Saturday, January 07, 2012

Brazilian Anti-Racist Consortium Extorts R$1.2 Million Judgment From Sony In Lawsuit For Song Comparing Black Girls' Hair To A Brillo Pad

On December 17th, 2011, a consortium of 10 anti-racist non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Brazil was awarded a R$1.2 million (USD$656,00) judgment from Sony Music over a song entitled "Veja os Cabelos Dela (Look at Her Hair)" by the Brazilian singer, comedian and politician Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, whose stage name is Tiririca. The consortium claimed the lyrics were inherently offensive to black women. The judgment is retroactive back to 1997. Primary story from HuffPo, which links to a Google translation from a Brazilian source. A discussion thread has been started on Stormfront.

The lawsuit was not filed by any actual victims, but by 10 non-governmental organizations that fight against racism. Humberto Adami, the defense attorney of the NGOs, argued that black women were offended, exposed to ridicule and felt violated due to the lyrical content of the song. HuffPo posted a copy of the lyrics in both Portuguese and English; here is the English version:

Look look look look look at her hair (4x)
It looks like a scouring pad for pots and pans
It looks like a scouring pad for pots and pans
When she goes by, she catches my attention
But her hair just isn't right
Her stench almost made me faint
Look, I can't take it, her smell is so bad
Look look look look look at her hair
It looks like a scouring pad for pots and pans (2x)
I told her to take a bath
But she's stubborn and doesn't listen to me
This black woman stinks, she stinks horribly
Stinking beast, smells worse than a skunk

Parlour Magazine provides more information on the history of this case. In 2004, Sony was ordered to pay $300,000 Brazilian reals but they filed an appeal against the judgment. The R$1.2 million judgment currently assessed reflects interest and inflation on the value of the suit back to 1997. Humberto Adami celebrated the verdict, saying that the judgment won't even go to the authors of the lawsuit, but to the Diffused Rights Fund of the Ministry of Justice.

In response, Sony claimed that the song was not intended to offend women, because Tiririca was alluding to his wife in the song, and the lyrics are used by Brazilians in reference to both black women and white women. Obviously, the lyrics indicate that Sony's claim is tenuous at best, and ridiculous at worst. But what is even more ridiculous is that a Brazilian judge even allowed this suit to go forward in the first place; while the song obviously contains derogatory references to black women, it does not promote violence and does not libel any single individual. The outcome could have a chilling effect on free speech and hinder creative expression; it actually constitutes the criminalization of racism.

One might be tempted to blow this off since Sony is a large corporation with deep pockets, further identified as problematic on page 12 of the research report "Who Rules America". However, this case provides a pretext for similar litigation against individuals as well; White racialist activists who distribute pro-White literature in Brazil could also be targeted.

Also disturbing are the results of an online poll on HuffPo. Just under 81 percent of respondents approve of the judgment. While most of HuffPo's audience is left-wing, it's astounding that so many lefties would support censorship, considering that it could eventually be used against them. I can understand why many White nationalists are skeptical of suggestions by Dr. David Duke and Rocky Suhayda that we reach out to the Occupy movement; most of the Occupy movement is inherently anti-White.


Anonymous said...

Simple David Duke is the biggest conman in the movement, and Rocky is a white trash leftist advocating " social justice" instead of hard work, and responsibility. The movement is full of these creatures which is why I got smart, and left the "movement". This is the reason normal people won't " join up" because they see creatures like Duke, and Rocky " leading" the charge. Just ask Rocky what kind of work he does. Ask him why he likes the Occupy wall street movement. Because he is just like those people. He works at fast food restaurants, and blames his misfortunes on people who worked hard, and made a good life for themself. He supports big government entitlement programs, and welfare. This is what " social justice" is. He wants the same things they want. Blaming everybody except himself for his problems, pathetic. Then he acts as if National Socialism will ever come to power in America, lol what a joke. Keep putting on your events drawing the same 6-8 guys, and wait on that day to come.

Anonymous said...

