Thursday, December 08, 2011

ARA Scum Hack Personal E-Mail Account And NS Old Guard Blog Of John Taylor Bowles, Internal American Nazi Party Correspondence Revealed

Ed. Note: The question has been raised as to whether or not I'm helping to spread sensitive information about ANP personnel merely by publicizing the antifa attack on their account. While this is a valid concern, it is more important to reveal the perfidy of ARA. The information was already out there even before I published this post. I have now removed the link to the old blog.

I got a nasty surprise when I visited John Taylor Bowles' NS Acumen Of the Old Guard blog today. It's been hacked, and the information replaced by personal information on the leadership and some supporters of the American Nazi Party (no malware or viruses were embedded, so there's no danger to one's computer). This occurred just three days before the ANP's scheduled Christmas Party to be held at the Redneck Shoppe at 108 W. Laurens St in Laurens, SC on December 10th beginning at 12 noon.

Update December 16th: Here's the url to Bowles' replacement blog:

One Primate's Project and Lady Liberty's Lamp confirm that Anti-Racist Action hacked the personal e-mail account of the ANP's SA Political Adviser John Taylor Bowles, as well as his blog. This resulted in the public disclosure of the personal information of some of the ANP leadership, as well as links to e-mail correspondence between Bowles and other ANP figures. The titles to the e-mails do not, in my opinion, indicate any unexpected "smoking guns"; they simply show the normal give-and-take and occasional disagreement that can surface within any organization. Thus I have absolutely no intention to further the ARA design by reading these e-mails or reporting on them in depth. Update: The Wordpress blog on which the e-mails were posted has since been suspended; they are no longer available for viewing.

One People's Project reveals that some social security numbers are among the hacked data released. This could set the hackers up for possible legal exposure; if anyone successfully steals and uses the SSANs, the hackers could be arrested as accessories to identity theft. So the hackers may have outsmarted themselves.

We have seen two ways of dealing with antifa activists during the past year. In Charlotte, NC, when Jared Taylor announced the cancellation of the American Renaissance conference, he walked up to the antifa present and offered to shake hands; the gesture was contemptuously refused. In contrast, when antifa visited a National Socialist Movement dinner in Trenton, NJ, the NSM cadre did not respond with a handshake, but with boots, fists, baseball bats and chairs; several antifa were hospitalized and some also arrested.

Anitfa are incapable of reason; they only respect force.


Anonymous said...

The tactics of the antifa are to be expected, they are indeed scum, BUT Bowles and the ANP have proven themselves to be on the same level. Looking at th emails, everything tht has been suspected about Bowles and the ANP is true, they have trolled other WN & NS orgs Also there were jews on the guest list for their meetings for this weekend. So, this antifa attack had a positive for the WN & NS Movement, we now know for sure that the ANP and Bowles are not true, has Jews in their midst, and were guilty of dishonorable tactics.

A.A., you should read some of the stuff rather than let your Bowles man-crush cloud your judgement.

Finally, why is Bowles so stupid to have stored this dta in a online server anyway??

Anonymous said...

Why would you make this post?? You are helping to spread the very personal information that has been released! PLEASE delete this!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm not very internet savvy, but how the hell did they hack into his blog? Did they guess his password? I don't know how these things work.

What I do know though, is like AA said, the Antifa shit only understand force. Why would Jared Taylor try to shake hands with those scum? He's lucky they refused, who knows what he could have caught by touching one of them.

In the 20s and early 30s, before Hitler came to power, the SA (Brownshirts) constantly fought in the streets against the reds. The SA didn't try to reason with them, or win them over with an eloquent speech, and sure as hell didnt reach out to shake a filthy red hand. No- they beat the shit out of those cruds.

Everyone, even the most retarded, drugged up, AIDS infected ARA slimebag understands a kick in the head.

I'm sorry to hear about this, certainly not shocked as ARA members are about the same as dog shit stuck to a shoe. Hope the ANP Xmas event goes on.

Anchorage Activist said...

Those who are concerned about this post spreading the information have a valid issue. But at the moment, it's more important to reveal the perfidy of ARA. The information is already out there even if I delete this post.

Anonymous said...

Yes AA the information is already out there but you are still helping to spread it like the other poster said. You could still mention the ARA scum without giving reference to the blog and all that. You are doing just what the ARA would WANT you to do...

Troy said...


