Saturday, November 19, 2011

Stormfronters Urge Jared Taylor To Invite Bob Whitaker To Speak At The 2012 American Renaissance Conference

American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor has announced that the 2012 American Renaissance Conference will take place near Nashville, TN from March 16-18, 2012. This time, Taylor assures us there's no threat of cancellation, as the conference will be held at a government-owned facility located about a 45-minute drive from Nashville. All the particulars are available HERE.

The news was greeted on Stormfront with some guarded and conditional optimism. Some are skeptical about claims that the conference won't be disrupted, while others reiterate their customary criticism of Taylor's Judeophilia. But a small group of Stormfronters are agitating for the inclusion of Bob Whitaker as a speaker; one person posted a letter he sent to Jared Taylor:

Dear Jared Taylor,

In a recent Amren article you expressed frustration at the lack of success over a period of years in getting our positions into the mainstream, and you stated that you are open to new ideas.

So I would like to recommend Bob Whitaker as a speaker at your conference, to discuss the very different methods he and his bugsters (I'm proud to be one of them) are using to mainstream pro-White facts and terminology.

If Bob would be unable to deliver a presentation, some combination of Derek Black, Truck Roy, and Horus the Avenger would be able to give a very clear exposition of the approach we are using.

[my name]

While I'm certainly aware of Bob Whitaker and his now-famous Mantra (anti-racist is a code word for anti-White), I've not spent much time on him. So I found an audio of one of his radio appearances converted into the following video:

Whitaker provides a cogent and scholarly explanation as to why "anti-racist" is a code word for "anti-White". Whites are held to higher and harsher standards on racial issues. Only White-dominated nations are expected to accept more non-White immigrants; no expectations to accept more White immigrants are imposed upon non-White nations. Only White communities are expected to become more "diverse", never non-White communities. The most egregious example of the latter is HUD's blockbusting efforts in New York's Westchester County to force them to build more public housing because the county is "too White"; in contrast, HUD has not demanded that East St. Louis or Detroit build more housing to attract Whites because they are "too Black".

Not that most Whites would even want to live in all-Black neighborhoods in the first place. But the point is that forced diversity is a one-way street -- and a zero-sum game for Whites.

I believe most people would agree that Bob Whitaker would be an excellent addition to the speakers' roster at the American Renaissance Conference. Not only is he staunchly pro-White, but the style of his discourse fits perfectly with the intellectual motif of the conference.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the ANP has finally got busted red handed, the NSALP is posting emails from the ANP on their web site, they say they have lots of emails that are going to be posted. So why does the ANP trash these groups then try to recruit them if they are so bad???

Anonymous said...

I wonder if this upcoming conference will be the one where Taylor finally names the jew as the source of the problems.

Im guessing- No.

Anonymous said...

Amren will NEVER ever, NAME the JEW. And in that case, its like the Doctor telling the patient that he's 'sick', but NOT telling 'what' is killing him! Usless to White survival. Hail the ANP! 88!

Anonymous said...

Its very simple "12:02PM" , the GROUPS are PATHETIC, but within them, they MAY have a few individuals, perhaps newbi's, who ARE worth "saving". Lets have the "alp" re-publish the letter that I sent them back then, wihin it I logically point by point set out "why" they should consider disbanding and urge their few adherents to apply to the ANP. I seriously doubt if "they can find" THAT one. At this period of time, I view the "alp" as I do the so-called "nsm" - they are REFUSE containers for people whom the ANP bye and large would not accept. So they DO serve a purpose. On the other hand, they are also mis-leaders in as much that some innocent soul might stumble upon them and be inticed to join, and have their whole vision of National Socialism DISTORTED by these groups antics. Hence, lost forever to the Struggle. If you notice, these "back and forths" were SUPPOSED to be "CONFIDENTAL", per the "alp's" request and our agreement - hence WE never published them. So much for someones "honor", eh. Sincerely, Rocky J. Suhayda, Chairman Hail Victory! 88!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the NSALP is trying to divert attention off of its inability to accomplish or do anything and centering their hatred on the ANP.