Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Aryan Nations World Leader Morris Gulett Responds To Media Stories About Forthcoming World Headquarters In Louisiana

As previously documented, Dual Seedline Christian Identity (DSCI) Pastor Morris Gulett has proclaimed his intent to construct a new church and world headquarters in Converse, Louisiana. A number of pastors assembled to proclaim their opposition, including the former Aryan Nations pastor Rick Spring. Various media outlets in the ArkLaTex area published reports, and another DSCI Pastor, Martin Lindstedt, who is not in communion with the rest of the Aryan Nations community at this time, discussed this issue at length on the February 19th edition of The Movement Turd (Episode #110).

On February 21st, Pastor Gulett responded to media enquiries with the following statement sent to numerous media outlets and published by KSLA Channel 12 in Shreveport:

"Nothing has changed about our plans. I still intend to build a church building and the World Headquarters for Aryan Nations WILL continue to be right here in Louisiana. This is my home. I am here to stay till death do I part from this earth. I will not be swayed from my job as the Senior Pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian or the World Leader of Aryan Nations. And I or Aryan Nations will not be run off or discouraged by the Jews, Negros, Queers, Mestizos or Mulattoes of the diversity cult. As I said of this once great Christian Republic in the interview, diversity is NOT our greatest strength, but our greatest weakness. Diversity is what will be the demise and total destruction of this nation and the chief purveyors of tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism know that too."

Pastor Morris L. Gulett
Aryan Nations-World Headquarters
Post Office Box 282
Converse, Louisiana 71419
(318) 631-7063

KSLA news video embedded below:

Pastor Gulett's credentials as Senior Pastor of the Church of Jesus Christ Christian seem unimpeachable, but this is the first time I've seen him refer to himself as the World Leader of Aryan Nations. Pastor Gulett claims his authority as Harold Ray Redfeairn's successor through a Warrant of Authority issued by Kingdom Identity Ministries, the official successor ministry of Dr. Wesley A. Swift. But Pastor Drew Bostwick of his Aryan Nations faction claims to have the real legacy of Pastor Richard Butler. We'll let those two sort it out. But in any event, Pastor Gulett has arisen at an important time to accept the mantle of responsibility and leadership for Aryan Nations, and he's making an impact. Aryan Nations is back on the map.


Anonymous said...

We need Taylor Bowles to run for President and save our Race. He and the ANP have showed that they are inclussive and are not mindless haters and have a path to getting more diverse people into the Movement. The ANP has a diverse team with knowledge and experience to lead and don't bother themselves with this type of Hollywood Nutzi stuff. Read Chairman Suyahda's latest ANP Report, he has a lot of insight

Anonymous said...

It seems like every single AN offshoot since Pastor Butler's passing claims to be the one and only true CJCC/AN.

So this time it is World Pastor Morris Gulett claiming the CJCC/AN title. The same Morris Gulett that now employes Gary Godsey as the host of Gulett's AN radio show on Talkshoe.

Godsey is a violent sex offender that was convicted of rape in the second degree (not statutory rape as he tries to lie about). Godsey did 10 years in prison for raping a white girl and was kicked out of Gulett's AN months ago when Gulett found out about Godsey's past.

However, Godsey had since built a following as Paul Mullet's ANSP Aryan News Network Talkshoe show host (Mullet had no problem with making Godsey his chief of staff as well, even though he knew Godsey was a rapist). And after Godsey and Mullet parted ways, Godsey has now returned to Gulett and Truitt once again as a CJCC/AN member and host of their radio show.

Gulett and Truitt know Godsey is a sex offender, having outed him and kicked him out of their AN some time ago. But Godsey built a following for his radio program so that was apparently enough for Gulett and the AN to take him back, so they could use him, regardless of who he is.

Apparently most of Godsey's AN program listeners on Talkshoe have no idea of his lengthy criminal record and violent, rapist past. The ones that do know, and continually lie to cover it up, now including Gulett, Truitt, Mulett and others, are hypocrites of highly questionable leadership and trust.

Attending Gulett's AN Congress with your families later this year? Better keep a very close eye on your kids then because Godsey the rapist will be there, too.

Looking for a decent, sane and principled WN organization to join? If Gulett, Truitt, Mullet or Godsey are involved in it, you'll be sorry.

See for yourself:

Gulett's AN Talkshoe link, recent programs hosted by Godsey after he took over from Truitt:

Godsey's sex offender information:

Godsey's NC criminal record:

Gulett outing Godsey as a sex offender after kicking him out months ago (the AN has since deleted most of the posts outing Godsey when he came back to the AN to cover it up but missed this one):

Anonymous said...

Drew Boswicik isn't any better after having farted around with the NSM and accused of beating his wife.

Anonymous said...

I agree. We need Taylor Bowles back in the run for president. I think people will support him this time since he is in the ANP. He is the only qualified shot we have and could be our last hope.

Phil said...

I agree. We need Drew Bostwick back in the run for president. Drew ran as the NSM Vice-President in 2008 with nutcase Brian Holland. I think people will support him this time since he is in the Aryan Nations. He is the only qualified shot we have and could be our last hope.

Anonymous said...

Dear AA,

Thank you for giving the concerned Patriots a creat opportunity to expose a poisonous jewish mashroom of the CI Movement, a convicted thief "Eli James". It is no surprise he got involved with the "new Aryan Nations", containing nothing but human garbage. Hopefully he will go down with them soon.


Anonymous said...

I agree. We need Frazier Glenn Miller to run for President. I think people will support him since now he is the resident WN Legend at the VNN Forum. He is the only qualified shot we have and could be our last hope.

Anonymous said...

Godsey is not a pedo or a violent rapist. 2nd degreee rape in NC is the same as stautory rape. The girl used a fake ID and her mother testified to that at the trial. The girl was also permitted to visit Gary in the visiting room at the insitution where he was serving his sentence. They also had a child together and he has unsupervised visitation rights with this child. Do you think they'd give a pedophile unsupervised visits with a child ? You guys gossip like a bunch of old wash women.