Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Southern Poverty Law Center Transforms Kalispell PLE Activist April Gaede Into A "Cover Girl" In Their Winter 2011 "Intelligence Report"

If April Gaede ever had any aspirations of being a "cover girl", she just struck gold. The Southern Poverty Law Center features her on the cover of their Winter 2011 Intelligence Report. And, unlike Vogue or Cosmopolitan, I'll bet the SPLC didn't pay her a single shekel.

Of course, they deliberately present an uncomplimentary caricature of her brandishing a gun. You can see the cover HERE.

The specific article is entitled "A Gathering of Eagles: Extremists Look to Montana", authored by Ryan Lenz. Much of the article focuses on former Constitution Party Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, who decided to pull up stakes from Florida, move to the Flathead Valley in Montana, and is encouraging other Christian-oriented people to follow him. It's estimated that dozens have heeded his call, and scores more are on the way. Baldwin refers to his movement as a “gathering of eagles” — people opposed to oppressive big-city liberalism and UN-sponsored globalism. While Baldwin and his acolytes say they are religious separatists rather than racial separatists, among the 200 or so members of Baldwin's new church, Liberty Fellowship, is Randy Weaver, whose wife was murdered by the FBI at Ruby Ridge.

But then the SPLC turns their attention to April Gaede, as well as another local White racialist, Karl Gharst. Here's the key excerpt about Gaede:

In the mid-1980s, the idea of carving out a white homeland in the Pacific Northwest was highly popular among neo-Nazis and other white supremacists. The so-called Northwest Territorial Imperative, popularized by Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler, imagined enclaves of “racially conscious” white people. Two decades later, in 2006, April Gaede left her home in California for Kalispell, where she took up residence in a quaint, two-story house adorned with a sunflower garden. Not long afterward, she set out to breathe fresh air into that Aryan dream.

“I am formally making your [sic] invitation to ‘come home,’ she wrote on the white nationalist Web forum Stormfront in 2008. “Over 20 years ago some of the first White Nationalist pioneers started moving to this area. The numbers are not clear, but we are slowly but surely gaining ground.” Touting “wonderful neighborhoods,” “the best high schools in the nation” and a “state of the art hospital and care,” Gaede implored fellow white supremacists to move to Montana and form “Pioneer Little Europe” communities. The idea, first proposed in a 2001 pamphlet by H. Michael Barrett that was titled Pioneer Little Europe Prospectus, envisioned consolidating white residents in existing cities and towns and actively repelling racial minorities.

Gaede’s invitation drew apparently widespread but largely anonymous support online, despite the comical reservations of some detractors who feared that creating a white homeland in landlocked Montana, with no harbors, would make it impossible to ever secede from the Union.

Meanwhile, white nationalists are growing more visible to Montanans. British Holocaust denier David Irving gave a speech in Kalispell last May. Gaede and Gharst hold frequent white nationalist film screenings at the Kalispell Public Library, despite public protest.

Police in Montana are more than aware of the white nationalists’ activities. But in the absence of criminal activity, there’s little they can do. “We’ve got a lot of dangerous guys in Kalispell,” Police Chief Roger Nasset said. “But as long as they are peaceful, we can’t hold [their beliefs] against them.”

Gaede insists that people are coming, but the indications are that no more than a half dozen families have answered her call...

Karl Gharst is mentioned because in September 2011, he sent an e-mail to the anti-racist and anti-White Montana Human Rights Network threatening to convene a citizens grand jury to investigate what he described as a Jewish criminal organization working with other Jewish crime networks. He made similar comments about the SPLC and Media Matters for America after learning that both were preparing reports on the situation in Montana. Because some of Gharst's tactics tend to cater to popular stereotypes about White racialists and patriots, the relationship between him and Gaede has been uneasy at times.

Reaction: A superb discussion is currently taking place on White News Now; definitely a classy, upbeat forum. For her part, April Gaede seems rather amused by the attention. In this Stormfront thread, she writes, "After a decade of hard work my plans for world domination all come to a head......lmao. I am finally a caricature on the cover of the SPLC Intelligence Report with Chuck Baldwin and a few other politically incorrect gentlemen". She notes that when they can't really debate what you say, they either lie about what you say or do, call you names, or make fun of you in some way. And in response to complaints by author Ryan Lenz about being unable to get an interview, Gaede said she ordered him off her porch twice, and when he refused, she felt it necessary to firm up the message.

