Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hispanic Supremacists Plan To Launch "Occupy Aztlan" Movement, Will Target White Residential Neighborhoods Beginning In Phoenix

According to Miguel Perez, current president of Chicanos Unidos Arizona and an active member of La Raza, a consortium of several Hispanic supremacist groups intend to launch an Occupy Aztlan movement, and they propose to target White residential neighborhoods. I have seen no mainstream media reports corroborating this yet.

Perez published his account on December 4th, 2011 in the Phoenix Civil Rights Examiner. Representatives of Nuestros Reconquistos, Take Back Aztlán, and the Aztlánian Brotherhood met on December 4th at the Phoenix Public Library to discuss “Occupy Aztlán.” They intend to begin their activism in Phoenix in January, but eventually plan to spread it to all states originally owned by Mexico.

But what's different about this Occupy movement is that they intend to target residential neighborhoods. They plan non-violent protests in mostly upscale areas where rich White people live, and part of the demonstrations will include door-to-door protests.

Of course, the National Socialist Movement knows how to deal with that sort of "door-to-door" activism. When some Hispanic supremacists and their white antifa allies tried that nonsense in Jeff Hall's Riverside neighborhood in May 2010, they were unceremoniously chased away while police stood by and did not interfere. The same solution would apply to this problem as well.

Reaction: Comments posted to the Examiner story show most people will not be inclined to put up with it. Craig Bodecker writes, "In simpler times, the correct response to a foreign invader was obvious; SHOOT TO KILL". Gerry Nance pointed out that the American Southwest actually belonged to Mexico for a mere 38 years, from 1810-1848; it belonged to Spain for 291 years beforehand, and has belonged to America by international treaty since 1848. Even some Hispanics are not inclined to tolerate it. Elizabeth Raquel Sanchez writes, "I hope they cause problems in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, New Mexico. New Mexico is a state where we love God, Guns, and Country - in that order. The Hispanics in this state have been here for hundreds of years, were NOT in support of Mexico during the revolution, and are straight up Rednecks! I know people in my hometown waiting for the battle to begin. Bring it!"

Additional reaction posted on Free Republic, Stormfront, Youth for Western Civilization, and on what is now known as Billy's Balkanization Blog, which is Billy Roper's old White Revolution website.

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