Saturday, December 24, 2011

Diversity Comes Full Circle: British Educator Lord Baker Says Too Much Holocaust Propaganda Promotes Anti-German Bias

For years, the Jewish Holocaust has been marketed as the penultimate atrocity. With each passing year, the legend -- and the victim database -- grows as an aging Jewish generation struggles to canonize and perpetuate the memory. In order to continue to suck Germany dry of reparations, new classes of Holocaust victims are invented, to include "second and third-generation" Holocaust survivors who weren't even alive during that period. Schoolchildren are relentlessly propagandizing through assorted "six million" campaigns where they collect pennies or paper clips to simulate the memory.

But under Diversity Doctrine, where thou shalt not offend anyone, it was only a matter of time before diversity would come full circle -- and someone would suggest that Holocaust propagandizing may be creating anti-German bias. That time has now come, as a leading British educator, Lord Baker, who spent three years as Margaret Thatcher’s education secretary and who introduced the National Curriculum currently in use in British schools, wants to ban the study of Nazism and the Holocaust from the history curriculum altogether, noting that “It doesn’t really make us favourably disposed to Germany for a start, present-day Germany.”

Lord Baker would prefer for schools to concentrate on British history, believing that children should leave a British school with some idea of the timeline in their minds; namely, how it came from Roman Britain to Elizabeth II. But he stressed that he would not entirely exclude European history, saying that in order to study the Tudors and Stuarts, students would have to learn about Martin Luther.

Naturally, the local Holocaust cartel did not react kindly to Lord Baker's suggestion. James Smith, the Chairman of the Holocaust Centre, said “The study of the Holocaust leaves children ill-disposed to present day Germany only if it is badly taught. The period of the Nazis was not just a blip in German history; the Holocaust was a Europe-wide crime". Of course, Smith neglected to mention any other 20th-century outbreaks of genocide, some of which claimed many more lives, and one, the abortion holocaust, which continues to this day. He claims the Holocaust is the reason why the nations of the world ratified the United Nations Convention to Prevent and Punish the Crime of Genocide and why the United Nations looked forward to the day the International Criminal Court would be established.

Reaction: Some favorable acclaim posted on Stormfront, although some fear that Lord Baker might end up being witch-hunted. The administrator at the BodyBuildingPro Forum started a thread in which he expresses support for Lord Baker.

Lord Baker also picks up some support in the Telegraph's comments. The Telegraph appears to be censoring some comments supportive of Lord Baker. Some examples (after the jump):

BlessPapaBenny December 24th 4:00 P.M:
Likewise we should teach about the true origins of Communism in our schools and the group responsible for its invention. As you say history cannot be sanitised.

BlessPapaBenny December 24th 1:04 P.M:
I agree with Lord Baker, demonising the Germans is wrong.

If the Holocaust is taught in schools it should be done so alongside other far worse genocides such as the Ukrainian holodomor.

It should also be taught from a 100% neutral perspective so that children get a balanced view. There are always two sides to any story and we never really hear why the German people acted in the way that they did. How was it that they came to feel so threatened that there was widespread support for the actions of Hitler at the time?

davejon December 24th 1:20 AM:

And now in the UK, the Holocaust saturates our society, our waking hours (and probably the sleeping ones too) with constant repetition of gruesome yet often unproven tales of mass murder, gassings, lampshades, soap etc for one specific reason - to enforce multiculturalism and multiracialism - fundamental concepts and changes never given a mandate by the electorate - upon the UK.

In the Holocaust Memorial Day education pack, supplied to all UK schools, the then Home Secretary - former(?) Communist David Blunkett writes in the foreword: "We must be vigilant and learn the lessons of the Holocaust if we are to prevent future tragedies. Even in a democracy such as ours, racism and bigotry can claim victims. We must ensure that our children understand the value of diversity and tolerance to help achieve a society free from prejudice and racism in which all members have a sense of belonging".

Note that "value of diversity"! My foot! How about the disvalues?

One Jewish group, the Pears Foundation, have made over £1m available to train teachers to specialise Holocaust teaching in UK schools! Talk about brainwashing!

And who does James Smith, Chairman of the Holocaust Centre think he is, showing school children all of those gruesome exhibits?

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ironwand December 24th 07:57 AM:
"Stop teaching about the holocaust so that children see Germany in a better light."

We should stop teaching our children the politically correct myth. Instead, we should provide them with THE FACTS!

Once the 'holocaust' exaggeration was exposed for what it is, the upcoming generations would learn to see the powers-that-be (who have, with malice aforethought, rammed this aggressive mythology down the throats of three post war generations) in a much WORSE light.

Thus illuminated, our children would learn to treat anything THEY say in the future with much more scepticism. Which should afford them some protection from the evils the elite routinely perpetrate upon us and the wider world.



Jeffrey said...

Good news is a wonderful Christmas present. I am pleasantly surprised that someone in power in the UK has made such a gesture and I hope that this is only the beginning of much needed change for Brits and their children...REAL BRITS, not the horde of squatters that feed off these proud people!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

11:44 is right, OWS is for the most part a marxist-leftist and above all pro-multi-culturalist. It is NOT anything Pro-White, White Nationalist or NS. If the leaders of OWS were in charge tomorrow, all WN and NS males would be in Gulags and their wives and daughters would be handed over as booty for black apes to gang rape.

Those that supported OWS that 11:44 mentions should admit they were wrong or are not true WN & NS, but we know now that the ANP is not.

Anonymous said...

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