.

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