Friday, February 03, 2012

Black DePauw Freshman Eric Wilson Falsely Claims White Man With Racist Tattoos Vandalized His Car

A Black freshman from DePauw University in Indiana is claiming that a White man with racist tattoos broke the rear window out of his car, although there were no witnesses and the incident was not recorded on any of the deployed security cameras. As a result, it is believed the claims are driven by paranoia, or perhaps are outright false.

Summary: The incident took place on January 23rd, 2012 at a local McDonald's. Eric Wilson, Michael Pagan (both Black), and Tyler Bussian (race not reported), all freshmen at DePauw University, were all eating breakfast when a White man accompanied by a woman and a child entered the restaurant. The trio sat down behind the three freshmen. Wilson said the White man began "staring intently" at the three freshman, and Wilson noted that the White man sported several tattoos; his left arm featured "KKK" stamped on the bicep with "white pride" and a swastika above it, as well as several SS tattoos. Wilson expressed surprise that no one in the restaurant made an issue of the tattoos.

But nothing further happened until the three freshmen got up to leave. As they were leaving, Wilson discovered the back window of his vehicle had been broken out; he called family members and began taking photographs of the damage, while Bussian and Pagan called police. When police arrived, Wilson immediately zeroed in on the tattooed White man and tried to blame the crime on him, even though there were no witnesses and none of the McDonald's 16 security cameras captured the incident (although Wilson's vehicle was parked in a blind spot not covered by cameras). Wilson insisted that he had been the victim of a hate crime. But the police could take no action, and didn't even question the White man due to lack of supporting evidence.

It sounds like the cops were wise to what Wilson was really all about.

Nevertheless, Eric Wilson is still trying to blow this drama up into a full-blown crisis. After his sophomore friends Thay Brown, Terrell Moore and Bryant Alexander heard about the incident, they decided to "raise awareness" (Translation: Launch witch hunt) of hate crimes in the DePauw and Greencastle communities. To show their support for Wilson, they are organizing a peaceful march around campus to protest all forms of harassment.

But Michael Pagan wasn't satisfied with the community's response to the incident. "As Greencastle is such a small town community, I was surprised at how little help was offered and the fact that no one showed any concern," Pagan said. Some locals are suggesting a homeless person may have actually broken the window, noting that there have been some incidences of such crimes occurring.

For those of you who have not gotten tattoos, this story also serves as a reminder on how racialist tattoos can increase your exposure and be used by our enemies to provoke an incident. Think about it before you get a tattoo. And who is it who promotes tattoos and piercings? The Jewish-dominated pop culture. Jews want you to squander your money on things that don't matter and have no lasting value. That way you stay impoverished and become beholden to moneylenders. Resist the impulse to live for the moment and spend your money on things that have no practical value; save your money and spend it only on tangible, practical assets.


Anonymous said...

At last! Thank you for that last paragraph - I've been trying to make that clear for years. Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

Don't be scared to stand up for what you believe. They can't arrest us all...

Chris Drake said...

I'd like to add my two cents here.

I have several pro-white tattoos. At one time, I felt like they were a sign of commitment to the cause. They were things someone could look back on years from now and say, “there was someone who fought while others ran and hid.” You might could even compare some of them to unit insignia.

And culturally, tattoos have been part of white culture on and off for thousands of years. There is no arguing that fact alone. They have often been viewed as a rite of passage or to commemorate heroic acts. They can also be used to honor the dead as they have from time to time historically. A good example of this is people getting the names of dead comrades tattooed on themselves. Another good example would be my tattoo of the CSS Hunley, honoring those who died aboard her. They faced death and didn't leave a pile of excuses behind as they hightailed it to an easier post.

All that being said, those are the last things positive I have to say about pro-white tattoos or tattoos of any kind. Why? Don't I myself have a number of them?

We all watched earlier as former Vinlander Bryon Widner went through a disgusting display of total surrender to the reds as he got almost all of his pro-white tattoos removed. Sparing the important detail that the racialist tattoos made him look like a Polynesian tribesman, it did nothing for him or anybody else but identify him as a gang member to any civilian. And look at how quickly the ink and “commitment” faded away. The tattoos were meaningless except to decorate and intimidate.

As far as the intimidation factor goes, that one is lost on me from the start. Some of the frailest slips of men are covered in ink and some of the sluggish fatsos are well illustrated as well. Some of the most socially toxic people's arms alone could be used for the next ADL “hate symbol” directory. Having a particular tattoo doesn't mean testing from your peers either. A lot of ink doesn't cause people to expect more out of you like it used to, in fact, the opposite.

But there is one thing that makes me sick from the “anti-tattoo” crowd. This is when people point out that the enemy had an easier time rounding up former SS because of their tattoos. My advice, don't get any pro-white ink if you ever think you'll submit to being “rounded up.”

Anonymous said...

Before the multicult, they used to say, "The more civilization, the less tattoos". White sailors picked up tattooing from Polynesians.

If you see it on MTV, don't do it.

Anonymous said...

What all people in any community need to understand is that regardless of what color you are, your tattoos can be harmful to ANYBODY. It does not matter if you are white, black, hispanic, purple, yellow, pink hell even blue. The point is that you know what your tattoos symbolize for you. SO if somebody takes your tattoos offensive then that just comes with the price of getting it. Not everybody is going to like it.

Anonymous said...

this is ridiculous! Why are you targetting these students!

Anonymous said...

First of all, if I were to walk into your meeting place with a "I love Blacks" tattooed on my arm, would I get not stares of hatred or malcontent? I am white, I wear it proudly, but for a black man to be stared down by a white man and come to find his car window broken out...think about it. I understand you guys don't like other skin colors and even the..."jewish dominated pop-culture?" If I am not mistaken most guys that give out tattoos are not jewish, they are quite the opposite. Also, you sir have started a witch hunt of your own, so don't go saying your innocent tatted racist isn't the only one. You put the names of good kids on here that are just trying to help a friend in a Greencastle community that is predominantly white. You cast their names in a bad light, its wrong.

About the whole part about getting all defensive about tattoos...shut got those to state your beliefs and damn well knew that people would take offense to them. If I walked around with a tattoo saying "Women shouldn't have rights" I would probably get accused of any crime that happens to a woman in the vicinity of me. It is the nature of the beast. Accept it, you inked your body for a reason and if you don't have the balls to stand behind those convictions then who is really at fault? A kid group of kids that stands up for one another or a guy that runs and hides behind a group of racist bigots?

Sara Wojciechowski-Svenson said...

America is a melting pot of different cultures, ethnicities, languages, and anything else you can think of even. This country was established with a little of these things in mind- not just for religious freedom. Do your research. If you don't like it, take yourselves and your families back to Europe where your ancestors FIRST came and live there. Sickening.

Anonymous said...

Racist people are all going to hell, fuck what everyone thinks this was all blown out of proportion to make it look like the kid did something wrong. comment back to this comment and say whatever you want. im white and id personally make sure that anyone who has a hint of racisim in them wouldnt live there life without a second that they regretted their so called "opinion" for all i care i hope your opinions and beliefs that cause you to frown upon african americans get you KILLED.

Anonymous said...

This is disgusting.

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