Friday, February 17, 2012

Aryan Nations Leader Morris Gulett Announces Intent To Build New World Headquarters In Converse, Louisiana

Update February 22nd: Pastor Morris Gulett issues statement responding to media stories; updated post HERE.

Pastor Morris Gulett, who heads up Aryan Nations, has announced his intent to build a new world headquarters in Converse, Louisiana, and local pastors have predictably spoken out in opposition. Media stories published by KTBS Channel 3, KSLA Channel 12, and WMC Channel 5.

Background: Pastor Gulett's Aryan Nations faction is one of two factions claiming the legacy of Pastor Richard Butler; the other less-active faction was run by August Kreis and is now being run by Drew Bostwick. Gulett jump-started his faction back to life with a Congress in Louisiana on Sept. 24-25, 2011. Gulett served time in prison after pleading guilty to conspiring to commit armed bank robbery, conspiracy to possess a firearm to rob a bank, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon and forfeiture, but conspiracy charges are always somewhat subjective. Gulett hosts the South Africa Project Talkshoe program irregularly; his Aryan Nations faction also hosts a twice-weekly Talkshoe program.

Pastor Gulett has some detractors within the Christian Identity community, most notably Pastor Martin Lindstedt. In 2005, when Lindstedt was brought up on what eventually proved to be bogus child molestation charges, Gulett immediately revoked the ordination of Lindstedt, although Gulett questioned the validity of the child molestation charges. Lindstedt expresses his sentiments about Gulett in this thread.

Update February 20th: Pastor Lindstedt discussed this story at length on the February 19th edition of The Movement Turd. His in-depth familiarity with DSCI figures makes his discourse quite informative; the discussion begins shortly after the 30-minute point on the audio embedded below:

Summary: In a February 13th KSLA interview, Pastor Gulett said it's time for Aryan Nations to be seen and heard once again. Gulett explained that he's rising up in favor of his people. Although the government calls his group terrorists, he calls them "racist". But in any event, the Aryan Nations is now calling the ArkLaTex area home, and will set up their new world headquarters in Converse, just south of Shreveport. Gulett says he likes the remoteness of the 20-acre location just south of the DeSoto-Sabine Parish line, and added that once they secure the property, they'll build a church and a headquarters, and visitation will be by invitation only. Pastor Gulett is soliciting donations; he asks supporters to send check or money order, and put "building fund" in the subject line, to:

Aryan Nations
Post Office Box 282
Converse, Louisiana 71419

Gulett acknowledges that he's racist, but says he doesn't hate people because of the color of skin. Gulett added that what he's attempting to do is educate the White community in accordance with Deuteronomy Chapter 28, which states, "One of the cursings is the stranger you'll allow to remain among you will get above you very high and down very low". Gulett defines the stranger as the non-Aryan; namely, Hispanics, Blacks, Jews, mongrels, etc.

The Opposition: A group of Desoto Parish pastors gathered in Temple of Knowledge Church International on February 15th to speak out against what they're calling an "infiltration of hate into the community". Among them were Pastor Reegis Richard of Temple of Knowledge, Pastor Joseph Hall of Union Spring Church, and Pastor C.L. Bryant. Pastor Tony Lewis of Pineville Baptist Church and Associate Pastor Derek Joyce of First United Methodist Church also weighed in. The pastors countered Gulett's claim that when father God created Adam in His image, creation of a race, he was a white man by saying that Adam was of Middle Eastern origin. The pastors also claim that Jesus was a Jew, despite the fact that His mortal tabernacle was sired by our Heavenly Father, making Jesus half-deity. The pastors claim that Pastor Gulett is interpreting scripture through a filter or lenses, manipulating it to make it say what he wants it to say.

But don't all pastors interpret scripture through a filter or lens? That's why we have so many denominations.

