Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Real MLK Legacy: White Server At T.G.I. Friday's Reports Receiving Unusual "Tip" From Black Diner On St. Marty's Birthday

A White server working at a T.G.I. Friday's restaurant on Martin Luther King Day reports receiving a rather unusual tip from a Black diner. However, the information is posted on the F2 Anon board, a higher class version of Nimbusters known for many troll threads, so the information cannot be verified. Nevertheless, when the server cleared the table after the Black diner's departure, he says he discovered this note INSTEAD of a tip:

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But although I can't verify the source, I think there's at least a 50-50 chance that this is authentic. First, the name of the note's author is concealed, a normal ploy to deter legal exposure. Second, although the server does not reveal the location of the restaurant, it may be out of prudence; if the restaurant is the only T.G.I. Friday's in the area, it would not be hard for professional cyberhunters to track down the individual who posted it, and have him fired. A growing number of employers use professional cyberhunters to monitor the Web presence of their employees off the job.

But this T.G.I. Friday server was comparatively lucky. A couple of other Whites were victims of much more exuberant -- and malevolent -- celebrations by Blacks:

-- The Political Cesspool reports that a 50-year-old White grandmother was assaulted in front of her seven-year-old grandson at a Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant in Dearborn, MI on January 15th. The woman merely asked some Black patrons who were celebrating St. Marty's Birthday a day early to tone down their foul language, and one responded by jumping over some tables, punching the lady in the face, and dragging her by the hair. The lady was taken to nearby Oakwood Hospital where family members say she underwent a CAT scan and was treated for lacerations to her face and mouth. Updates to this story will be available on a designated Stormfront thread.

-- A 10-year-old Black boy reportedly being treated for anger issues is suspected of stabbing a 12-year-old White boy to death at the Black boy's El Cajon, CA home on January 16th. The two were reportedly friends. One neighbor, 18-year-old Derek Gorton, said that something as small as tapping the Black boy on the shoulder the wrong way or losing at a video game could set him off. Pictures of the two boys were included in a news video. In fairness, this could be more of a behavioral issue than a racial issue, but the story offers no details about what specific remedial steps the parents of the Black boy were taking to mitigate his emotional difficulties.

By the way, the King family is determined to extract every last shekel dime from the memory of Martin Luther King. Atlantic Wire tells us that we won't find a copy of King's "I Have A Dream" speech on YouTube because the King family controls the copyright of the speech for 70 years after King’s death, until 2038. The only legal way to get the whole King speech is to pony up $10 at the family's website. Atlantic Wire tries to deflect the blame to copyright laws, which is partially true, but as many commenters point out, the King family could choose to voluntarily relinquish the copyright for the sake of history.

The real Black message on Martin Luther King Day -- never forget, never forgive. Quite similar to the Jews' Holocaust message -- never forget, never forgive -- isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Ten dollars to see that ape's "speech" probably written by a jew? LOL!

As for the other stuff, well, TNB is always at hand, the TGI Fridays thing is humorous, hopefully the White waiter might re-think "equality" (if they are a liberal) Niggers are notorious for being bad tippers as it is, as well as skipping out on the check.

Tom Metzger has talked about how we deserve what we permit or allow. More and more TNB will keep occuring, as surely as the sun rises in the morning. It will continue to be bitched about on WN forums, there will be angry White comments on mainstream news sites, people will get mad, then simmer down until the next egregious TNB incident comes up. (Usually the next day.) When will the cycle be broken?

Anonymous said...

"In fairness, this could be more of a behavioral issue than a racial issue.."

or anger issues could be a jew-devised ploy to allow blacks to get away with murdering whites.

Anonymous said...

"It has been 40 years to judge the content of their character, of the coloreds,what do we get? Millions of violent crimes a year committed against our people, by jungle creatures."

Alex Linder.

Anonymous said...

Its really funny if you look at it. All along its what WN constantly reiterate, yet when it actually happens, we're like 'surprised'!? WTF Personally I'm glad. The bigger the divide, the better. If the negro had left a reasonable or generous tip with a note about 'lets be bruthers', the white might have had a warm, fuzzy feeling about blacks... Hail the ANP! www.ANP14.com 88!

Anonymous said...

Along with Tom Metzger, ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda has been preaching the same message for years now. The difference, is that Rocky Suhayda is actively building an organization to intelligently reach, educate and organize White people on a political basis. Tom Metzger on the otherhand, has basically thrown in the towel and says 'why bother', urging unrealistic lone-wolfism which is only an excuse not to do anything, and provide crude, bigoted entertainment on his website for the more crass types in WN. Terrible Tommy as he likes to be called, seems to have suffered burn-out in his later years. Its really too bad, as WN desperately needs people like Suhayda and Metzger to lead the way out of this deadend maze that WN seems stuck in for decades now.