Friday, November 04, 2011

Over 7,000 Russian Nationalists March Through The Lyublino Neighborhood Of Moscow During Russia's National Unity Day

Although white power is expressed more ethnically than racially over in Europe, it is still just as pro-White, and the organizers of pro-White rallies in Europe can ginn up numbers we can only dream about in the States. Over 7,000 Russian nationalists were among the 35,000 or so who took to the streets of Moscow during Russia's annual National Unity Day celebration on November 4th, which replaced the celebration of the old Bolshevik Revolution in 2005. According to Voice of Russia, November 4th was chosen because it was on this day in 1612 that Russian forces upheld the country’s independence in a desperate fight against foreign invaders. Here's a video from RIANovosti:

RIANovosti also published a text report which is somewhat biased against the nationalists. Approximately 7,000 nationalists, some wearing masks and many carrying the original black, yellow and white flag of the Russian Empire, marched through the working class neighborhood of Lyublino in Moscow to express their patriotism towards Russia and their discontent with the Muslim immigrants they blame for stealing their jobs, snatching away their government, and displacing them in their own country, much like Latin Americans are doing in the United States. Also sprinkled throughout the crowd were the bearded, muscular Slavs, decked out in either Cossack attire or late Tsarist-era military regalia, who could easily be the poster children for a purer Russian nation. A police helicopter hovered above to keep a watchful eye on events, while approximately 5,000 police officers on the ground stood ready to intervene if events turned violent.

The demonstrators, a loose coalition of several different nationalist and anarchist organizations, appeared to be more geared towards expressing discontent rather than promoting any single platform. Between chants of “When we’re united, we’re invincible!” and "Take Russia back" were shouts of “Get rid of Putin!” and “Down with the party of crooks and thieves!”. Alexei Navalny, one of Russia's most popular bloggers, gave a rousing speech in which he told the crowd that the United Russia Party was the party of crooks and thieves. RIANovosti interviewed 70-year-old Yuri Aleksandrovich, who expressed many of the same sentiments as the younger participants:

“Today, we’re living in a colony. We’ve been colonized, occupied, and taken over by these people,” he said. “Our government has been seized from us.” He pointed to examples, such as the Caucasian republics and Tatarstan, among others, where national autonomy has been “usurped” from the Russians by a titular – and indigenous – nation. “We want to show that among the many ethnic minorities here, there is a Russian nation that created, defended and built up the state – it is our Russian state.”

In a separate report, RIANovosti noted that two other prominent groups rallied in Moscow as well. An estimated 15,000 people took part in a separate Russian March organized by the pro-Kremlin group Nashi in the Soviet-era All-Russian Exhibition Center (VVTs). This was strictly a multicultifest; a spokesman for Nashi said “This is the only genuine Russian March as many peoples that have glorified our country are taking part in it”. In addition, the ruling United Russia party held its own public event in Moscow’s Poklonnaya Gora park, garnering about 10,000 participants. And finally, about 500 young Russians paraded along Moscow’s Taras Shevchenko Embankment near Kievsky Station in an antifascist march. Police reported no significant problems at any of the rallies.


Anonymous said...

Seven thousand? Over here its deemed a "success" if we come up with 20 people for a rally. What the hell is the problem here?

For example, I read today that in a suburb of Chicago, a 14 year old White girl was murdered by a nigger savage that was robbing her home. Is this not enough to get White people off their asses and take to the streets? Maybe hold a big rally against nigger crime against Whites? Apparently not, no, its just "business as usual." Fucking White cowards.

Anonymous said...

That 75 person NSM rally in California looks pitiful compared to 7,000.