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White British Banker Gary Mulgrew Relates His Experiences With The Aryan Brotherhood And Hispanic Inmates Inside The Big Spring, Texas Prison

Gary Mulgrew, one of the NatWest Three, was extradited to America amid huge controversy in 2006. Falsely accused of helping destroy U.S. energy giant Enron, he eventually pleaded guilty only to to one count of wire fraud against NatWest in exchange for the other charges being dropped. On February 22nd, 2008, he was sentenced to 37 months in prison. Initially jailed in the US, he was later moved to a UK prison, and released in August 2010.

Mulgrew has now written a book about his experiences, entitled "Gang Of One". On January 7th, 2012, the Daily Mail published a short excerpt of this book, in which Mulgrew describes the time he spent incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institute (FCI) in Big Spring, Texas, which is supposedly for low security male inmates. But it is hardly a "Club Fed" with five-star accommodation; Mulgrew describes his living quarters as a noisy 80 foot by 40 foot dormitory crammed with nothing but cast-iron yellow bunk beds and small lockers. About two-thirds of the inmates were Hispanic, a dozen were Black, a few were American Indians, and maybe six Whites. While Mulgrew doesn't tell us how many inmates were in the dorm, a Booktopia review notes that 700 inmates were cramped into a space meant for 400 (which may refer to the total prison population).

Shortly after his arrival, Mulgrew was approached by representatives of the Aryan Brotherhood. He's referred to as "Scotland" because he was born in Glasgow:

Two scrawny-looking skinheads came marching in. A Hispanic theatrically spat on the floor. ‘Scotland? You called Scotland?’ asked the slightly shorter of the two as he approached me. They looked in their mid-20s, each with dental issues.

‘Yeah, I’m Scotland,’ I answered, quite liking my new name. I started to focus on their tattoos. The short one who had spoken had a swastika on his neck and the other taller one had something on his shaven head: ‘God Forgives  . . .’ which seemed quite encouraging. Then the rest: ‘the Brotherhood Doesn’t’. They were, I realised in that instant, a deputation from the Aryan Brotherhood. I recoiled. Why were they coming to see me?

‘Scotland, South Dakota?’ the shorter one asked, to my confusion. ‘Naw, I’m from Scotland, Scotland!’ I responded, sounding irritated, which I was. Tattoo Chest nudged his taller accomplice, who grunted and proffered something.

‘This is sum shower shoes an’ shit to git you started,’ he drawled, handing me some heavy plastic flip-flops and what looked like coffee, biscuits and a bar of chocolate. Suddenly my mood changed, as I realised what was happening. These guys were recruiting for the Brotherhood.

‘I don’t want that shit!’ I said, fast and loud. I hoped everyone heard it. The shorter one put his hand on Tattoo Head’s arm to stop him from withdrawing the offer.

‘Now lookie here, Scotland. Don’t go misunderstandin’ nuthin’. We like to look after our own here.’ He looked around directly at the blacks in the corner, before drawing closer to me. ‘Ain’t none of these other fuckers gonna take care of nuthin’ but their own. Us white boys got to stick together. You really don’t want to be walkin’ alone in this yard, and if you ain’t runnin’ with us, we will see you as agin us, Scotland? You feelin’ me, Scotland?’ I was feeling him.

He moved back and smiled a menacing, toothless grin. He patted my knee.

‘Take yer crap off my bunk,’ I said calmly, ‘and fuck off.’ Inside I was scared. I’d always known I would face a recruitment drive sooner or later. I just hadn’t expected it this early and with so few corporate benefits.

The excerpt does not detail whether or not he faced retaliation from the AB for refusing the join them. What's interesting is that despite the fact that the dormitory was dominated by Hispanics, the AB rep looked directly at the Blacks. This implies that it is more dangerous for a White inmate to be around Blacks than Hispanics. This, along with the rest of the story, illustrates that if a White inmate simply wants to keep his head down and mind his own business, he's less likely to be jammed by Hispanics than by Blacks.

It also shows that the Aryan Brotherhood does make an attempt to organize Whites and extend protection to them inside prisons. This protection does not come for free. If the AB recruits you, it will not be to watch David Duke videos or to place ANP cards inside books; it will be to carry out tasks assigned by the leadership. Some of those tasks may include running drugs or administering physical discipline to non-Whites who cross them or Whites who snitch on them. In a prison environment, survival is the name of the game, and the Aryan Brotherhood cannot afford to be a tea-and-cookies organization in such a predatory environment.

Gary Mulgrew also relates a chilling account of the Hispanic Surenos administering physical discipline to another Hispanic suspected of being a snitch. Upon arrival of the Hispanic, the Sureno boss summoned four enforcers who grabbed the victim’s arm and hair and rammed his face straight into the frame of the bunk. They rained blows on the motionless victim with a ‘lock in a sock’ (literally a padlock concealed in the toe of a sock, the weapon of choice when a blade is not available) for about 40 seconds, after which they left. Mulgrew was warned not to intervene. Shortly thereafter, another crew came in and administered a second beating; later, another crew came to administer a third beating. Once the victim recovered, he packed his things and left.

