Friday, January 06, 2012

Anti-Defamation League Writes LTE To Petaluma360 Complaining That Their Original Article On White Pride Is Too Fair And Balanced

A representative of the San Francisco Unit of the Anti-Defamation League has written a letter to the editor of complaining that one of their previous articles about white pride was too fair and balanced to suit them. The ADL's assumption is that white pride can never be valid under any circumstances, although they express no objection to other races expressing pride.

The article triggering the ADL's criticism was first published by on December 16th, 2011. Entitled "'White pride' youth speak", it was a follow-up to previous coverage of a string of assaults and incidences of vandalism by youths downtown. Some of the youths reportedly identified with white pride., desiring to do more than regurgitate typical anti-racist propaganda, decided to engage in some real journalism and sought to interview some of the youth. Five of them agreed, on condition that they not be identified, and their input was reported on December 16th. When asked about the attacks reported in the story, most attributed them to differences and disagreements, such as trading insults, with the victims or people the victims associated with. One said he got along with everyone, but wasn't about to take guff because of his race. Here's the key paragraph of the story:

Standing near a picnic table with WP and ‘white pride' etched in it, the youth acknowledged that many in the group identify with that concept, though not all. They defined the group loosely, saying it was made up of high schoolers and junior high students “just hanging out,” most of them not looking for trouble.

White pride and white power are terms that have taken on many meanings, from white supremacy as espoused by neo-nazis to a simple pride in identifying as white, but the youth emphasized a difference between the two words. “With white pride, you're just proud of who you are,” said one girl.

As for the motivation to identify with white pride, one youth said, “It comes from your family. You're just trying to be part of your family.”

Well, the idea that white pride advocates could actually be human beings who are merely proud of their heritage was simply too much for the ADL. How dare white people imply that they deserve to honor their heritage? So Nancy J. Appel of the ADL's San Francisco Unit fired back with a letter entitled "Racist meanings", published on January 6th. Here is the crux of Appel's argument:

There are some in the white supremacist movement who try to mask their bigotry in public by claiming that they are merely expressing pride in their own racial identities, in an analogous manner to Latino or Asian-American groups, for instance. This assertion is disingenuous. Underlying the expression of so-called “white pride” is the belief that Caucasians are racially superior to people of color. The young people in the article attempting to draw the distinction quoted above have been unfortunately misled.

Note the ADL's virulent bigotry against white racialists. First, they characterize them all as "supremacists". Second, they imply that white pride is NEVER acceptable under any circumstances, while proposing no such restrictions upon other races. And finally, they use the term "people of color" as part of their grand strategy to unite and weaponize other races against the White race. Since Jews were "holocausted" by Whites, Jewish supremacists fear the Whites are just champing at the bit to "holocaust" them again, and so they want to keep Whitey politically neutralized and crippled to preclude an encore.

The ADL, along with their SPLC brethren in Montgomery, Alabama, are proof positive that Bob Whitaker gets it right when he says anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


Anonymous said...

JEWS are BETTER than anybody else - afterall, WE ARE THE CHOSEN PEOPLE! What better way of countering the kosher propaganda, than using their own creed against them? Hail the ANP 88!

Anonymous said...

"Underlying the expression of so-called “white pride” is the belief that Caucasians are racially superior to people of color..."

What group doesn't have members that think they are better than other groups? Hell, there's Mexicans that think they are superior to Puerto Ricans, as goofy as that sounds.

The truth is that while some Whites who express "White Pride" are simply content with it, I do believe we ARE superior to the colored races. The proof is all around us! We created the world, civilization, the concept of freedom and liberty, etc.
Why be in denial? ZOG will stick it to any White who might show some race pride, no matter how "polite" and "harmless" the White person thinks it is.

If you attempt to temper your views/beliefs in order to try and placate the jew demons, you are only weakening yourself and the cause. Just isnt worth it.

Anonymous said...

lol! The first post is obviously a fake - nice try antifa

Anonymous said...

It sounds like some insanity coming from Rocky. Bowles wants to water down national socialim but Rocky wants to constantly change it almost entirely. In his mind, thinks one day one of his re-inventions will catch on. So far it has been just one dismal failure after the next. And with them all piled up so high, few can see any future for them.

Liberty is won by deeds of war, Rocky. You no longer have a place here.

Sally said...

I think Bowles and Rocky are a good team. You don't see them marrying race-mixers, or their members children shooting them in the head and killing them.

Anonymous said...

'Deeds of war'? WTF, this from some coward who's too afraid to even sign his name. Gotta laugh!