Friday, December 16, 2011

American Cowards: Teutonic Warrior Chick Exposes The Debilitating Effects Of Feminism On White American Males

Teutonic Warrior Chick's YouTube channel was recently brought down by YouTube, but a couple of her videos live on, thanks to Blogbalderorg. One of them is her now-famous response to the British government's oppression of Emma West.

But there's another video by Teutonic Warrior Chick worthy of mention. She exposes the debilitating effects of feminism on White American males. Most real men know that feminism is divisive, corrosive, inherently anti-male, blaming men for all the sins of the world, past, present and future. Back during the days when he worshipped the Lord instead of Israel, Pastor John Hagee even characterized feminism as a form of witchcraft, defining witchcraft as the unrighteous control over someone through manipulation or intimidation for the purposes of domination. It should also be noted that Jewish supremacists celebrate their manipulation and domination of the feminist movement. Strong women like Sarah Palin, Margaret Thatcher, and April Gaede did not need feminism to become successful; instead of begging and litigating for power, they simply exercised it, the consequences be damned. She also righteously takes men to task for allowing feminism to take root. Here's Teutonic Warrior Chick's video:

In her own words:

"I'll tell you where the men are.... They're sitting back home, watching TV, and they have given all their authority to the woman. The women wear the pants in the family, they control everything, and the men have allowed it. Feminism has ruined out men. And that's the problem, men have become so soft, that woman run the show now, and that's why they're not going to do anything about it, and it has also produced another generation of very effeminate boys, 'cause daddy's don't raise them anymore, okay? Daddy's are too busy watching TV, to be involved in junior baseball game if they even stuck around long enough to be with the mother of that child. Actually, single mothers are on the rise, and 70% of all prison inmates belong to single mother families, okay? This has become a very bad epidemic all the way around. We need the men to take control again, and take authority again, and do something about the problems that we are now facing, because this is just the beginning, you guys got to do something about it, okay, grow a spine, and do something about it".


Anonymous said...

Palin and Thatcher are both jewish tools and traitors to their own people. Palin is a whore for Zionism, not to mention a complete idiot. Thatcher lied to the British people about stopping mass immigration back in 1979. It got her elected and greatly set back the National Front, the one true uncompromising WN party in the UK.

Neither of these of these women would have gotten anywhere without jewish support/control.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin, Thatcher are both systemite whores, hence their 'success', if you can call it that. What has April Gaede accomplished to be called a success? Pimped her daughters to provide entertainment to the drooling, unable to get a decent woman misfits of the movement? She obviously sure didn't educate them properly in an Aryan lifestyle, now they're both admitted pot-heads who as soon as they came of age, abandoned the White struggle. Yeah, 'look at me!' Gaede is the flip-side of the typical movement male, all in it for self-agrandisement, notoriety and little else. If you want a representative "STRONG ARYAN WOMAN", why not hold up the typical, average, normal White woman who not only WORKS a 'dead-end' JOB, and rushes HOME to take care of the kids, but strives to "balance the house-hold budget" on the pitiful amount of money that she earns by the sweat of her labor? Yeah, I guess SHE doesn't get her face on magazine covers tho... Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman For White Worker Power! Hail Victory! 88!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Rocky. The "movement" NEEDS to hear your blunt truth without any sugar-coated B.S.

The White Female hero of our movement is all of the loving, wonderful moms out there that sacrifice for their childrens' sake.

Patrick Bonacoscia said...

Feminism was originally not a bad thing as women were not often treated as they should have : as the equals of men and complementary. The problem now is because feminism was infiltrated with jewish scrap. Just look at Germanic women before Christianism (remember he was Jewish) : these women did not hesitate a minute to wield a sword if necessary, strong women indeed.