A surprise addition to the circle jerk at the Temple of Knowledge Church International on February 15th was former Aryan Nations Pastor Rick Spring, who says he knows Gulett personally and has seen first hand what the group is capable of. "He's very savvy on what he can do and what he can't do, and he's going to push that envelope right up to the line," said Spring. Spring also claimed that Aryan Nations goes for the dysfunctional and dislocated -- they give somebody an assault rifle, put them in the woods in a uniform, call them a sergeant and they think they're doing something. Spring has been accused in the past of operating Aryan Nations as a false-flag op on behalf of the federal government.


Anonymous said...

What became of Paul Mullet-Reichsfuhrer SS an his ANSP, that site now redirects to a AN site and there is no word of Mullet??

Obadiah 1:18 said...

"Most notably Pastor Martin Lindstedt"?

What, are you crazy?!

Do you have any idea at all what this nutcase advocates?

Have you ever listened to one of his Movement Turds? That somebody in Christian Identity, or even White Nationalism, would name his podcast after excrement ought to give you some sort of clue where his head's at -- not at any terrestrial location, I can tell you that. The guy brags that he's going to skin alive the white children of "regime criminals" (unto the seventh generation) during the Great Tribulation, dismember them, then feed them to their parents, and you're promoting him as some sort of authority on Christian Identity who speaks for Christian Identists everywhere?

Give me a break!

NOBODY in Christian Identity wants anything to do with Marty. EVERYBODY, everybody who's sane and not on ZOG's payroll, in CI regards him as an apostate, heretical nut who's more interested in slaughtering whites and the rape of "whigger herd animals" than he is in meting out righteous punishment upon the Juden.

"Pastor" Martin, the self-ordained Archbishop of Missouri (Aryan Nations), has a congregation of one: himself, and that's all he speaks for. He lives in a hovel (his description, not mine), sports half a beard -- it's a damning political protest against the wickedness of ZOG, don't you know? -- pees and poos on-air during his podcast, and make no secret about doing so, and spends most of his time hunched over his computer slandering and lying about a laundry list of White Nationalists and Christian Identists on any WN forum or blog that hasn't banned him yet.

Paul Fromm, April Gaede, Pastor Jeromy Visser, Bill Finck, Carolyn Yeagher (he uses a word to describe her that rhymes with punt), Pastor Jay Faber, David Duke, and Pastor James Wickstrom, are just a tiny, tiny sampling of the so-called (by Marty) Jews, mamzer criminals, Baal priests, ZOGbots, transgendered Aussie poofters (that would be me), and tubal-kennite-pictish-hybernigger-whiggers (don't ask!) that have incurred his unrighteous indignation. Marty used to characterize Bill Finck as a fine Christian Identity theologian, but after they had a falling out -- a commonly occuring phenomenon with anybody who's had to deal with the "good pastor" -- denounced him as a fiendish New Jersey Jew whose mission in life was to corrupt and destroy Christian Identity.

Marty loves to tell anybody who'll listen to him, which is a steadily decreasing number of people, what a pack of lying, deceiving scum we all are. By "we" I mean 99% of people in The Movement -- a conservative estimate, mind you. Yet Marty's modus operandi is posting messages online under literally hundreds of different aliases, many of which are female (I'd like to give a special shout-out to Amy Rose), making him far and away the biggest liar and deceiver of them all. Of course, Marty rationalizes this as vitally necessary espionage in his never-ending fight to expose and ultimately geld the teeming hordes of whiggers, regime criminals, ZOGbots, etcetera, etcetera, who make life so burdensome for a prophet of Yahweh such as he. Luckily, Marty doesn't have to fight the good fight alone, for
"Yahweh" has assigned to him ten-thousand warlords who will hold the squealing, wriggling, naked boys and girls and moms and dads down while he performs his sacred duty.

Christian Identity cast "Pastor" Martin into outer darkness some time ago. Don't you think it's about time White Nationalism did likewise?

Anonymous said...

I wanted to mention that in a recent Taylor Bowles blog post, he comments on the recent (very funny) story of ZOG Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer being robbed by a local nigger while on vacation in the Carribean. Bowles talks about the "White" justice being mugged, and raises the legitimate point of why do Whites vacation in non-White nations.

