Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Teutonic Warrior Chick Expresses Support For British Tram Lady Emma West; Britain First Calls For Rally Outside Of Jail In Support Of Emma West

Update December 16th: Teutonic Warrior Chick's YouTube channel, along with the first video embed, was taken down. But I found another source for the video, which has now been embedded below.

A rising video star in the American White media is Teutonic Warrior Chick. While not yet quite as polished as Dr. David Duke, she expresses herself passionately and with credibility. Unfortunately, her YouTube channel YouTube channel has now been removed; it was highly acclaimed on Stormfront.

Teutonic Warrior Chick has now spoken out in support of the now-famous British Tram Lady, Emma West. She points out that having her child with her may have saved West from a beatdown by a black man aboard the tram who had risen to his feet and was about to accost her. But what Teutonic Warrior Chick really takes issue with is the exaltation of "Racism™" as the supreme crime in society today, and the double standard applied against Whites. Her video went down with her YouTube channel, but I found a replacement on Blogbalderorg's channel:

British Resistance reports that a patriotic political group called Britain First has called for the immediate release of Emma West from jail and has organized a campaign for people to communicate these sentiments to the British Home Secretary, Theresa May. They've posted a convenient e-mail template HERE. In addition, they're calling upon all true patriots to rally outside HMP Bronzefield, Woodthorpe Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3JZ on Friday 2nd of December at 12 midday in support of Emma West.

I suspect they'll get a lot more than 75 people to that rally.

A big publicity boost has been given by Glenn Beck's site, The Blaze. While it starts out with a basic story and the video of Emma West's rant, 615 comments have been appended to the story and at least half of them are directly supportive of West. Here's a sampling:

Timsincali Posted on November 30, 2011 at 11:32am:
AMEN! Seems women are the only ones with balls among our people. A few of us is all it takes. May GOD bless her. By the way, I’ve no animus towards black & brown skinned people and I support their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but not at the expense of Anglo peoples. The lady makes an extremely valid point but the targets of her anger are not the guilty ones; her own people are as are ours. If we permit through various means the overtaking of what was once the envy of the world by way of immigration and proliferation through transfer payments, then we get what is happening and deserve it. Remove disingenuous Anglo liberals and progressive “republicans” NOW. Bless this lady, GOD Bless her.

Sagat Posted on November 30, 2011 at 12:33pm:
What’s unbelievable is your one sided mentality. Yes, the woman was rude and she shouldn’t have been cursing that way in public around children, but her sentiments are to be expected. She is being forced by her elite rulers to become a foreigner in her own country. Who wouldn’t sympathize with her situation? The bleeding hearts certainly gnash their teeth over indigenous people getting displaced by Whites, but seem to lose all sense of righteousnous when the same happens to Europeans.

robert Posted on November 30, 2011 at 1:12pm:

European governments bought into the basic concept of population shift because they wanted to create an economic power that would rival the United states, boosting their economies, giving the money junkies and federal bureaucrats more power and influence. It has failed miserably. As Angela Merkel declared, “Multiculturalism is a failure.”

But, in the beginning they were confronted with the problem of strong opposition from their citizenry who didn’t like the idea of having their traditions and cultures overwhelmed and destroyed by cultures from other countries. So their psy-ops was put in motion. It was declared in almost every printed outlet, T.V., and the entertainment industry that opposing “diversity” was evil and hateful. It was only hate that prompted opposition to unlimited third world immigration, even in the face of stark percentages of out of control crime, dissension, riots and chaos., and a draining of the treasury. Complain against any of it and you were labeled a hater.

And even though the fools in government see the error of their ways they can’t admit to it, and they can’t allow others to point out the horrror of it all, so they continue on with their charade and pretenses, arresting everybody who tells the truth, calling it “hate speech.” They are forced to do that, because the alternative would be a white backlash so great civil war would immediately ensue.

TT1488 Posted on November 30, 2011 at 6:59pm:
Good for her. Tell it like it is. She has the right to feel any way she wants. She loves her country and is disgusted by what she sees. Free Speech and Nationalism. That‘s what it’s all about.


Stephen Smith said...

JEWTube has deleted TeutonicWarriorChick's account, and I cannot find any way to find her so far. Her life could be in danger. I really wish she had started a website or just had a Facebook account, instead of relying on JEWtube completely. Please post any information you have on her whereabouts here. Thanks.

Anchorage Activist said...

Stephen - Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Fortunately, someone else uploaded the video onto their own channel, and I have embedded it in the post. The video lives on (at least for now).

I have no information on her whereabouts, and I've seen no discussion of this on the WN boards yet.

Anonymous said...

Her channel Truthisahatecrime seems to be still working. The cannel is not visible in my country but perhaps in yours.

Anonymous said...

I tried to restore her channel:

Anonymous said...

What happened to her?

She is great.

My theory: Some smart ass reptile
got her fired from her job.
Or threatened her is some way.
Something drastic happened, to be

Such a tragedy. I really liked her videos.

Truth is a hate crime. How true.

Anonymous said...

We are all having these problems in the western world because we are Christians.

Christianity is a destroyer of cultures and there are many examples in the world, many examples on how christianity destroyed, for example south-american or Indian cultures. It destroy western culture too.