Friday, December 09, 2011

Dr. David Duke Publishes An Open Letter To The World Explaining Who He Is And What He Believes

In the wake of Dr. David Duke's arrest and expulsion from Germany, he has seized upon a fresh opportunity to familiarize the unfamiliar with his life, his work, and his philosophy. In keeping with this desire, he's published what he calls an "Open letter to Europe and the World: Who I am and What I Believe".

In the podcast embedded below, Dr. Duke opens up by discussing who he is, his background as a White civil rights activist and elected official, explains his past association with a Ku Klux Klan organization, and concludes by discussion his general political positions:

Key Excerpts:

I endorse the right of all peoples to preserve their heritage and their independence and freedom. I think that massive immigration is leading Europe toward disaster and conflict, and I sincerely desire peace and freedom for the European people just as I do for all people. I am opposed to any form of racial supremacism and I believe that every people has the right to preserve their freedom and their identity, their culture and traditions, their values and their very existence. If this is true for the people of Tibet, it is true for the people of Europe and America.


I represent the very opposite of racism. Racism is hatred and suppression of other peoples, and it entails the violation of basic human rights. I believe that every people on the planet have the right to preserve their heritage, their culture, their unique character, their art, literature, music, values, faith and other characteristics that define them. It is the opposite of racist suppression to defend your people’s independence and freedom, to protect your heritage and values. I believe it is the height of racism to promote policies that will destroy the diversity and unique expressions of humanity in the different peoples and cultures around the world. Europeans and every people on Earth have the right to independence and freedom.


It is true that as a young man, over 35 years ago I was in a KKK organization in Louisiana. I forgive people in Europe and elsewhere for not knowing much about the Klan, but in America, the Klan was once a popular part of the community in the South with many elected Governors, Senators and others. Klan groups were completely independent and separate from one another, and had very different structures. Since the 1950s there has never been one Klan group but many very different Klans. The group I was a part of was completely non-violent, and no member of my organization was ever charged or even accused of any violent crime. I repeat that. No one in my organization was ever accused of any violent crime. Even during that long ago time, as now, I have always condemned any sort of violence! And I rightfully condemn any Klan organization or any other group that commits or advocates any sort of violence.


Actually, far from being a Holocaust denier, I am actually a Holocaust exposer. I dare to expose the Holocausts that swept under the rug by the controlled media. I dare to recognize the incredible crimes against humanity committed by the Communist, Soviet State and the Communist Holocaust of tens of millions of people over many decades in Russia and Eastern Europe. I dare condemn the Soviet-driven rape of millions of innocent women in the last months of the Second World War, as well as the ethnic murder and cleansing of millions of Germanic people at the end of the war. Everyone knows of German crimes, they are presented to our consciousness by the media every day of our lives, but why do we hear so little of communist murders that were the worst in the history of the world?

The Southern Poverty Law Center has published a rather snarky response signed by "The World" in which they question Dr. Duke's honesty and integrity. The piece is laughably stupid and terminally lame; it sounds like something dreamed up by progressive heartthrob Jon Stewart (yes, there are people who actually take Jon Stewart seriously).

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