Considerably less amusing is a full-court press launched by Media Matters in the form of a four-part High Country Extremism series which focuses upon both the Patriot Movement and the PLE Movement in Montana. The author is David Holthouse, who has previously contributed articles to the SPLC. It should be noted that Holthouse has some personal issues from the past that he's still working out; back in 1978, when he was seven years old, a 10-year-old friend raped him both orally and anally in his own home. Later, when he became an adult, he tracked down the rapist, intending to kill him, but called it off at the last minute.

The SPLC openly admits that they coordinated with Media Matters to ensure the reports from both groups would be publicly released at the same time. Here are the links to the four Media Matters reports:

-- Part 1, High Country Extremism: Homeland on the Range - A preliminary summary
-- Part 2, High Country Extremism: Pioneering Hate - Focuses on April Gaede and the PLE
-- Part 3, High Country Extremism: Armed and Dangerous - Focuses on Karl Gharst
-- Part 4, High Country Extremism: Patriot Games - Focuses on Chuck Baldwin and the Patriot Movement


Anonymous said...

The enemy controlled jew media always promotes the worst, most useless people as 'representatives' of White Nationalism in their propaganda. Why is that? There must be a very good reason behind that manner of thinking. Com'on, think of all the decent women in the struggle, doing constuctive and intelligent work vs that well known, big mouthed, publicity hound, who had her fat ass sluttiness as her best known attribute to anyone who's been around a while. Even her daughters have had enough of her exploiting them for her personal glory. Disgusting.

Jeronimus said...

There's nothing wrong with April Gaede or Chuck Baldwin. This "Anonymous" troll should be deleted.

What's up with the Sheriff of Flathead County saying he's "working with the FBI." These people aren't doing anything illegal. Pathetic. They should be monitoring this:

A South African (black) immigrant who is boasting openly about planning terrorist attacks on American civilians.

Anonymous said...

5:26 PM

I can always tell when the anti-White Jew is commenting, because he always stoops to vulgarity.

Vulgarity is not the Aryan way, because Aryans are a noble race.

You fool no one.

Anonymous said...

Randy Weaver- I was wondering what became of him. Let's not forget that the ZOG FedPigs also murdered Weaver's son, who I believe was just 14 at the time, and the family's loyal dog.

All these years later and it still burns me up thinking about what happened at Ruby Ridge, under George H.W. Bush's watch. Think about Ruby Ridge the next time you see the good ol' Red White and Jew flag. That's what America has become. A nation that murders its own White citizens because of their beliefs, and lets jew bankers who swindle people out of billions get off with a (comparative) slap on the wrist.

Fuck the USA!

Anonymous said...

Montana, yeah thats where the White Revolution will break out, amongst the cows, pigs, and rustics. Running for the hills, is just another stop-gap like our parents running for the suburbs. These handful of people are only legends in their own minds. They can't even change the locals minds, what was the attendance for their free movie shows, 3 or 4?

Anonymous said...

2:00 PM

If the numbers of White people in Kalispell are nothing for you to worry about, why then are you assuring us of that fact? lol

No one says a neighborhood that is 100% Black needs more diversity.

No one says a neighborhood that is 100% Asian needs more diversity.

No one says a neighborhood that is 100% Oriental needs more diversity.

No one says a neighborhood that is 100% Jewish needs more diversity.

They are already 100% diverse.

All White neighborhoods and only white neighborhoods always need to be more diverse. White neighborhoods only stop needing to be more diverse when there are no White people left in them.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

Pastor Martin Luther Dzerzhinsky Lindstedt said...

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Haman said...

April Gaede has loyally served her race for a very long time, and no White man of any social worth would participate in the kind of gutter-level abuse we see above. Additionally, in a Pioneer Little Europe - which is what she's attempting to raise up - for the first time we'd all be able to see for ourselves if any given person is even White - or perhaps Jewish.

Anonymous said...

" among the 200 or so members of Baldwin's new church, Liberty Fellowship, is Randy Weaver, whose wife was murdered by the FBI at Ruby Ridge."

This should be looked on as a positive move towards 'normalcy' by those who are a) cognizant of religous orthodoxy (such as it is) and b) anti-social movements in the American Redoubt (to borrow a term from their own vocabulary)

Randy Weaver NEEDS a man with as much forethought and character as his pastor, as Mr. Baldwin. I would think that the SPLC, (most of whose employees don't even darken the door of their local synagogue, let alone a valid Christian Church) would rejoice that Mr. Weaver is 'rejoining mainstream' American society.... oh wait, I'm talking about anarchist Deicides.

never mind.

- Fr. John+