The One People's Project, in my opinion, just legitimized the American Nazi Party, whether they realized it or not. In the pro-White Movement when an organization or its leaders are attacked by the ARA it sends an automatic signal to the rest of the pro-White Movement that whoever is being attacked is legitimate and feared. If the One People's Project had hacked the NSALP, NSM, or ANSP, or White Revolution, or David Duke sites it would substantiate that they fear them as a threat.

I didn't even know about a Christmas Party in Laurens, SC until I saw the news about that hacking. Now I'm going to go and meet the man and people who the enemy so viciously attacked. Might even join them too!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe that Mr. Bowles left information like that openly. There are password figuring out programs available and I bet the OPP hacker has one. So, this should send everyone a lesson to have a difficult password on their third party accounts and on everything.

The OPP just did everyone a favor in the White Racial Movement - made everyone security conscious now and taking action.

Also, I read the stuff on what the hackers leaked. All that shows me is the ANP people are normal and have good communication with each other and trying to win. They seem to be very serious people. Apparently they take Bowles to be a threat to them and a leader and are having a hissing fit the ANP is having a successful Christmas Party for nine years in a row and they can't do jack-shit (except dirty illegal tactics from far away) to stop it. I mean what other White racialist organization can boast that! NINE YEARS IN A ROW for a public activity!!!

Lastly, if the ANP goes after recruiting members in other organizations it shows they are aggressive and pro-active. This is good because it means they aren't behind the keyboard moaning. lol

I'd say the ANP just scored a psychological victory and didn't have to left a finger even though one of their key members took a hit. I'm sure he will survive it since he ran for President and survived that as well!!! He should run again.

Anonymous said...

actually in NJ the 3 NSM members went to the hospital and no antifa got injured although two did get arrested. Every news source will confirm that

Anonymous said...

Whats the "big deal"? So some past e-mails were made public - so what? I stand by every word that I wrote. Reviewing these e-mails, its obvious that Kevin Brannen was NOT "being told to troll" his ex-alp associates - he was eagerly doing so on his own to kiss up to us, and a number of them did join the ANP. At the same time, most couldn't measure up to our standards ( like Brannen ) and they are gone. Btw, it was BRANNEN who broke into the Toledo guys e-mails using the alp codes and offered the "info" to us - which we REFUSED for obvious legal reasons, we're not stupid. As well, we told him bluntly that if he continued such antics he would be removed from the Party as an Official Support. Brannen turned out to be a trouble-maker, its refreshing he's gone. It was a mistake on Comrade Bowles part to save material that is not necessary, but no real "harm" has been done and we have learned from it. This type of silly nonsense comes with the territory. Hell, when we are facing ALL the POWERS of Zog - whats this kids prank to honestly "worry us"? Thats the REASON that the White race IS where its at - too many White people are so "FEARFUL" that they run and hide under a rock at the slightest "opposition". And as for
"2:21PM" - WHERE are "JEWS" on our "guest list"? LOL You must see "JOOS" under your bed at night! BTW, they also sent out fake e-mails" from supposedly Jeff Sloop promising to "attack us" at the Christmas gathering - do they think we are that STUPID? And yes, we DO have people within the nsm who share info with us. Intelligent people get info from every source that they can. In a sense I feel sorry for them (ara). Once again, instead of jumping on the band-wagon and attacking the Judeo-Capitalist system ala OWS etc, these so-called "leftists" are STILL banging away at the tired old "anti-racism" canard - haven't they the brains to realize that for all intent and purpose - the right-wing, reactionary "organized racists" are a mixed bag of do-nothing losers? They are AFRAID bye and large of their own shadows! Except for a chance for an occasional "schoolyard punch-up", what real threat are they to anyone, except perhaps themselves. LOL Of course, these "anti's" aren't much better, thinking that pulling pranks like this "advances" ANYTHING towards the purpose of HELPING people against the system. And isn't that who every real revolutionary SHOULD be focusing upon? Calm down everybody! So your entertainment was momentarily disrupted - Comrade Bowles will be up and running again soon. "What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger". Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

Anonymous said...

This also exposes a few of the more popular ANP lies.

"Taylor Bowles's children are all full grown and he has never owed child support."

That lie is easily undone after just a minute of reading the back and forth between Taylor and his ex-wife. Seems he is guilty of all the things he accused Jeff Schoep of and worse.

"Taylor Bowles never stole money from Nick Chappel."

