Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen Thinks Blacks Need To Go Back To The Plantation To Learn A Work Ethic

There are influential Blacks who have the courage to call out their own community and chastise them for their sins. Pastor James Manning and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter are among the two most prominent.

But joining them is another Black spokesman who preaches empowerment rather than entitlement. Rev. Jesse Lee Petersen, the founder of Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny (BOND), was discussing an acrimonious exchange between Fox News commentator Juan Williams and Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich during the debate on Monday January 16th when Williams questioned Gingrich on whether he felt his comments suggesting a lack of work ethic among poor black children could be viewed as insulting. Gingrich had said that if invited to speak to the NAACP, he would urge black people to demand paychecks instead of food stamps, which attracted Williams' ire. Williams was booed loudly by the audience when he challenged Gingrich.

So Rev. Petersen was invited to share his thoughts on the exchange on HuffPo's Black Voices, and Petersen fueled the controversy further with these excerpts:

-- "One of the things that I would do is take all black people back to the South and put them on the plantation so they would understand the ethic of working. I'm going to put them all on the plantation. They need a good hard education on what it is to work."

-- "People don't want to hear the truth. Newt was 100 percent correct. Newt said that he would have black children, minority children work as janitors at school. Working as a janitor would build character, more so than the handouts so many of them like."

-- "I know some people take it personally because a whole lot of folks don't like hearing the truth; they like to be in denial. Not all black people, but most black people know, and white people know, and black people say it more in private than they would in public, but for the last 50 years or so, generations and generations of black people have relied on the government or someone else to take care of them."

-- "Many black women have had babies out of wedlock and passed that on to their daughters that if they have babies out of wedlock, they'll get food stamps, free houses and your rent paid."

That last statement is well-illustrated by this YouTube video, which is actually a parody:

Rev Petersen took a lot of hits in the HuffPo's comments section. One person, EvilWeasel, wrote "Peterson is a prime candidate for a necklace, South African style". Another person, taseg783, wrote, "I once read about a black woman who thought that she is white and was trying to join KKK and they kept telling her that she is black and cannot join them, LOL. Maybe reveren­d thinks he is white".

Too bad Jesse Lee Petersen is viewed as an Uncle Tom by much of the Black community. But although Newt Gingrich comes closer to publicly telling the truth about Blacks than any other candidate, that doesn't necessarily make him pro-White. Gingrich is still a Beltway insider, beholden to special interests. He favors a muscular imperialistic policy abroad. And he's a cheerleader for Israel; in contrast, Ron Paul is the only major candidate who is not a cheerleader for the Chosen.


Anonymous said...

From the latest post on the "Sense and Sensibility" ANP supporting blog:

"Just about every other NS/WN organisation is fixated on race. It's always Nigger this, and Kike that. Some say if we get rid of the Blacks and Jews, there will be plenty of jobs for us. How do we get rid of them? They are here, and are not going anywhere."

"Fixated on race?" Well, National Socialism and WHITE Nationalism are RACE based ideological systems, arent they? Yes, it is important to discuss economic issues and not be stuck in "mindless hater" mode. But RACE is at the heart of all the issues, economic and whatever else. A race based outlook is what seperates US from the con-servatives, reactionary right-wingers, "civic nationalist" American patriot types, libertarians, etc. There are certainly other things that seperate us, especially naming the jew, which ties in to the race issue.

The big "problem" with all these other dead-end ways of thinking, as has been shown over the years, is the denial, avoidance, glossing over etc. of the realities of RACE.

This latest post on this "NS" blog sounds strange. It seems like the ANP is not looking to be much of a Pro-White organization, with real political goals. Instead it seems to more of a White employment advocacy group.

Anonymous said...

Isn't that what got Hitler elected as Leader of Germany? Fixing the economy is the number one priority for white Americans, especially those who are really hurting. Smart move on the part of the ANP.

Anonymous said...

The ANP has been well-established as a true National Socialist PRO-WHITE (obviously) political group.

Get a clue antifa @ 10:51pm

Anonymous said...

The economy is just as important as Race too. What use is saving a RACE if there isn't a good plan where they can live in an orderly fashion and clean environment and safe. Gosh, 10:51PM is such a dumbass. Sounds like an asshole and NSM material.

Anonymous said...

Chairman Suhayda is a smart man, who out of all the various leaders involved in WN, has realized that a one issue platform is like an automobile trying to operate on one wheel. You can't get very far. Thank God that we finally have a leader who has some vision and the courage to operate outside the fixation of these ( primarily ) race haters who on the whole do our cause more harm than good. We can't win on the RACE issue alone, its been tried for too long, with no real results. The more I see about ANP, the more I admire them.

Anonymous said...

Hey 5:17

If you take away race, there is no difference between the ANP and the Democrats in what they both advocate.

Lets be reminded of what Hitler said:

"No improvement can be brought about until it be understood that economics play only a second or third role, while the main part is played by political, moral and racial factors. Only when this is understood will it be possible to understand the causes of the present evil and consequently to find the ways and means of remedying them." - Adolf Hitler

Tony said...

I believe Race is important and economics too.