Sunday, December 18, 2011

Former Handyman Jerome Isaac Arrested In Brooklyn For Arson And The Incineration Murder Of Delores Gillespie

Update December 19th: It has now been revealed by both WCBS Channel 2 and the New York Post that Delores Gillespie was Black. This changes nothing; if Jerome Isaac would do this to one of his own tribe, he'd do it to anyone. Think about this: A Black lady feels sorry for a black man down on his luck, gives him a job, and then gets rewarded -- by being systemically and methodically incinerated in an elevator. This is a case tailor-made for the DEATH PENALTY.

Jerome Isaac

A handyman formerly employed by 73-year-old Delores Gillespie has been arrested for her incineration murder in an elevator, and rumors of a previous romantic involvement between the two have been debunked. This updated summary of events complied from the New York Daily News and the New York Post; Jaime Holguin, the manager of news development for The Associated Press and who lives on the same floor as Gillespie, also provided his own account to WNBC Channel 4. The horrific methodology of the attack is described in my previous post.

After 47-year-old Jerome Isaac allegedly murdered Gillespie around 4:15 P.M. on December 17th, it is believed that he set another fire in his own nearby apartment building on Lincoln Place 10 minutes later. In the second blaze, he also sprayed a door with accelerant and left two Molotov cocktails behind; no one was hurt in the second fire. Isaac finally turned himself in to the NYPD’s Transit District 32 station on Carroll St. in Crown Heights about 12:30 A.M., reeking of gasoline. He eventually made statements implicating himself in the attack, and was subsequently charged with arson and first-degree murder. WABC Channel 7 news video embedded below:

Doris Gillespie had hired Jerome Isaac as a handyman to help clear excess clutter out of her apartment earlier this year, even giving him a key to her apartment. Then Gillespie discovered that expensive items such as cookware and a DVD player were missing. Since Isaac was the only one besides her own son who had access to the apartment, she suspected Isaac and fired him, immediately changing the locks on her door. However, in August, Isaac put a note on her door demanding $2,000 payment for work he said he’d done for her; according to Gillespie's nephew Ricky Causey, Gillespie didn’t want to pay Isaac after firing him because of the thefts.

Police now believe that Isaac attacked Gillespie out of revenge for having been fired. Neighbors say Isaac never gave any sign of disaffection towards Gillespie, and firmly debunked rumors of any romantic involvement between the two. Neighbors continue to describe Gillespie today as a wonderful person who always looked out for her neighbors and community. Her son, 37-year-old Maurice Gillespie, who lived with her, said “She was the mother of the community...She helped feed the poor. She was a good person. This shouldn't have happened with all the cameras in the building.”

Update: At his arraignment in Brooklyn Criminal Court on December 19th, Jerome Isaac did not enter a plea and his lawyer didn't even request bail. He will continue to be held without bail, and is in protective custody. Gillespie's family warned the DA against making any plea deal, saying they want the maximum punishment for Isaac allowed by law.

Reaction continues to be posted on Stormfront, and has now spread to the Vanguard News Network Forum. This type of extreme savagery is actually more common in Africa, where the African National Congress pioneered the technique of "necklacing" to punish its dissident members during the campaign to impose black majority rule on South Africa.


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WHY do these White people HIRE these non-Whites!?! They associate with them, and then are surprised when they turn and ACT as they do, like the savages they are. This "love everyone" attitude has to GO! Hail the ANP! 14/88!

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What was the big announcement at the ANP Xmas gathering? Bowles had said on his blog there would be a big announcement. ANP site has not been updated since Nov. 30.

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Burn this son of bitch to the cross on the public steps of the NY Judicial Highest Courts!!!

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WHY do these White people HIRE these non-Whites!?! They associate with them, and then are surprised when they turn and ACT as they do, like the savages they are. This "love everyone" attitude has to GO! Hail the ANP! 14/88