Friday, January 27, 2012

TPM Interviews White Racial Activist Frazier Glenn Miller About The Kevin Harpham MLK Day Backpack Bomb Case

White racial activist Frazier Glenn Miller, at the ripe young age of 71, continues to ferret out new ways to advocate for the White racialist cause. And because his name was associated with that of the convicted MLK Day backpack bomber Kevin Harpham, a left-wing oriented website called TPM sought out Miller in preparation for a follow-up article on the case. TPM published the article, entitled "Harpham’s White Supremacist Prison Pen Pal Thinks MLK Parade Bomber Was Set Up", on January 27th, 2012.

According to this VNN Forum thread, Ryan Reilly, the author of the article, contacted Miller around 6:00 P.M. CST on January 26th. Miller says they chatted for 20 minutes, mostly about his views on Blacks and Jews, but also delved into his association with Kevin Harpham. Regarding Kevin, Miller said he's convinced Harpham was framed, and pleaded guilty only because he knew he couldn't get a fair trial; that he and Miller were forum friends for many years; that he contributed generously to VNN's newspaper project, proving he was working legally within the system; and that Kevin was far too intelligent to do anything as stupid and counter-productive as planting a bomb at a MLK parade route. But Miller was skeptical about the possibility that the final article would be fair, balanced, or accurate.

And Miller's skepticism appears justified, considering Reilly's use of the term "white supremacist" in the article. The characterization of Miller as Harpham's "pen pal" also seems a bit exaggerated, as the article goes on to state that written communication between Harpham and Miller was eventually shut down on the advice of Harpham's legal team. Indeed, Reilly reports that Federal prosecutors used Miller’s jailhouse letter and Harpham’s response as one of the factors supporting their demand for the imposition of a sentence that will maximize the time the defendant is incarcerated and subject to judicial oversight. Harpham was sentenced to 32 years in federal prison, although TPM reports that Harpham's defense team is still trying to withdraw his guilty plea because a new expert says the device didn’t fit the technical definition of a weapon of mass destruction.

Here are some of the key Miller quotes from the article (after the jump):

-- “I don’t believe he was guilty of that [the bombing], but I believe he was convinced by his attorneys and prosecutors and common sense that he would be convicted no matter what...It just happens so frequently to people who are involved in the white rights movement.”

-- “In one letter I suggested that I could maybe be a witness for him and testify that, you know, I’d been conversing with him on the Internet for years, he contributed to my newspaper project — proving that he wanted to work within the system, legal action, legal activity...He sent me hundreds of dollars to help out with that, which in my mind proves he wanted to be legal. And he was an intelligent guy, he’s not no dummy. He was an intelligent man. Brilliant, you might even say. I had a very strong opinion of his intellect, and most other people did on our VNN Forum”.

-- (About allegations that Harpham was specifically targeting Blacks) “He was more of an anti-Semite than an anti-black racist...He focused on what the Jews were doing to us, rather than what blacks do to us. Blacks, they have little power except what the Jews allow them to have. Jews call the shots. But white people, we have no power at all. We have nobody representing us, we have no leaders, we have no organization, we have no unity, no solidarity, we’re not even allowed to complain about our extinction.”

-- (About the effects of the case upon White activism) “Everybody’s terrified to even join anything of an activist nature, they all want to be net warriors, anonymous pussies who run their mouths on the Internet but wouldn’t say who they are, where they are, contact information or nothing...They just sit and squat and type anonymously what they claim they believe. They wouldn’t even put their real name beside what they say they believe, even in cyberspace.”

The statement about Harpham being more of an "anti-Semite" reflects one of the two prevailing points of view within the White racialist community on the Jewish Question. But while the more radical VNN Forum contingent prefer to look past Blacks and Mestizos to focus upon the Jew behind the scene, reflecting the belief that Jews have manipulated and weaponized Blacks and Mestizos against us, the more moderate Stormfront-dominated contingent believes that Blacks and Mestizos constitute just as much of a problem, since a White person can walk through a Jewish neighborhood at midnight without being harmed. Just try to walk through a Black or Mestizo neighborhood at midnight if you're White -- and have a death wish.