Problem is that Breyer is a JEW, a liberal judge appointed by Slick Willie Clinton. If you recall, Clintons cabinet was so jewish that even an Israeli newspaper ran an article about the "jews who run Clinton's Court." I believe that over 50 percent of Clinton's appointments were jews, it was just ridiculous.

Lest we forget it was "people" like Albright, Cohen, Berger and General Clark (Nemerovsky) who waged war on Serbia.

The kike Breyer being victimized by a nog is what we call "Poetic Justice."

Anonymous said...

It's such a shame what happened to AN since Pastor Butler died. He was such a good and decent man, and his legacy has been disrespected with the mess that resulted from the split within the organization.

I wouldnt even get involved with any new org claiming to be the AN. Not worth the trouble. If it is your faith, follow the teachings and live your life accordingly, maybe even spread the word to others if you wish. But I dont think its worth the potential problems to join a new "church."

mary sullivan said...


Anonymous said...

Gulett is pure scum. He was an admitted traitor to Pastor Butler and openly spoke against him. Gulett is guilty of mutiny against Butler. Fuck him.

Anonymous said...

Bowles probably wanted to make a point that even Jews who have White skin are targets of non-Whites because of their skin color whenever they vacation or vsiit a non-White area.

Anonymous said...

I just went to CNN about the story and it looks like Supreme Court Justice Breyer is WHITE skinned even though he is a JEW. So Bowles reported it right. I went to the Bowles BLOG too. Breyer was attacked for his skin color, not his religion or being another race retard.

Rockwell said a persons skin color is their uniform. I guess he was wrong too 8:22PM? Jews need to understand that their White skin brings them under attack too from non-Whites like Breyer.

Also, Breyer is white skinned. Bowles didn't say anything on his Blog about Breyer being an Aryan. Did he? Hmm! You twist things around and distort the truth.

Anonymous said...

Mullet abandoned Pastor Butler too.

Anonymous said...

AA, could you kill these ridiculous spam post plugging the pathetic blog of Taylor Bowles? It is like a crude version of zogsnightmare. Only in his mind do people sit around and discuss it. Only when he is bashing real activitists does he get any traffic. Other than that, it is boring as reading about drying paint !

Anonymous said...


First of all,I was not trying to twist or distort anything. I merely pointed out that Bowles seemed to think that Breyer is White. But my main point was that this leftist anti-White jew got a taste of his own medicine.

JEWS ARE NOT WHITE. Genetically they are Asiatic Semites. Jews do not think of themselves as "White" except when they are trying to appeal to conservative Whites, pretending they are on their side. Like Michael Savage.

Yes, many jews have "White" skin but this does not make them truly White, they are not Europeans. There are also many Arabs and Persians with White skin, this does not make them White.

Jews don't have to worry nearly as much about being attacked by blacks because: 1. They tend to be very wealthy and dont have to live anywhere near blacks like White working people do, and 2. Jews enjoy special protection under "hate crime" laws that WE do not. Jews will never "side with us" because they might get attacked by the blacks that they unleashed on White society. These are the same jews that push for mass non-White immigration, knowing fully well that many Muslims, their greatest enemy today, are entering America with the hordes.

I think you are very confused, Rockwell sure as hell did not consider jews WHITE.

Bowles was wrong, he made it sound like Breyer was one of us, and made no mention of Breyer being a jew. All he had to do was look it up.

If you think jews are "White" you're badly mistaken and are probably better being a con-servative.

Tony said...

I just went to the Bowles Blog and he mentioned Breyer was a Jew. Follow the article all the way down to commentate. Duh!

Also, it isn't important if Jews think they are White or not. If you knew anything and had some common sense (retard) it only matters how Blacks see them - as White and therefore he (Breyer)got attacked because of it.

Where does Bowles in his Blog say anything about Breyer being one of us? Did he post that Breyer was an Aryan or Caucasian. Nooooooo. You need to reread stuff and stop twisting things around imbecile. We are too smart for that here.

Anonymous said...

Have move White children... RAHOWA!

Anonymous said...

