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Outrageous TNB: Exulam Holman Gouges Out Uncle's Eyes, Pushes Him Down Stairs After Tussle Over Remote In Joliet, Illinois

While this is an account of black-on-black crime, it highlights the singular savagery of blacks who lack self-control and chimp out when they're crossed. Don't forget, it was the blacks of the African National Congress in South Africa who pioneered the hideous technique of "necklacing", and black savages continue to perpetrate mass rape in the contested eastern portions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo to this day.

Holman, via Will County Sheriff's Office
On New Year's Eve, 32-year-old Exulam Holman, who weighs 280 lbs, was at home with his 62-year-old uncle Melvin Clifford, who weighs 140 lbs soaking wet, when they got into a dispute over the use of a remote control unit for a television. Suddenly, Holman chimped out, using his hulking 280-pound body to pin his much smaller uncle and gouged out his uncle's eyes with his thumbs, then pushed him down a flight of stairs. Miraculously, the uncle was able to call 911 as he battled pain and teetered on the brink of losing consciousness. Sources of information for this post include the New York Daily News and KSL Channel 5; the original story was published by the Joliet Herald-News.

When deputies with the Will County Sheriff’s Department responded around 10 P.M., they found the uncle at the bottom of a basement staircase with his face covered red with blood and with his eyeballs swollen and dislocated from his eye sockets; his eyeballs were protruding a quarter-inch from the sockets. Holman was found hiding in a locked bedroom and taken into custody; he will face felony charges of aggravated domestic battery and battery of a person over age 60, both of which carry sentences of 3 to 7 years in prison. He is being held on $1 million bail. Seven years in prison seems like a wrist-slap under the circumstances; this might be one of those rare cases where Islamic Sharia justice could be appropriate.

To add insult to injury, Exulam Holman has a lengthy criminal pedigree of 25 prior arrests for a potpourri of offenses, to include aggravated assault, battery, violating orders of protection and resisting arrest, which involved striking a police officer with a car while being arrested for driving under the influence in 2000. Furthermore, in 1999, Holman allegedly was beaten by a Joliet police officer who was breaking up a dice game; he eventually received a $100,000 settlement from the city, and the officer was fired.

Perhaps that Joliet case ought to be re-visited, and that officer re-hired.

As for Melvin Clifford, he has since been released from hospital, but will require more surgeries. He reportedly has limited vision in his right eye, able to perceive only shadows, and has complete loss of vision in his left eye.

Some White racialists might question why we bother highlighting black-on-black crime. Consider this: If a black person is willing to perpetrate such an atrocity on another member of his race, particularly a blood relative, imagine what he would do to a White man who looked at him too hard in public, or a White woman who spurns his sexual advances. This type of crime symbolizes the unique savagery employed by black criminals, and the greater community needs to be aware of it.

Irate Irishman lived up to his name and had this to say about it:

Let’s do the math: present age (32) minus 13 years = 19 years old at first adult arrest. This nigger should have been caged in a nigger exhibit at the zoo. Instead of traditional prison, maybe we could have a contained, but free roaming, nigger exhibit at each local zoo as an offshoot to the primate section. The nigger zoo could be self-supporting (or at least partially offset the taxpayer subsidies with a five dollar entrance fee to see the special nigger exhibit.

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