Friday, January 06, 2012

"Racist" YouTube Rant Against Illegal Immigration By Two White Arizona Women Suddenly Goes Viral -- One Year After The Fact

A YouTube video rant against illegal immigration by two White girls in Arizona has suddenly gone viral -- but it was first produced a year ago, triggering questions as to why it is suddenly being pushed now, and who might be behind the sudden push. Biased media story published by the Phoenix New Times Jackalope Ranch blog; less-biased versions were published by KSAZ Channel 10 and KPHO Channel 5.

Fortunately, we have a Stormfront thread entitled "2 White Ladies are Furious about Mexicans invading America" to provide much more information not included by the media outlets. There's also a thread on VNN Forum. Note that the discourse on the video is absolutely teeming with f-bombs and g-d's, which undermines the value of their outreach, but it also reflects the pernicious influence of the prevailing pop culture which promotes this sort of behavior as desirable and cutting edge. One must also remember that these are not professional activists trained to refine their discourse, but ordinary White Americans sick and tired of not only the invasion of our country by illegals, but constant demands by the elite, illegal immigration advocates, and progressive scum to accommodation them. The Arizona law to which they refer is SB1070. Police say even if they identify the girls in the video, there's nothing criminal about it -- because they never made threats towards a specific person.

YouTube has been selective about leaving the video up; while anti-racists have been allowed to leave the video, replete with anti-racist propaganda, up on their channels, others who do not include anti-racist propaganda have the videos taken down from their channels. Here's one version which unfortunately includes the anti-racist spin:

Note that although the girls are being portrayed as "vile racists", their primary objection is to illegal immigration; they don't seem to object to legal immigration. They also object to immigrants with limited English skills in their classrooms; they say it holds the rest of the class back.

From the primary Stormfront thread, we learn that the video was first uploaded back on January 21st, 2011 by a Hispanic supremacist named Naui Huitzilopochtli, who is notorious for showing up at rallies against illegal immigration in Southern California and threatening American patriots. Why this video has suddenly gone viral now, a year later, is a question yet to be answered. It doesn't seem to correlate with the timing of any politician's campaign.

The various YouTube uploads are teeming with comments threatening the life and health of the two girls. On the Phoenix New Times, one person posted the alleged home address and phone numbers of the girls, and claimed that both attend Arcadia High School in Phoenix. However, the principal of Arcadia High, Dr. Anne-Marie Woolsey, firmly denies that they are students at Arcadia High School, and they will continue to investigate the source of the rumors.

Scuttlebutt holds that these girls may live in a heavily Hispanic neighborhood in central Phoenix. Of course, living in a majority non-white neighborhood can be an effective cure for multiculturalism. One member of the U.S. Border Guard who lives in Maricopa is concerned for the girls' safety and intends to bring up the issue at their next meeting.

Meanwhile, Phoenix media outlets are reporting that on January 6th, a van full of 23 illegal immigrants was stopped in Chandler. It brought to mind this 1983 music video from Genesis:


Beth said...

"Note that although the girls are being portrayed as "vile racists", their primary objection is to illegal immigration; they don't seem to object to legal immigration."

Note: One of them expressed blowing the head off an illegal immigrant if they came up to her. The primary question - How would she know that person is an illegal immigrant? And even if that person was a legal immigrant, would she believe them?

Also, these girls seem to think only people from Mexico are illegals. The reality is that illegal immigrants come from all over, not just Mexico.

These girls are vile racists, and your poor attempt at apologetics is not going to make them seem any less than what they are - vile racists. They deserve every angry remark thrown at them.

Anchorage Activist said...

You're batting .500, Beth; I approved the more pertinent of your two comments. The whole point behind posting this video was to illustrate how white backlash is building and how pronounced it's becoming.

Suppressing it by calling it "racist" won't make a difference. Making something forbidden always makes it more attractive. Addressing it by changing our immigration laws is more likely to deflate the backlash.

Calling them "vile racists" is like calling the sun hot; how is that supposed to be an insult? LOL!