Monday, December 19, 2011

American Nazi Party Distributes Literature In Mountain View, California, Goes Into A School In Ohio, And Hosts Christmas Party In South Carolina

The first two weeks of December 2011 have proven to be quite productive for the American Nazi Party. On December 10th, the ANP brushed aside an ARA hack attack on the previous NS Acumen of the Old Guard blog and resultant involuntary outing of personal information and held their ninth annual White Unity Christmas Party at the historic Redneck Shop meeting hall in Laurens, South Carolina. John Taylor Bowles offers little information about the event beyond that, but the more newsworthy development is that there's a new NS Acumen of the Old Guard blog:

John Taylor Bowles has not been successful in recovering the old blog or getting Blogger to take it down. He informed Blogger of the problem on December 8th. Because Blogger has so many blogs, it could take weeks for them to react.

In a separate post, Bowles reports that for the fourth consecutive year, he visited a high school in Ohio to speak to students about national socialism and the American Nazi Party. Bowles reports that many students were surprised at how he did not fit the traditional stereotype of the headbanging, Rahowa-screeching misogynist and how he promoted positive racial separation and separate development without denigrating any racial groups. One person wrote "If his presentation was my first and last exposure to a Nazi, I would have a tolerant to favorable view of the Nazi Party". Some people have criticized the ANP for not identifying the high school in the past, but if the school was identified, they might become a target for ARA "activism". And perhaps the school asked Bowles not to identify them. Bowles also reports that a representative of the American Nazi Party will be speaking to high school students again in May 2012.

And finally, ANP literature distribution made the news in Mountain View, California. Mountain View Online reports that a local ANP activist distributed ANP cards six times since early November near Trinity United Methodist Church, St. Joseph's church and at Mercy-Bush park, where the cards have been tacked on a post near the bin for dog-waste bags. The cards read "Racial Pride & Unity For Blacks = OK. Browns = OK. Whites = Hate?" along with the ANP's website address. Naturally, the reporter found a local lemming who delivered the quintessential "woe is us" spiel, but one person, Old Ben, vigorously defended the distribution in the Comments section and condemned the genocide in Gaza.

Another person, Ghost, wrote "The 'American Experiment' is a dismal failure. Sure, we have multiculturalism. We have Black gangs preying on Whites. Latino gangs preying on Blacks. The more diverse we become, the more it breeds mistrust. Your fortunate to live in a basically small town type area. I live in So. Cal. in a major city. It's a racial jungle, and the animals are running wild. You can't walk down the streets and feel safe - day or night. People distrust what they consider outsiders by instinct. The more multiculturalism is forced on us, the worse things will get - not better". And in Sense and Sensibility, Dan Schruender noted that the activist who distributed the cards has a mild heart condition, yet was willing to get out there and do his part.

ANP message cards are available in lots of 100 for $5.00; ordering information HERE.

ANP message cards can also be distributed in libraries and bookstores. Target the New Fiction and New Non-Fiction sections; select books that appear to be popular and place a card in the Table of Contents page and, if present, the first page of the Index. These are the locations where people are almost guaranteed to check. Also place cards in any books about World War II in Europe or national socialism.


Anonymous said...

One of the best recent posts on this blog. The ANP message cards are an excellent way to spread National Socialism, and what a great price.

It should be recognized by the ANP talk show and their ANP Reports that they really are America's ONLY true NS org.

Tommy said...

The ANP is on the move. A big HAIL VICTORY to them for continuing to have activities beyond SIEG HEILING in people's faces and wearing uniforms in public events that look trashy.

I give them credit...they are trying and don't let the OPP and ARA spoil their determinism.

Anonymous said...


A.A., you now go out of your way to sell items for the ANP and give instructions on how to hand out the cards they SELL....

Leaving a few small business cards by the dog poop bags-- "where the cards have been tacked on a post near the bin for dog-waste bags", is appropraie for the ANP, but is not anything to brag about.

You can spin along with Taylor about the Christmas Party, BUT it was a bust like their last get together where only 6 people showed. And the name of the school is now wel known as well as the teacher. He invites people from all parties, communist, et al to a single class on political extremism. The teacher himself is under fire for being an extrem lefty, which may be the reason why Bowles and the ANP was chosen, the ANP is a lefty group, NOT NS, with their pro-fag, anti-racial, pro Union, Pro Multi-cultural/Occupy Wall Street positions.