Mullet's ANSP is now gone, so did Mullet fall in under Gulett?? We hear nothing from him anymore

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Mullet and all these other flash in the pan mini-fuhrers, who pop up and act really outragous and stupid to pick up a headline or two, and disappear when nobody buys their bullshit line of crapola. Just look at all the idiots who put up some website for an alphabet soup group, proclaim themselves as Reichsfurhrer's and act like their the second coming of christ, its sickening. These fools think that acting like a normal white man ain't enough, they gotta out extreme the next huy, look at that has been jewboy Willy Weiss. He tried to out Cohn old Frank Collins, when it came to grabbing headlines as a kike-monger, and look where he ended up! Even Jeffy Poop-Scoop went too far, with his race-mixing wife and jig kid, and his skinhead gang dried up and NSM is pretty much gone with the wind. All the shit in these creeps closets eventually catch up with them and they're finished. Thank god! WPWW!

Anchorage Activist said...

Obadiah 1:18 - You completely overreacted to a simple statement I made about Pastor Lindstedt. All I said was that he is the most notable critic of Pastor Gulett. That is a factual statement.

I listen to his radio show every week, primarily for entertainment. However, Pastor Lindstedt is one of the few DSCI pastors who does not censor opposing points of view on his chat (he certainly let you troll, LOL). He's also one of the few prominent WN spokesman who admits that whiggers are a major problem.

He also has a point about "Tribulation". It's obviously going to take a tribulation to wake up whites en masse. As Whites, we need to be taken out of our comfort zone to force us back together; no electricity and no police protection will force the issue upon us.

Anonymous said...


Hey moron, Bowles only just recently added that comment, he must have seen this blog and put in the comment about Breyer being a jew to cover his ass. The truth is that Bowles had no idea Breyer was a jew, what kind of National Socialist would refer to jews as "White?"

You say "we are too smart for that here" who is WE? Im guessing that 1:49 is Bowles himself, or one of his few dullard ass-kissers. If Bowels had simply looked up Breyer online he would seen that he was a jew, and Taylor could have saved himself some embarassment.

Anonymous said...

Take a look at Breyer moron. Does he look lik White to a nigger? Yes! Did he get attacked for being White? Probably. Did the attacker ask him was he a Jew before he attacked him? Most likely not. Case closed.

Anonymous said...

"Obadiah 1:18" is a deranged anonymous liar. He used to be a huge fan of Hal Turner and for years ran around with a jewess avatar on multiple boards. His claim to fame is starting never ending flame wars on VNNF between christians and non-christians.

Take anything that idiot types with a thin grain of salt.

Matthias said...

I think AA has done a great job with this post, it explains why Martin L. is so hated by these other "CI" types.

FINALLY AA has done moderation, I for one got awfully tired of ANP and the other group trashing EVERY blog entry with their puerile rants. They are NOTHING, and that is all there is to say on the matter.

Anonymous said...

Pastor Gullet is a great Leader of his Folk and a good man! He was also one of the first activists to expose a self-proclaimed CI pastor "Eli James" as a jew named Joseph November, and prior to that, Jozef Putz. Degenerate "Eli" recently admitted to his only follower that one of his daughters (Stephanie) is going out with a nigger, and another one, Elizabeth, is a lesbian "Subbie" known as "Fattie!" What a great "pastor" to follow...

Anonymous said...

The best thing that can happen is for the "White Nationalist Movement" to cease to exist, in order for the White race to survive. I know this sounds extreme, but it is exactly what needs to happen. The main reason is it runs off normal, average, everyday white people in the real world. The WNM is an underground sub-culture for the most part, that has no real influence on society, politics, or the culture at all. We need to just raise our kids on big farms, store up supplies, and wait for the collapse of the U.S. empire to happen. It is inevitable eitheway, so it really doesn't matter to try, and stop it. We are going to be the minority in 30 years regardless what we do.

Anonymous said...

