Sunday, December 25, 2011

Political Correctness In Latin America: White Woman Being Witch-Hunted For "Racist" Twitter Posts In Brazil

Yes, there are White folks in Brazil despite the pandemic interracial mixing that has gone on during the past three centuries. And some of them are racially-conscious. Now, one of those racially-conscious Whites is in hot water because of some politically-incorrect posts on Twitter.

We get the information from a White racialist blog in Brazil. D Direita posts the story HERE. It's in Portuguese, and at the time of this post, there was no translation utility on the blog, but D Direita has since incorporated an English translation utility in the top line.

Order of Lawyers of Brazil in Pernambuco (OAB-SP) today [December 13th] asked the Federal Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul (RS-MPF) that the student Sophia Fernandes, accused of posting on Twitter, 9 days, messages from the Northeast, answer the crime of racism.

According to the OAB, the statements violate the constitutional principle of human dignity. Among the messages are posted by the student: "twitter ta turning toilet ... tweeting a lot of shit. (Oimacacos) - Piaui, Ceara, northeastern ..."; "Get out of Twitter and will cut your cane NORTHEASTERN to buy your rice," "You have to use gas chambers to kill your people," "The Northeast is the very dirt".

Rio Grande do Sul is the southernmost and whitest state in Brazil. In contrast, northeastern Brazil is majority non-White with a significant mulatto population. The Amazon Basin is also majority non-White. Overall, Whites constitute the largest racial group in Brazil at 47.73 percent.

The editor of the blog first identified himself on this VNN Forum post. He need not apologize for being deficient in English; Portuguese is the prevailing language of Brazil. To increase the reach of the blog, I suggested he incorporate a translation gadget into his sidebar, preferably up towards the top where it can be immediately noticed. He has now done this.

There are more Whites in Latin America than we realize. There are significant White populations in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, and in southern Brazil. Most of them are either of Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, or German descent. And now some of them are becoming more overtly racially-conscious. White pride is truly spreading worldwide.


Anonymous said...

Yes, many people forget that there are a lot of Whites in Latin America, even in Mexico. Argentina and Uruguay are the 2 majority White Nations in South America.

The largest Oktoberfest in the world held outside of Germany is in Brazil.

I know it breaks a lot of leftists hearts, but Che Guevara was a White man, of Spanish and Irish descent.

It's not all brown down there.

Thor said...

Now the blog have a translator , check it

Anchorage Activist said...

Thanks, Thor. I have now updated my post to reflect this information.