If you download the messages and read the ones between Nick and Taylor, you clearly see Taylor trying to make up for steal from Nick by offering to pay him back some of the money he stole. It appears Bowles at least has some conscience after all.

"Taylor Bowles had nothing to do with swindling Nick Chappel out of the Redneck shop ($150,000). No scam too place."

In the same emails to Nick, you can clearly see Bowles trying to roll on John Howard by telling Nick he should have gotten a lawyer and taken John to court. You can also see Bowles trying to delay legal action from Chappel by telling him that "John is getting a lawyer to get it all straightened out for you." What you see here is Bowles, clearly already in potential legal trouble from Chappel, trying to abandon ship on John Howard. Bowles also states that John Howard is unaware that Bowles is in communication with Chappel.

You can also read that 90% of what the ANP does is try to undermine other WN groups. That is obvious as the sun in the sky.

There is also no mincing words over the ANP's long term strategy: retreat, retreat, retreat. They are very clear on the fact that they are "in retreat mode" and only hope to gallantly lead the retreat of the white race to the "catacombs." Anyone paying close attention could have already told that though.

And what is ironic about all of this is that Rocky has slammed the NSM over and over about people's names and photos getting out. Never in the recent history of white nationalism has there ever been such a huge breach of security and more sensitive data been released. I'm tempted to even speculate that this was an inside job. This may have been the result of the ANP's friendly courtship with anti-racist groups going bad.

Anchorage Activist said...

Troy - Your reaction is exactly why I've decided to leave this post up for now, despite the understandable concerns of a couple of individuals. It does show that the ANP can be taken seriously. Obviously, ARA took it seriously enough to hack one of their members' e-mail accounts.

Anonymous said...

There are 2 Jew Names on the ANP guest List- Wasserstrom (obvious) & Costa

Oxford Dictionary of Family Names: Wasserstrom
Jewish (Ashkenazic): ornamental name composed of German Wasser ‘water’ + Strom ‘river’, ‘current’.

Jewish Genealogy in Sicily

FINALLY...This may well explain why they targeted Bowles and the ANP, this is the opening remark they left on Bowles blog:
"Do you remember that Nazi organization that publicly endorsed the Occupation Movement through Twitter? No, not the NSM, (they actually showed up in person)."

Anonymous said...

The other NS orgs have been subject of hack attacks, BY THE ANP, it is in the emails. Rocky admits here but trys to lay it on one of his members but we know he encouraged it.

Also ARA has attacked the other NS orgs, that is in the emails as well.

Anonymous said...

How you respeond to crisis defines who and what you are and silence speaks volumnes.

This thing is on its 2nd or 3rd day and there is nothing from the ANP or their Blogs, they are like a der in the headlights, this reflects their size (small) which has been exposed.

Also, their attacks, mud slinging and trolling on other WN & NS orgs has left them standing alone, NO ONE is coming to their aid and rightfully so.

The blog should have been down by now, is Bowles so stupid that he cannot contact blogspot?

Is Bowles so stupid so as to leave all that private info on a email server? Earase emails, leave NOTHING on email storage, no pics, nothing.

and... yes, we do see just how small the ANP is, we do see that they have been trolling and finally, it is ironic that the same people who the ANP suported in Occupy Wall Street, hacked them, yes it was those lefty-multiculturalists. So much for throwing principals away for a little media attention.

Anonymous said...

That OPP attack on Bowles is the most vicious ever done by them. I figured out why? He puts a positive face on National Socialism by running in elections, talking to high school, organizing public rallies and Christmas Parties for White people. That must irk the OPP that he does that and they viciously attacked him and pushed Schoep to the back seat evidently. lol

Anonymous said...

No "9:12AM" silence is the mark of a muture adult, only children run around screaming when they have a problem. As to what Rocky explained, the ANP isn't that upset over this minor road bump, like any adult they accept it and move on. Only a simpleton would start playing the jew violin scenario where they weep and cry woe is me! I think your an anti in any case, and you feel real disapointment over the ANP's reaction. Thats pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

, It's been like 3 days, ?--Rocky Suyahda, the ANP nor any of their few remaining Sock-Puppet Blogs have made any comment regarding the hacking by the ARA nor most importantly made an attempt to address the content of the email and how and why their "people's security was placed in such harm by having so much sensitive data stored in a email server. Suyahda, Bowles and the ANP have gone into hiding since this occured 3 days ago. The blog with all the data is still up.