"I can understand why many White nationalists are skeptical of suggestions by Dr. David Duke and Rocky Suhayda that we reach out to the Occupy movement; most of the Occupy movement is inherently anti-White."

Thank you AA! Reaching out to these scum? Don't think so. Maybe if you're a low-life like Jared Taylor, trying to shake the dirty hand of an antifa that helped shut down the AmRen Conference.

Let the dirty hippies play their bongos and get high at these occupy events. WNs who have an understanding of the economic systems that keep us down know that Wall Street, the bankers, the corporations are evil and are part of the jew syndicate that seeks our destruction. It's not hard to figure out.

We dont need to throw in with filthy leftists to show our hatred for Judeo-Capitalism. Let's focus on what WE need to do, not latch on to a movement that like AA stated is inherently anti-White.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Rocky Suhayda, in the lastest ANP Report (December 30) Rocky mentions for about the thousandth time that he "joined Rockwells ANP in 1967 at age 16."

This is Rocky's main claim to fame, yet it is highly questionable. Rocky has stated before that he was born in 1952. This means that at no time in 1967 could he have been 16. Also, Rocky says he joined the ANP in September of that year, the month after Rockwell was assassinated. There was no "American Nazi Party" in September of 1967. The organization's name had been changed to the National Socialist White People's Party (NSWPP) earlier in the year.

I know that Rocky's supposed membership in the Original (REAL) ANP is used as a "link" to justify Rocky using the ANP name for his current org. But is he telling the truth?

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 3:13 P.M: It was still a good idea to at least make the attempt, or we never would have known the answer.

Now we know the answer. We know from the experience of some White activists that we, by and large, will not be welcome in the Occupy movement. Too many of the Occupiers are actually anti-white. How can we make common cause with people who think Whites should assume second class citizenship in our own country today because of "historical sins"?

Anonymous said...

Rocky would attach his group to anything. He'd also let anyone join, as we can all see. But that doeant mean Rocky isn't smarter than Taylor because he certainly is. Taylor thinks fishing with no bait is just fine. He'll catch fish because he's mommy's special little guy. Rocky instead fishes in every hole around, hoping to get a bite from something, anything.

Contrasting further, Rocky doesn't care about the message, in fact a little less than Bowles does. Calls for inaction, pleas to enemy groups and good will to homosexuals is proof of that. They'll try to put an NS spin on anything to resell it to anybody yet still keep the ANP name. Rocky knows that his ANP members have no place to go, especially Bowles. He could announce they were marching with the ADL and the rest would just have to like it. Look how he shut down Bowles 2012 campaign!

Anonymous said...

What so many WN fail to realize, most living in their own little make-believe "worlds" - is that many, MANY normal White working class Americans identify with the OWS struggle, while of course not taking an active part in it. Since WHEN has Old Whitey HAD the BALLS to do more than complain in recent dacades in a mass fashion? And, no "posting on a forum" doesn't count. If Hitler, Dr. Goebbles and the others hadn't went into the working class areas and brought the National Socialist message to them - NS never would have succeeded. It would have been just another anti-syatem movement, that failed because it limited its outreach to the "well to do" and the "satisfied" conservatives. There are SO MANY fields where todays WN fear/fail to go - ECOLOGY, SOCIAL-JUSTICE, ENVIRONMENT, the list COULD go on and on - simply "because" they aren't currently hotbeds of "racial thought". Hell, this "ONE ISSUE" nonsense has been the REASON of the dis-connect of the "movement" with the REAL PEOPLE out there. When I and other ANP Comrades have attended OWS activities - we NEVER had a problem - of course, we aren't covered with "tattoos" or feel the need to "dressup" in an outlandish costume of some sort. We fit in, and "mesh" with the NORMAL people involved. Sorry, but White America IS deeply concerned about foreclosures, no jobs, corrupt Judeo-Capitalist banksters, interest slavery and the whole range of issues plauging them. You folks need to climb out of your keyboard created dreamland, and address the REAL WORLD. Otherwise, YOU surrender these issues TO the "other side". Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

Anonymous said...

