Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stormfront Trolls And Defeatists Disrespect And Denigrate Dutch Teen Laura Dekker, Who Sailed Solo Around The World

Much of the world is currently showering accolades upon Laura Dekker, a plucky, gutsy Dutch teenager who sailed solo around the world. Dekker began and ended her journey at the Caribbean island of St. Maarten, jointly ruled by the Netherlands and France; setting forth on January 20th, 2011, she pulled back in to St. Maarten on January 21st, 2011, becoming the youngest sailor ever to circumnavigate the globe solo at the age of 16. She beat the previous record holder, Australian Jessica Watson, by eight months; Watson was 17 when she achieved it in May 2010. One difference; while Watson's trip was non-stop, Dekker stopped at various ports along the way. As a result, Dekker's achievement will not be entered in the Guinness Book of World Records, as Guinness has refused to recognize records by minors which they consider unsuitable.

By the way, Laura Dekker kept a weblog of her journey, available in English HERE.

One would think that such an accomplishment by a young White girl would get accolades within the White racialist community as well. Unfortunately, a Stormfront thread indicates this is not necessarily so. While some do praise Dekker for her accomplishments, there are a couple of defeatists who've shown up to rain on her parade by disrespecting, denigrating, and minimizing her achievement.

Thorongill January 22nd 3:10 A.M: Why should she not be in school and why should her parents be forced to allow her to be at risk of being captured by pirates?

Das Ubermensch January 22nd 3:50 A.M: Great Parenting. Let's allow our daughter to play Magellan.

I'm certain this stunt won't be followed with a book deal/reality show/speaker tour/clothing line/talk show appearances/movie deal.

And who gives a coitus anyway. It's the 21st century, this garbage is like watching someone start a fire with two sticks. Yeah that's nice...but it's been done and now we have matches...

Das Ubermensch January 22nd 2:02 P.M: Yeah well I hope my daughter, if I have one, with be focused on solving our peoples MANY problems and not masturbatory self glorification.

Again. I care not. Magellan did this 500 years ago with five wooden ships without an accurate map. Now that is impressive. This is just a PR stunt.

Fortunately the two naysayers were outnumbered and reproved by those who understand that yearning for discovery and adventure has always been a white person's trait, and that, for the most part, the black man lived in Africa for thousands of years with little interest in what was beyond his own bush. Also note that Das Ubermensch used the terms "coitus" and "masturbatory" in a discussion thread about a teenage girl; this makes me wonder if he has sexual issues regarding underage girls.

Unfortunately, this tendency to denigrate White accomplishments is not limited to this subject -- or to Stormfront. On VNN Forum, one leading poster, OTPTT, has frequently opined that the 1969 moon landing was faked, citing a raft of bullshit conspiracy websites to support his contention. OTPTT is not deterred by the fact that the Apollo crew was all White, and that by being a lunar denier, he's denigrating and minimizing their achievement. As White racialists, we should be celebrating the accomplishments of our race, not flushing them down the memory hole.

And just today, there is yet another VNN Forum thread in which some people imply that Christians cannot be White nationalists. Some jackass named John Shepard implies that one cannot be loyal to both Jesus and to one's race. Religion and race are separate issues; those who cannot separate the issues long enough to work together cannot be considered legitimate activists. In fact, because they sow division within the White racialist community, it is best to look upon them as whiggers. DSCI Pastor Martin Lindstedt actually maintains that whiggers are a bigger problem for us than Jews; I'm not sure he's wrong.

Despite the best efforts of Don Black and Alex Linder, both Stormfront and VNN Forum are absolutely infested with defeatists, trolls, losers, retards, and antifa masquerading as "racialists". Don't forget that Canadian human rights troll Richard Warman posted on Stormfront for several months under an assumed name, attempting to entrap Canadian racialists. They need to be explicitly called out and exposed. We cannot grow as a movement until we free ourselves from the misfits who attach themselves to us in the same fashion as a leech attaches itself to a person tromping through a swamp. One can find better ways to express activism than to waste one's time on a message board preaching to the choir.


Anonymous said...

My god, what's wrong with these jealous losers? This is a fantastic achievement! I always marvel at what OUR people are capable of.

Sadly, it seems the number of Whites who have the ability and desire to do great things dwindles with each passing year.

Congratulations to this young lady, we should all be proud of her.

Anchorage Activist said...

What also irked me was the comment about how she should be in school. Not all education takes place inside a classroom; this young lady got an incredible real-life education on her voyage.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the "school" comments came from Amerikans. Amerikans have been so progarams to adhear to structure and to to what authority tells them and to blindly march to their own destruction. These same stormfronters who say she should have been in "school" over look the fact that "school" is the very place where we loose our children.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of trolls and defeatist, AA can you cut down on the ANP spam again? It is getting out of hand.

Anonymous said...

"AA", the last paragraph that you wrote on this article, I'm afraid - SAYS IT ALL - and its the main reason that I have never allowed an ANP "forum or message-board". Look at SF, it boasts how many "millions of posts"? Yet, IF these people had instead of spending all that time "posting" and instead got involved in actually DOING SOMETHING in real-world political effort...what a difference it could perhaps make. Having "news forums" does indeed serve a positive purpose, - UNTIL - they become the ONLY "activism" pursued... Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

Anonymous said...

"One can find better ways to express activism than to waste one's time on a message board preaching to the choir."

Great point. I gave up on forums several years ago, because they had become pointless. Yes, it is nice to have other WNs to talk to, but about 95 percent of the content is just BS. Swapping jokes, tough talk, endless banter over the same old stuff. Nothing good ever really emerges. Plus you have those "senior member" types with 20,000 posts or whatever, with some ridiculous sense of accomplishment. As if sitting on your backside for several years, typing away equates with any kind of real activism.

Also, the very real problem of the forums being info gathering hubs for ZOG. Amazing what people will say, what personal details they will give away. I think it's best to stay away from forums.

Jimmy said...

I think Mr. Suhayda is the only White leader that knows rock-solid what is going on. He's a smart dude.

Also, I listened to a couple of the ANP shows and they are excellent. REAL NS thinking.

WillieLynch said...

stormdrain and VNN have long ago been infiltrated by jewish interests, Where else do you think the negative comments are coming from?