Here is the current post from the ANP's leading blog, operated by a jew looking fellow who uses the fake name "Axel Hess", NOTE the language used, all the ADL code words:

"Neither myself nor the American Nazi Party will associate ourselves with “haters.” If all anyone does is hate, then they will be torn up inside and consumed by it in the most negative way"

"Axel Hess'" photo has been posted on the hacked Bowles blog, take a look at his Jewish facial features....

Anonymous said...

2 days later, still no mention of this on the ANP site (though it only seems to be updated about every 2 and a half to 3 weeks) or White Honor, or Sense and Sensibility.

Something that really struck me with this fiasco was the content of some those emails. So much bickering and concern over OTHER "NS" type groups. Why not just ignore the clowns and focus on the purpose of the ANP, you know, saving the White Race? Move forward, rather then staying stuck down in the pigsty with the rejects.

This stuff makes me think that Metzger is right, it is pointless to have orgs and parties. Nothing ever gets done, just a lot of "hot air."

Anonymous said...

"5:41PM" You seem more concerned about it than the ANP is. Rocky has already addressed ANP's feelings in an earlier post, apparently ANP brushes off this kind of feeble crap and carries on with their agenda, rather than having a pity-party. This months The White Worker magazine was increased to 32 pages, and its great! The ANP Christmas party went on with no problems. I like it when an organization refuses to give the enemy the response that they hoped for. Go ANP!

Anonymous said...

its now going on 4 days, the info is still up on Bowles blog, nothing from the ANP or the other 2blogs, this shows how amaturish the ANP is. Also nothing about their Christmas Party, given that they blew the privacy of their members, it is doubtful anyone showed. The more you read the emails the more you see just what a paper tiger the ANP is, their sole mission was to attack other NS groups and to collect money.

Anonymous said...

It seems the OPP attack on Bowles was pre-planned a long time ago by the amount of information they attained via e-mail hacking, credit card reports, infiltrators, internet, loose lips, etc.

Just my opinon. They seem to have hard-on for him.

Anonymous said...


By the ANP being silent on the hacking proves to me and others they know what they are doing. The OPP/ARA are probably in here and other websites every hour looking for an ANP response on the damage or correct/incorrect information they exposed. It is probably driving them crazy the ANP is silent about it. It's like a plane that just dropped bombs on a city and then returns to base to turn on the enemy radio station to hear what kind of damage they caused or didn't cause.

Why feed the enemy? Keep them guessing.

Anonymous said...


A.A. has added another (ANP) sock puppet blog link, there are now 3 ANP Blogs, none have addressed the Blog fiasco, nor has the ANP web site.

A.A. ignores other WN & NS Sites and blogs, sites that update regularly and that are larger and far more organized, and Orgs that the ANP attempted to troll.

A.A. may well be one of the names exposed by the ARA, interestingly; A.A. has made no comment on the content of all the emails.

A.A. has never commented on transgressions by the ANP, it has now been proven that they have Jews in their midst, they did troll. and there are emails going around from a year or so ago that implicates ANPers as fags, which may explain the ANP's "gay-tolerance" policy.

A.A also was very supportive of a convicted sex offender's Talk Shoe Program, Aryan News Network< it no longer exists and has a pattern of supporting and spinning for the pond scum of the Movement, including felons, perverts, faggots, race traitors (Jerod Taylor) and sex offenders and ethically challenged adulterers (Duke) who use the Movement to shake people down for his world travels, gambling debts and prostitutes.

Please A.A change the name of your blog to "Morris Dees Tampon"

Anonymous said...

Who cares what the ara did to taylor? You reap what you sow. Has taylor did crummy things to others? Was he an upstanding citizen, who caused no grief or aggervation towards others? I am looking forward to what is going to happy to jeff schoep. Another idiot who goes out of their way to aggitate

Anonymous said...

So much for Rocky protecting people's information. He was warned and warned about Bowles. Everything he touches turns to complete shit. We all know AA refuses to post anything that is more than mildly negative and true about the ANP but everything that has been said about Bowles has turned out to be true. Except for Bowles being gay or bisexual, he is a theif, a liar, a subversive and apparently the weakest willed individual to ever wear an armband. But none of that matters. He and what is left of the anp is free to come on here and take free shots and anybody and everybody. WHY?

You wanted proof of the allegations? You got it. It fell in our laps like a ripe apple. The truth is like a wolf that never gives up and chases you forever and until it catches up to you.

Anonymous said...

