Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Turns His Supreme Court Into A Rainbow Club, Nominates Asian And Gay Black, Rhapsodizes About Diversity

Republicans and Democrats may differ on who to screw and who to bomb, but there's no difference when it comes to diversity. Anything that is "too white" needs to be "diversified". And New Jersey's Republican Governor Chris Christie, a key ally of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney, proved he's no different when he announced his decision to turn his state's Supreme Court into a rainbow club with the nomination of an Asian and a gay Black to join that body, which is currently all-white.

Christie announced the nominations at a news conference attended by both nominees and their families. If confirmed, Bruce A. Harris, who currently serves as mayor of Chatham Borough in Morris County, would become New Jersey’s first openly-gay justice, and Phillip H. Kwon, who presently works in the Attorney General’s Office and lives in Closter in Bergen County, would become its first Asian justice.

But what's particularly troubling is that Christie seemed more enamored of the diversity than the competency. According to this press release, Christie said “I am extraordinarily proud to announce these two historic nominations to the New Jersey State Supreme Court. Bruce and Phil are each accomplished and talented individuals with skilled legal minds who are highly respected in the legal community. Just as importantly, each of them has demonstrated a remarkable commitment to serving their state and communities. Additionally, not only do their different backgrounds and career paths bring distinctive and important perspectives to the Supreme Court, Bruce and Phil also capture our state's diversity in a way never before seen in the history of the Court. Today is an important and historic symbol for New Jersey and our country. I am proud to be nominating two legal professionals who not only have a passion for this state and a dedication to the legal system, but also capture New Jersey’s great diversity.”

Two separate references to diversity in the same speech, along with the use of the word "historic". This guy acts like a teenager who just scored a date with the head cheerleader. Where in hell did this infatuation with diversity come from? I always thought the goal of the civil rights icon Martin Luther King was for the content of character to take precedence over the color of skin.

Of course, down in the middle of his state, Gov. Christie has a shithole called Camden, which is literally dying before our eyes, but have you ever heard Gov. Christie suggest it is "too black"? Has he suggested that Camden needs more "diversity"? Fat chance getting any white folks to move to Camden, Guv; you'd have to do it the way the feds "integrated" Little Rock High School in 1957 -- at gunpoint. By the way, the State Senate is ready to rubber-stamp the nominations; Senate President Sweeney promised an expedited confirmation process for these nominations, with an appropriate review process and up-or-down vote taking place in time for each to be seated by March of this year. But State Sen. Nicholas Scutari (D-Union), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, promises that his committee will thoroughly vet the nominees, and suggests the March 1st date may be premature.

Naturally, Christie got props from one of the usual suspects. Steven Goldstein, the Jewish chairman of the state’s gay rights group, Garden State Equality, praised the choice. Goldstein said he was surprised by the announcement, but said the Christie administration has always treated gay community leaders with warmth and responsiveness.

Stormfronters share my own disgust, contempt, and skepticism over this move. If Christie really had to do something like this because he heads up such a diverse state, the least he could have done was to stress the competency of the nominees. Instead, he wasted his time chanting the diversity mantra. Well, here's a couple of other mantras in response:

-- "Diversity is inherently anti-White"

-- "Anti-racist is code for anti-White"


Anonymous said...

I have heard the saying before, "conservatives are just liberals wrapped in the American flag." Now, I know there are different types of conservatives, some more "to the right" than others. But the point of coming to the WN cause is breaking out of that dead end deathtrap of conservatism.

It makes sense that being back East, Christie would be a more "liberal" conservative. But what does it really matter? If a White person wants to hang around the con-servative pigsty and get played for a fool over and over again so be it. Some never learn. Go vote for Romney, whatever.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that the newly designed American Nazi Party website looks great. The FAQ section, which I believe is also new, as I had not seen it before, is an excellent read. I encourage everyone to check it out. Bravo to Chairman Suhayda and all at the ANP!

Anonymous said...

Rocky, why not change the name of your group? I know you need it to make money but it doesn't fit at all with the ANPs claims. What progressive group calls themselves Nazi-anything? The crowd you claim to appeal to normally has zero to do with anything using any NS symbolism.