Most chillingly, Mulgrew noted that he never saw a corrections officer during this incident, and soon realised that he probably wouldn't. The COs merely police the edges of the place, while the strongest inmates are in charge of the rest. Since it is said that Federal prisons are more "humane" than state prisons, one can only imagine what hellholes state prisons are, particularly private prisons where the profit motive is preeminent.

The experiences of some White racial activists like Shaun Walker, Bill White, and Chester Doles indicate that Federal prison is a survivable experience; in fact, Shaun Walker described FCI Sandstone in Minnesota as like Marine boot camp. But White racial activists need to understand risk and the possible consequences in order to make more fully-informed and thoughtful decisions on dealing with the justice system.

Gary Mulgrew's book "Gang Of One" is currently available in the United Kingdom, available at the Review Bookstore on 0843-382-1111 or by clicking HERE. It is expected to be available elsewhere through Amazon.


Anonymous said...

I've said it before, many others have said it before. A great "cure" for White liberal "anti-racism" it sending White liberals to prison/jail, even for a brief stay. I'd like to see some White antifa/ARA members in a prison, trying to talk their way out of getting the crap beaten out of them by blacks. See if that "hey, were all equal, all brothers in the class warfare struggle" BS holds up.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I gotta post this because it is so damn ridiculous.

On a recent blog post, Bowles is running an ad for his upcoming book. He says his "memoirs" will "reveal" who really killed Commander Rockwell, who killed Wild Bill Hoff, details of the "first ever US Presidential camiaign by an NS, as well as the details of the Redneck Shop controversy, "facts the system doesnt want you to know." All this and more will be in Bowles book, which will be published in.....

That's right, rather than be up front and honest now about the whole Redneck Shop affair, a very recent event that was even mentioned on Yahoo, Bowles
will wait to "tell all" in 3 years!

Does this "movement" realize how silly it looks? Why would anyone buy this book? and Bowles really needs 3 years to dream up a bunch of tall tales? 500 pages worth he says is coming. It amazes me how so many movement types live in some weird little fantasy world.

Anonymous said...

Yep, and Bowles gets the final word because it will be in a book for all time to tell. Surely, can't be any worse than David Dukes bullshit books or Harold Covingtons.

Sam said...

I'll buy it.

Roy said...

I think the book will be interesting and a big seller. At least it won't by any indication of Bowles be a cry-baby book like the others of, "I've been born again", and "When I was Awakened" lol

I bet their will be some good juicy shit in it.

That's why Bowles is attacked in this comment section. WRITING A BOOK AND GETTING IT PUBLISHED??? He gets things done.

Anonymous said...

I saw where Bowles is writing a book too. I'd also buy it, just to celibrate the only finished project Bowles has ever been known for. Bowles needs to be made aware that his feminine antics on the web are tolerated a lot more in cyberspace than in the world of print. If anyone wanted a take Bowles to court, then having a hard copy of his rantings makes it easy. At least he gave himself an ANP styled time frame (2015).

The funny part is that Bowles believes he has people in the movement quaking in their boots because he is writing a book. So what if he is accusing people or murder? It's Taylor Bowles. And oh so scary... The real truth! As opposed to what? Stuff he's been holding back?

These types are the risk you run with any organization. You are always going have types like these. We have to learn to live with it.

Anonymous said...

Two things I have heard from prisoners in the BOP system - one, that the whites don't stick together and two, that many young prisoners don't have any teeth thanks to meth abuse.

That said, the story sounds phony to me, like something from a jewy Spielberg movie script.

WillieLynch said...

WTF is wrong with this guy? I would have accepted their help, and who cares if you got to discipline some nignog or a white rat? You sure as hell aint gonna be left alone if you are left alone. Whats wrong with sidin with the AB? Unless hes a nigger lover or a bean mixer.
As for the rest of it, its all bullshit. Sounds to me like hes counting on no other white people of account doing any time to discredit his pack of lies.

Anonymous said...


Yeah, right. Nowadays self publishing is quite easy and very common. Do you think he got a big advance from Simon and Schuster or something? In regards to "getting things done" what in the hell could be accomplised by Bowles writing a book that won't be out for another 3 years? What will that do for our cause?

Rog said...

10:00AM. I read the Bowles Blog about the book. He didn't accuse anybody of murder. He left it open as a question or possibility. Stop reading shit into stuff you big liar and fraud and hypocrtite.

I'm going to buy the book too.

Anonymous said...

This story is pure invention. A nerdy banker types being offered protection/help & telling his benefactors to fuck off? No, thats pure fantacy.