In the final analysis, Miller does not support Harpham’s actions. “I certainly wouldn’t advocate it publicly. I wouldn’t even advocate that any other way, that’s a stupid thing to do, a Marin Luther King parade, what the hell good is that gonna do?” Miller said. “And that’s why it didn’t happen, he’s innocent. He’s not that stupid, he’s an intelligent man.”


Anonymous said...

“Everybody’s terrified to even join anything of an activist nature, they all want to be net warriors, anonymous pussies who run their mouths on the Internet but wouldn’t say who they are, where they are, contact information or nothing...They just sit and squat and type anonymously what they claim they believe. They wouldn’t even put their real name beside what they say they believe, even in cyberspace.”

Look, Miller makes a good point, but the problem is that being openly WN in the real world can have very serious consequences that most dont want to deal with.

In America today, you can be for Black Power, Brown Power, Yellow Power, Red Power, Jew Power, You can be a radical Communist or Anarchist, you can be outspokenly pro homosexual, you can be a militant feminist, you can hold any kind of view that is overtly hostile to the traditional White culture of this nation. In fact you can find the above mentioned types at almost any college or university in this country, both as students and on the faculty.

But to be openly pro-White is a much different matter. It can result in job loss, being an outcast in your community, and lots of attention from ZOGs security forces. Im not trying make excuses, im just being realistic. Most folks are not yet ready to deal with all that comes with the territory.

Miller is in a unique position because he has been very openly and publicly WN for 30 years or so. He is retired and has a pension. Im not saying its easy for him, just saying most others are not in the same situation as him.

Plus, there is a serious LACK of WN orgs and leaders that are truly worth joining and investing time/money in, as well as risking your own personal security. Too many people have gotten burned and conned going that route before.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so if Miller hadn't rushed off that "letter of support" to Mr. Harpham, the Feds might not have been able to have slammed this WN so hard? Makes sense. The Feds needed some help turning the screws on this guy, and Miller was tapped to lend a hand, just like at the Fort Smith sedition trials, where he sat at the Zog table and lent his "testimony" to the Feds to try and convict Pastor Butler, Bob Miles, and the Order Conrades. If I was ever in such a situation, I would hope that all these "movement personalities" would keep their circus's as far away from me as possible! Its the old guilt by association thing. Your fighting for your life, and along comes these media-whore types "wanting to help". Oh, yeah... Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

Anonymous said...

Sure, whatever you say Glenn. I remember a few years back, Miller was doing a newspaper project on VNN. If you sent him some money and your name and address, he would send you some WN newspapers to distribute.

Well, I guess not enough people were participating, so Glenn got upset. On the VNN forum he declared that: "anyone who didnt support his newspaper project was a coward that was aiding and abetting the jews." Um Glenn, can you blame people for not wanting to send you- a notorious traitor, their name and address?

It's well known that part of Millers deal with ZOG was to return to the WN movement after serving his prison time. It's obvious that he is gathering info on people, as the "resident WN legend" on VNN. Don't listen to anything this traitor says, and its best to stay away from VNN.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to get "burned out" when you have the kind of leadership, and membership in these groups today. Guys like Rocky and Duke have killed it for me. One flips burgers for a living, and the other lives off of other peoples money. It is a real sad state of affairs in todays so called "white movement". The only moving the movement is making sadly is down the toilet. By the way Rock did you remember to clean the restrooms at McDonalds before your shift ended?

americafarm said...

As far as I know, for all his interviews and publicity, Miller has only hurt the cause by being a crude loud-mouth. He is good for a laugh, but if he has any achievment to brag about, what is it?

Miller had one good moment though, as I recall, when he was on the Howard Stern show and Stern laughed and said, "So what if the white race goes extinct?" Miller answered, "But, you'll always have Israel, won't ya?" Stern had no reply and changed the subject.

When Miller wrote to Harpham, he had to know it could be used against him.

Harpham now has said in court that he wants a jury trial. Any WN contact could be used against him in court to show that he is "still active" in White Power circles.

What is strange is that Harpham thinks the jury might have sympathy on him for protesting the MLK parade with the device he admits that he built and placed. But maybe the Feds thought the same, and that is why the Feds finagled Harpham into a horrible "deal" to plead guilty.

Anonymous said...

If a guy like Rocky "killed it for you" then you must be a cowardly anti!! That makes since if you despise honor and decency and dedication. There is no better American leader than Rocky. Period.