All it boils down to is that Rocky and Taylor have both figured out that they aren't man enough for American NS in the current state. Maybe 20 years ago but not now. They talk a lot of defeatist cowardly bs and try to repackage it under the nazi label. And why are they called the ANP? That is all they have going for them.

Talk is cheap. That is why free speech is something no serious tyrant should fear. Jeff Scheop is a man. Like him or not, nobody can argue that. AA, what would Scheop do if he hated someone as much as Bolwes hates him? Make a website? Blabber on like an obsessed woman? That is the difference between being raised by a man and being raised by a woman.

Nothing moves without action. Liberty isn't asked for and handed over. Words are worthless without action. But our resident con men won't have you believe that.

Anonymous said...

"Jeff Schoep is a man."

Well he sure as hell aint no White man. Being a petty criminal, leaving your wife and children for a slut who has a mulatto daughter, living off ZOG assistance because of some "disability," talk about un-Aryan behavior!

Anonymous said...

Bowles at least proves his allegations with proof. I see nothing but bullshit talk in here about Bowles or Rocky without FACTS or PROOF.

Sid said...

Whatever Bowles says and does...he always has the upper hand and the last word. Damn ain't he good!!!

Anonymous said...

All the facts and then some were already know and then verified by Bowles hacked emails. You wouldn't do well as a lawyer.

Bowles not only abandoned his 3 children but suggested one be confined to a state mental ward over typical teenage behavior. Rocky and Bolwes both lied and tried to say all of Bowles children were full grown.

Bowles lived off the inheritance of a young man ned Nick Chappell. When Chappell cut Bowles off, Bowles allegedly just stole the money he "needed" from Chappell. Emails confirm this.

Need we go on?

And Rocky is telling people to stop living in fantasy worlds? Rocky, who is your political advisor? Isn't he a man whom as a convicted felon tried to run for president? Didn't this same individual have a reputation for urging people to refer to him as "the true president of the United States"? Don't you call your group "the American Nazi Party" while preaching to others about connecting with the common man?

Anonymous said...

5:42PM Your a total idiot. 'talk is cheap' - say that to folks who have the courage to back their words with their real name, and then then do as they do, and sign your own. Its easy to talk big when your anonymous. I salute those brave people who are out front using their names and faces. It takes more courage than you see on these forums.

Anonymous said...

So some white man or woman works at a crap job like fast food restaurants, does that make them worth less than you? You wealthy, or what? I suppose that you prefer your trillion dollars in taxes go to bail-out rich banker bastards, rather than help some white family who's job has been sent overseas, only so the weathy can make bigger profits? Know what? Your GARBAGE! Now I'm on the side of Rocky and the ANP, totally!!!

Anonymous said...

12:47, you are posting anonymously as well.

12:53- I dont think anyone here supports the wealthy or the big corporations. The issue is trying to ally ourselves with low-life commies who hate our guts and would never want to be our allies anyway.

It is common sense when you are WN/NS to be against the Jew-Capitalist system that exploits and destroys us. You dont need to jump on a red bandwagon and line up next to anti-White scum to validate your beliefs.

Anonymous said...

3:02, in case you haven't noticed, Rocky isn't on our side. None of the ANP is. Let them go over and stand with the antis. They might as well.

Anonymous said...

I believe that like myself, most white working people would agree with Rocky and the ANP's position of taking a stance against the corrupt wall street bankers. While we aren't out there in the streets protesting, we still hate what they have done to America, and to ourselves. Since Rocky and the ANP are apparently the only pro-white organization to take this stance, I guess the rest of you are either standing silent on the sidelines, or supporting the status quo. Apparently Rocky and the ANP isn't afraid to do whats necessary when it comes to the best interest of white working people. Yes, it is about race, but its not only about race. Economically, we white people are being exterminated financially. Wake up!

Anonymous said...

Here is the proof. Go to:

Compare the positions, and the platform between the Communist Party USA, and the ANP. The only major difference between the two is race. These creatures like Rock Sooooohata don't belong in the "movement". He is one of the reasons that there is NO legitimacy in it.