Monday, February 20, 2012

Australian Labor MP Candidate Peter Watson Quits Race After White Nationalist Affiliation And Public Opposition To Homosexuality Exposed

Here's a story that serves as a reminder to any White racial activist who decides to run for elective office -- have a strategy to deal with the possibility of being outed as a white nationalist during your campaign, so that you don't end up finding it necessary to withdraw your candidacy under pressure. Peter Watson, a 19-year-old traffic controller who was running as a Labor Party member to represent the Southern Downs constituency in Parliament, withdrew his candidacy on February 20th, 2012 after his white nationalist ties and his opposition to homosexuality were exposed. Watson's resignation statement is posted in full on Whitelaw Towers. The media stories come from the Warwick Daily News and The Australian and Yahoo 7 News and the Courier-Mail. This information has also been posted on a Stormfront Downunder discussion thread.

The Warwick Daily News is actually taking credit for being the tipping point behind Watson's decision to exit the race; they acknowledge they questioned his involvement with the white nationalist movement. They disclosed that Watson is the editor of The Spearhead, a "Rights for Whites" newsletter that has been floating around the region's letterboxes. The Australian also disclosed that Watson had also posted comments supportive of white nationalism on the Whitelaw Towers blog.

Yahoo 7 News reports that another issue fueled Watson's withdrawal from the race. About five years ago, Watson had posted his opposition to homosexuality on the Web. He said that homosexuality and pedophilia were linked because there's been some research done, published by the Catholic Church, that suggests that 30 per cent of male pedophiles are homosexual. He also described homosexuals as social degenerates and accused them of destroying society's values. The Courier-Mail also disclosed information about some of Watson's other Web posts, reporting that Watson masqueraded as a neo-nazi to get information out of the enemy, and that he promised to give out information on fellow Labor Party members as part of his long battle against the "commies" in the Warwick branch.

Peter Watson remains faithful to his political vision, however. He told media outlets that he has never hidden his racial-based views about Australia, explaining that he had a traditional take on the Labor party and was an old-fashioned Labor supporter - going back to the White Australia policy days. He firmly stated that Australia should be a White country, and if elected, would use his office to promote white nationalism.

"I don't hide anything, I am proud of what I believe in...I regard myself as a white nationalist, not a supremacist, and that 40 years of multiculturalism has destroyed this country. My views were the same as the trade union movement in the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, particularly with the White Australia policy."

Labor state secretary Anthony Chisholm said the party had been unaware of the allegations before Watson was endorsed in the seat in December 2011. Nevertheless, he accepted Watson's resignation so that the issue would not distract from the important decisions confronting Queenslanders during this election campaign. He expects to select a replacement candidate as soon as possible.

Update February 22nd: Prime Minister Anna Bligh is reportedly furious that Watson had ever been endorsed by her party, and said his "neo-Nazism" and "homophobia" are not acceptable within its ranks.

Peter Watson, who joined the Australian Labor Party (ALP) at the age of 15, initially retained his post as secretary of its Warwick branch. However, he has now been expelled from the party itself, which requires him to give up the secretarial post. In response, Watson says he's glad to have the publicity and is now considering joining the Australia First Party.

While Peter Watson is to be commended for exposing himself under his own name in an electoral contest and not disavowing his political views upon exposure, his withdrawal from the race will unnecessarily validate and empower anti-racists and the elite who want to dilute the racial character of Australia. But he's young, and this will be a valuable learning experience for him.


Anonymous said...

NSALP-Nevada writes:
This is a perfect example as to why a WN or NS should never adopt the "under the radar" or "in the closet" tactics. Run for office openly and never run from or hide your ideas or issues. There are groups, the ANP comes to mind, that advocate that "in the closet" approach and have even atempted to raise funds for "secret" candidates, i.e. send money for candidates that may not even exist. First, for a candidate to run as one thing, then be "confronted" as a WN, allows the perception that he or she is a fraud or is ashamed of his/her views. To the contrary, there are segments of the public that have respect for those who are consistent and openly state their views, especially if the views can be well spoken. I remember an ANP candidate in Southern California complaining about being "outed", his description, by the media for being a NS, frankly I am bothered by the faggot analogy he used, but his whinning at the media for doing their job is equally troubling, after all, he had claimed to be a NS and had posted as such on the internet, so what is the problem? WN and NS have to cease play victims and sieze the iniative.