This is a fluff story you have invented to try to detract from the real issues:

Jews on the Attendance List to their December Meet

Confirmation of their unethical acts

Confirmation of Taylor's theft from Nick Chappell

Confirmation that the ANP is small little cabal of leftists (based on their positions)

WN forums are full of communists, fags, and other deviant filth posing as WN or NS. The homo issue is of great use in identifying the posers.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like 8:08PM is jealous of the ANP. He should be.

Anonymous said...

"old time skinhead" sure is a clueless liar. How does this wacko know how many people show at the ANP events? Has he ever been to one? Nope. He must be describing himself when he said, "WN forums are full of communists, fags, and other deviant filth posing as WN or NS"

Basically just reverse everything the moron said and you will get close to the truth.

The ANP continues to show that they are America's only NS org, and their activism is real and legit like 1:43am stated.

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 10:16 A.M: - You should see some of the comments I have to reject simply because they are too personal. LOL!

It seems like anyone who deviants from the stereotype and who actually does the unglamorous GRUNT work comes under fire. Sarah Palin survived it, and so will the ANP.

The NSM comes under similar fire as well.

Anonymous said...

"Old Time BONE-HEAD" - that says it all! LOL No wonder the ANP doesn't have them cluttering up their organization. Anyone who is out of their teens, and still clings to being a bonehead is a dysfunctional.

Anonymous said...

Hey skinhead idiot, real WN don't mind putting their money where there mouth is, Propaganda costs money to produce, $5 for a hundred cards is a pretty fair price. I bet you have over a hundred stupid skinhead 'music cd's' that sure as hell weren't free? And are you really so dumb as to think that the ANP isn't distributing these message cards EVERYWHERE. I especially like the message. No 'hate'. No slurs. Just a simple fact to get people thinking. Way to go ANP! I'll think that for the first time in a long while that I'll order and join the folks distributing them in my neck of the woods too! WPWW!

Anonymous said...

"It seems like anyone who deviants from the stereotype and who actually does the unglamorous GRUNT work comes under fire. Sarah Palin survived it, and so will the ANP."

What's with this love for Palin? She is a ZOG whore, who has hardly ever done any real *work.* She is a useful tool for the system, she offers no real solutions to the problems White people face. Just a pin-up girl for the reactionary right-wing.

Anonymous said...

Read the latest ANPReport from ANP Chairman Rocky Suhayda at He looks at the past and coming year. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

Just read the ANP Report and it really is a great and honset look at the movement as a whole. The ANP is clearly quite serious with what they do. Good for them!!

Ralph said...

Go ANP in 2012. Keep on having public activities, speaking to high school students, passing out literature to keep the IDEA alive, and having a talkshow program, plus twitter.

Hey A.A. If the ANP does anymore you will have to get a bigger BLOG to list their accomplishments. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but after all that has "come out" and has been proven (Bowles emails) the ANP is not credible and cannot be trusted as a real NS group. Other Blogs and Forums had a real healthy debate, not this one which only spun for the ANP and its anti-NS positions and pro-gay positions. Too much has now been proved.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ 8:56! What fantasy dreamland do you live in?!? The only thing that has been "exposed" about the ANP is their seriousness in the National Socialist struggle!!

You are a joke, get a clue.....

Timmy said...

The NSM is the group that can't be trusted. NSM Commander Schoep keeps lie by saying that his wife doesn't have a mulatto daughter from a previous marraige; but, recently pictures emerged of Jeff Schoep at the mulatto's last outside birthday party. You don't see pictures of ANP promoting race mixing.

Anonymous said...

I think the OPP is upset that Bowles got hacked and he didn't run around and whine and complain like a little girl like others would have. In fact, he is probably so hardcore he didn't give a shit and laughed at them. lol

Anonymous said...

The mid-nite ANP Goat Dancers
(12:01AM & 12:37AM)can try to deflect all they want. The fact remains that the Bowles emails showed and proved nearly everything that had been suspcted bout the ANP, Bowles and some about Rocky. Even Bowles con of young Chappell's money is strongly infered in those emails, if not outright implied.

I agree, the ANP is not only NOT credible, but the ANP is very suspect in its motives and goals. The fact that the ANP is just trying to "ignore it and hope it all goes away", speaks volumes.