Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White Nationalist Websites Allegedly Being Targeted And Attacked By Anonymous; ANP, A3P, And White News Now Affected

A number of white nationalist websites in the United States are being targeted and attacked, allegedly by the shadowy hacktivist group called Anonymous as part of their Operation Blitzkrieg campaign. I say "allegedly" because it is also possible that some other antifa group is responsible, but is giving the credit to Anonymous.

The first prominent website attacked was the American Nazi Party website. A hacktivist crew identified as SolSec targeted and defaced the ANP site on Sunday January 29th for about a three-hour period. The ANP quickly isolated the problem and restored their site; the attack was so inconsequential that they've not discussed it publicly. The screenshot below shows the effects of the attack:

The White Honor website, associated with the ANP, was also targeted, but has since been completely resored.

Now, the WhiteNewsNow website appears to be under attack. A WNN administrator reports that the attack has been contained and repairs are underway. The American Third Position Party website also reports being attacked, but the damage is contained and repairs are underway. Updates continuously being posted on this Stormfront thread. Update: WhiteNewsNow's sister site, The White Race, is available, and A3P can be partially accessed via MerlinMiller.com.

This is the type of behavior that SOPA/PIPA should have addressed. Instead of protecting the so-called "right" of copyright holders to endlessly milk residuals out of a single song, SOPA/PIPA should have prescribed stern measures for dealing with hackers. The appropriate penalty for Anonymous would be five years in a corrective labor camp at hard labor with NO PAROLE.

This post will be updated as needed.


Joe Rebel said...

I've noticed that also on a couple of other sites as well. I didn't understand why then, but now it might make sense. Everytime I tried to back out, it wouldn't let me. When I went back, the sites appeared just fine. A bit suspicious if I do say so myself

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...strange how this happens all at once; also, if they weren't worried, they wouldn't be hacking, so I wonder if there is something in the works.

Anonymous said...

I think the ANP "attack" was an inside job. Either that or Taylor bowles and Co. need to cease their courtship with the antis.

Anonymous said...

5:47AM is the type that the movement needs to flush. They are literally insane.

Anonymous said...

The American Nazi Party seems that its the only organization in the entire racial movement that is moving forward. With Jeff Schoeps ex-'wife' Joanna now contacting all of the NSM'S membership, and exposing Jeff for the scumbag he is, NSMers are quitting in droves. Jeff is his own worst enemy, if he tried not to live a nigger lifestyle and grew up to match his age, he would have avoided all this shit. He must be one of those sex fiends you hear about, always bed jumping every new broad that comes within his sights. This time his libedo got the better of him. This scorned woman is going to be his demise as well as that of NSM.

Anonymous said...

I really think this "Anonymous" group hacking stuff is a goverment psy-op. With all the super high tech capabilities and intelligence tools ZOG has, I find it hard to believe this has been happening this long, that this outlaw group of hackers hasnt been nailed by the govenrnment yet.

We keep hearing about how "cyber terrorism" is such a huge threat, actually the media has been talking about it for several years. I think its gonna be some "major" false flag Cyber attacks that ZOG uses as an excuse to take greater control of the internet and severely infringe on First Amendment Rights.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Taylor, Rocky and the ANP FagFest needs to be flushed. Lets look at them, they come out for Homosexual tolerance, something contrary to the cultural basis of BOTH WN and NS, all of the ANP Reports are attacks on WN and NS and the ANP, all 5 of them use the code words and talking points of the SPLC and ADL, either the ANP is a subsidary or they have adopted their language, such as calling fellow WN and NS "mindless haters", etc.
The ANP then threw in with OWS in all its Leftist, Marxist Multi-Culturalist Utopianism.

Finally, nearly every semi cohearant position proposed by Rocky, Taylor et al is firmly leftist, trade-uniionist and quasi-marxist.

We can go into what we learned from the exposure of Taylor Bowles emails, which A.A. has refused to probe, White Traitors should be shunned, traitors such as Glenn Miller and tools like Suyahda who NO ONE in Rockwell's Party who is still alive will attest to, however 2 formerMembers from Frank Collin's Party will attest to Rocky being "very close" to Frank Colin.

Anonymous said...

I lost my job because my non-union employer packed up and moved his plant overseas, along with a fucking tax break to do it. Now I'm concerned about feeding my family, and keeping a roof over their heads. Only Rocky and the ANP address's these problems in the entire WN scene. And you think I'm supposed to be concerned about faggots? What are you a moron? My life and that of my kids is going down the drain and my biggest worry should be about queers? Rocky is right, this movement is chock full of wierdo's and little mamma's boys who've never left their moms basement room, and worrying about buttboys hiding in the basement shadows. Look closer pal, it might be your dad.

Anonymous said...

Screen Capture of Illegal Donation

Above is a screen capture of an illegal donation made to the ADL from a stolen Bank Card Number belonging to the American Third Position. We notified the FBI and Secret Service. These attacks only targeted white Nationalist sites. I think this is the work of ANTIFA/ARA disguised as ANONYMOUS.