Anonymous said...

Here is Taylor Bowles take on that photo of the US Marines with the SS Flag. From Bowles' Blog:

Brave Marines in 2012 Not Afraid To Show Their True Colors. Betcha These Marines Would Whip Some ARA/OPP Butts!"

"Brave" Marines? Like the ones that murdered innocent unarmed civilians, including women and children at Haditha?
"True Colors" Their colors are Red White and Jew.
"...whip some ARA/OPP Butts!"
No, they wil gladly open fire on their fellow Whites if ZOG gives the order in the event of a "White Uprising."

ZOGs mercenaries are not on our side. This flag incident was probably them thinking the SS symbol was "cool." Now theyre in hot water with ZOG. Ooops.

Anonymous said...

Several things stike me about this situation, #1 Sad how this 19 year old had no adult "mentors" of intelligence, who could direct him on "what to do", and "how to do it". #2 Its also sad that this young man who had the "potential" to become a real political soldier for our people, had been "outed" by his previous activities. Instead of shoving our young recruits "OUT THERE" to be cataloged, indexed and filed away by our enemies through this constant "public exposure" for "publicity" - like most WN groups do - to be later "exposed" for their "past" ( per the young man in one of the associated articles mentioned, who wore a 'nazi uniform' to a WN gathering ) will we NEVER LEARN? Of course, the "newbi's" learn from the "veterans" and if the "veterans" are a bunch of loony publicity hounds, or worse - AGENTS set up by the enemy to "divert" WN into deadends - what else can we expect? The worse thing he did, was to "resign" - as if being a WN is some kind of an "evil thing" - but, being that young, and left hanging by his "friends", there's no surprise. Its simple people - DON'T get "TATTOO'S", they are like doing the system's work of identifying you FOR them! DON'T advertise yourself to the JEWS-MEDIA and its system operatives - with computer info, it will follow you for a lifetime! UNLESS your a "leader" - use a normal sounding 'GAME-NAME' when dealing with the public. Its just as effective. How many potential people does WN have to LOSE - before the so-called leadership EDUCATES them, on HOW to DO it CORRECTLY? For White WORKER Power! Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman 88!

Anonymous said...

I know some good pro-White Marines that are in there to learn military skills to use for the pro-White Movement one day if the situtaion ever becomes revolutionary in this country. So hats off to Mr. Bowles for supporting the pro-White Marines in the USA. So 5:23PM you are speaking out of our ass.

Anonymous said...

Good words Mr. Suhayda. Thank you.
You have a good team working for you in the ANP.

Anonymous said...

Hey "1:22PM" is that why no one has ever seen a pic of your mighty poohbah? Or for that matter, anybody who supposedly belongs to your fantasy club? Your not even in the closet, or under the bed, your 60 feet down hiding in some cave like a troll! What a hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Where is the mighty poobah of the NSALP. He throws enough bullshit and is a rumor mongerer however.

Anonymous said...

3:49 AM:

Wake up, asshole! The NSALP is running openly pro-White candidates in every part of the country! ZOG is concerned that Chairman Miller might run for the Presidency in 2016. Every time he writes a new letter and publishes it on his website, there is an emergency meeting in the White House about damage control. Join the NSALP today!

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ 9:12 For a two-man Internet club you sure are full of yourself eh?

Anonymous said...

Looks like the ANP is here shit talking again. I do not joing groups or partys, but if I did, I would take the NSALP over ANP given that the ANP has a reputation of hanging with OWS and being nice with the faggots. I also do not trust the ANP after reading their emails that got leaked.