9:24 PM

Are you aware of the fact that "Eli James" is married to a crippled jewish woman, who is suffering from generic desease due to inbreeding in her family? This thing cannot walk without braces and passes gas all the time! "Eli" is hiding her and his offspring from the CI Movement, he never took any of them to any Klan or CI events, I wonder why??? :)))))) Yes, Jozef, people in the Movement are not as stupid as you think they are! What a filthy kike...

Anonymous said...

@9:24 "Anonymous"

Funny that you bring up Gulett's outing Pastor Eli James as a Jew. It's funny because since that happened, Eli James has lately become a close and trusted ALLY of Gulett and Pastor Allen Truitt (Gulett's AN National Director)! Listen to Episode 25 of the AN radio program on Talkshoe and hear it all for yourself, about what a great man Eli James is now! What is this?? Today somebody is a Jew and tomorrow they are somehow not? When it becomes convenient to use them, that is. Link below:

Anonymous said...

8:22 PM :

Are you really surprised? This "great leader" has a convicted pedo rapist Gary Godsey [that he himself previously exposed!!!] on his "staff!" Well, perhaps kike "Eli" and pervert Gary will find a lot to talk about, since "Eli" has advocated on many different occasions anal sex as ..... the best form of birth control for "christian couples"!!! "Eli", did you mean your fellow jews, perhaps? WTF!

Anonymous said...

I don't know who Eli James is, but I follow Pastor Gulett and I am going to join his group next month. I have been on his e-mailing list for over a year, and I did receive an e-mail some time ago about that Eli guy, with some sensitive information about him, his real names, address, phone number, criminal record, he is a convicted thief, pictures of him, his wife, and two daughters - his wife looks very thin and unhealthy, and one of his daughters is very fat and ugly. It was also said that Eli was a biologocal jew and an informant, and he did look very jewish on that picture. Now he is a good guy?? How can that be? Is it possible that someone send all those e-mails without Pastor Gulett knowledge? But then how do you explain Eli's appearence? I just looked up his website and his videos on youtube, he is definitely a hebe! Can someone explain what is going on here?

Anonymous said...

Self proclaimed "CI pastor" Eli James AKA Joe November AKA Kirk Montana AKA Jozef Putz (his real birth name) is a self-hating Hungarian jew, who has been expelled from the Christian Patriots Defence League back in the early 1980s as a racial hebe and a suspected agent provocateur, and more recently, from the Church of the National Knights of the Ku Klux Klan for being a liar and a thief, and for exposing himself to a young klanswoman. Anyone who wants to know more details about this character should contact Rev. Ray Larsen, the Imperial Wizard of the CNKKKK directly at
We urge all the good White Patriots to stay away from him!

Anonymous said...

@11:13 AM Anonymous:

So you intend to join up with Morris Gulett's AN? Even though they have flip flopped and now support Eli James, even though you write that James is a hebe?

James, whom the AN used to call a Jew, are now very close. In fact, Eli James was invited by Truitt and is scheduled to join with him at the South Africa Project rally this coming Monday (Feb 27) in Little Rock. They are buddy-buddy, Truitt of the AN and Eli James the Jew.

What is going on here, you ask? Gulett, his sidekick Allen Truitt, Paul Mullet and others in that AN have a pattern of using using people when it is convenient for them. When they no longer serve a purpose they get dumped, attacked and called Jews, race traitors, etc. And they will use anybody, Jews and sex criminals included.

For example, that is why Gulett brought sex offender/rapist Gary Godsey back into the AN. Because they could use him. And then dump him when his usefulness came to an end. Some "brotherhood" that is.

You want to join up with violent felons like Gulett, Truitt (he spent 26+ years in prison), Mullet (thief and career criminal) and Godsey (rapist, thief and another career criminal that only got out of prison in 2010 and is still on parole)? You think people like that are really capable of saving our race?

They will implode and go down eventually, landing back in prison again or worse. Want to join them there??

Be careful who you trust. Even though you have been on Gulett's e-mailing list for a year, you likely have no idea of what goes on behind the scenes at Gulett's AN and who those people really are. If you did, chances are that you would have nothing to do with them.