Wow, hell of a lot of retards on here.... Or just ONE moron. Rocky explained the ANP reaction above, so learn to read. Why does the ANP have to respond to anything? Quit your whining!
"Jews Jews everywhere!" LOL Sorry, but the hack proves the legitimacy of the ANP and that they are Jew-free which is, and always has been, a no-brainer. DUH!!

No wonder the racial movement has been a failure... Because of IDIOTS like at 9:12am and 3:31pm

Anonymous said...

The most recent post on the ANP "Sense and Sensibility" blog discusses the still-going Occupy Wall Street protests. The blog entry ends with:

"Keep up the good work OWS. We mustn't stop until we achieve victory!"

"We?" Does this blogger consider the leftist OWS as an ally? Does he realize that "victory" for the commies in the OWS includes "death to Whitey?" Strange sort of friend they would be to WN/NS.

Anonymous said...

7:29 said---

"ANP but everything that has been said about Bowles has turned out to be true. Except for Bowles being gay or bisexual"

That is true as well, too many young boys living with Bowles and way too many wierd accounts to be ignored.

Anonymous said...

if you think taylor doesnt protect peoples information you should see how jeff schoep runs things

Anonymous said...

The exposure of ANP e-mails prove one thing. Bowles isn't a fago No fag mails found! Bowles isn't a bad father. No bad father e-mails found! Bowles isn't a thief. No thief e-mails found. In fact, the e-mails prove he is just a normal person just like the rest of the ANP people. Betcha the other groups can't say that?

Thank you OPP/ARA. You just exploded and squashed all the lies and myths about the ANP.

Anonymous said...

Read the emails between Nick Chappell and Bowles. Bowles feels bad for ripping him off and offers to pay back the money he stole. This was around the time Nick was talking about either suing Bowles or going to law enforcement. It's all there in black and white with Bowles kissing up hard to avoid going to prison (again).

You can also see that Bowles abandoned 3 children in Delaware while spending Nick Chappel's inheritance. There is even an email where Bowles is talking about child support enforcement going after him at some point. He even talks about tossing his daughter into a mental ward rather than deal with typical teenage drama. Does anyone remember the ANP saying all of his children were full grown? Another anp lie exposed.

Bowles even talks about the theft of the Redneck shop by John Howard in the emails to Nick. Bowles attempts to undermine Howard and advises Nick to sue him. Looks like Bowles knows he's on a sinking ship at least half the time.

And how does the ANP have any room to talk about anyone mishandling info? Very private info of their members and even just people who have casually contacted them is in the hands of the antis. Someone can't help but wonder if this is all a result of Bowles and rocky always trying to buddy up to the antifa. And don't say they don't. Bowles stopped short of claiming credit for the battle of Trenton.

This whole thing is disgusting because the truth came out but some people in the movement have chosen to ignore it. To everyone who had their info published, Id get a lawyer and go after the antifa and the anp. And rocky, get a lawyer yourself. Bowles might have just sunk you in more ways than just the mini-furher mail order thing. You were warned a dozen times not to embrace bufoonary. I guess your 40 years of experience didnt teach you that.

Anonymous said...

For anyone that has been casually observing the "white power" movement in America, this hack and leak of info proves that the ANP is a "safe" group to join. It is clear they care about their membership and are 100% sincere in their NS efforts.

Anonymous said...

AMEN! to 2:06PM

Anonymous said...

Hey 1:32PM, I read all the e-mails and I didn't see any that pertained to any Nick guy? You just lost any credibility in my eyes. You must be one of those BIG LIE turds that Hitler warns about in his book Mein Kampf!

Anonymous said...

1:32PM is about as full of sh*t as the ARA. I read those e-mails and don't see anything truthful like 1:32PM said. I read that Rocky doesn't like trolling like he was accused of. I see Bowles having contact with his wife and troubles with his offspring like any other parent does even though 1:32PM has said in the past his wife and children didn't have anything to do with him. Seems 1:32PM can't keep his anti-ANP fantasies and lies straight especially about Nick Chappell. Hey 1:32PM. You said Bowles and Chappell wasn't communicating in past comments here. Seems they are still friends. What lies you tell.

Notice that 1:32PM didn't condemn the anti-racist terrorist act against the ANP?

Anonymous said...

Maybe a WN or other NS hacked him and gave it to the ARA because all the ANP does is poke fun at their brother's in arms who fight in the same struggle?