Wednesday, January 11, 2012

White Racial Activist Tom Metzger Speaks Out On The Trial Of The Mahon Brothers, Warns Activists Against Female Honey Traps

A left-wing website called TPMMuckraker reports that longtime White racial activist Tom Metzger has expressed support for the Mahon brothers, currently on trial in Arizona, and uses their experience to warn White activists against female honey traps who position themselves to set up males. Metzger operates the White Aryan Resistance (WAR) website.

Twin brothers Dennis and Daniel Mahon, are now on trial in federal court in Phoenix, facing charges that they sent a bomb in 2004 to the Office Of Diversity And Dialogue in Scottsdale, AZ. The bombing seriously injured director Don Logan, who is Black, and two of his employees. Metzger's association with the two stems from the fact that in 2009, on the same day that the Mahons were arrested, BATF agents also raided Metzger's Indiana home, seizing notebooks, financial records and computers. The raid temporarily knocked out Metzger's web presence, but he soon got back online. The probable cause for the raid was that in 2004, a couple weeks before the explosion, Metzger was in the Scottsdale area for a national gathering of White racial activists; he reportedly met with Dennis Mahon at the Aryanfest 2004 rally and talked extensively on the phone with him in the ensuing weeks. The Anti-Defamation League was also prominently involved in the case.

The Mahon brothers are charged with conspiracy to damage buildings and property by means of explosive. They've pleaded not guilty, and opening statements are expected to begin on January 12th. The Mahons' lawyers have argued that weapons found in their home were legal, that they're entitled to their beliefs and that they bragged about their involvement in Logan's bombing to impress the female informant. KSAZ Channel 10 has a more current story, and you can read the five-page indictment HERE.

Currently, Metzger supports the Mahon brothers and doesn’t believe they were involved in the Arizona bombing, but plans to support them from a distance. Metzger claims he counseled them to stay away from that type of stuff. He also discussed his own personal politics and worldview during the interview with TPM. Tom Metzger remains one of the few prominent White activists who is not politically on the right; he thinks the right wing is too filled with informants and looney toons. He remains a Democrat and supports the Occupy movement. Metzger also said he's moved beyond small battles, and is looking forward to a bigger war; he feels no connection with the federal government, and wants to "bring the whole goddamn thing down". Metzger also looks upon Barack Obama just another corporate shill who doesn’t care any more about the black people than anybody else.

TBMMuckraker actually did a reasonably objective story.


Anonymous said...

Metzger is totally right about the dead and useless right-wing. Rockwell said the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Gee, Tom Metzger, David Duke, it looks like Rocky Suhayda and the ANP aren't the only NS/WN to support the OWS protests - just the first. Anybody want to pile on Metzger for being 'too leftwing'?

Anonymous said...

ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda has another new ANPReport up! 14/88!

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