Saturday, November 05, 2011

National Socialist Movement's "Reclaim The Southwest" Rally In Pomona, California Attracts 80 White Patriots

Reports are now beginning to filter in about the National Socialist Movement's "Reclaim The Southwest" rally held in Pomona, California on November 5th, 2011. According to the Los Angeles Times, as many as 80 NSM members and supporters showed up to protest against illegal immigration (KNBC Channel 4 claims only 30 NSM members), which was the overriding theme of the rally, offset by around 300 counter-protesters. As advertised, the rally began at Pomona City Hall at 2:00 P.M. and ended around 3:30 P.M.

-- San Gabriel Valley Tribune gallery of 15 photos HERE

-- KABC Channel 7 news video:

The official NSM after-action report is now available, and Jeff Schoep reports that 80 patriots showed up. The title of this post was changed to reflect that information.

KCAL Channel 9 video:

As the NSM contingent arrived, the counter-protesters immediately rushed across police lines and began hurling parking cones, water bottles, horse feces and other items at the neo-Nazis. Some of the more than 100 police officers and sheriff's deputies assigned to the event quickly separated the groups and maintained a line of officers in riot gear between them. When the NSM contingent departed around 3:30 P.M., once again the counter-demonstrators rushed around the corner in an effort to confront the neo-Nazis at their vehicles. Some began throwing items at deputies and police officers who blocked their way. One man was struck with a baton from a horse-mounted deputy after pelting her in the face with an object. Despite this, no one was arrested. Here's a comment posted to the L.A. Times to illustrate the Latino attitudes towards Whites in L.A:

Lydia Navarro · Ruben S Ayala High School:
...I drove by those magots and they were suurnded by all white porks and to top it off my family just cooked a chivo in the ground and it was good yummi bring one of those magots to my house so I can put them in the hole the chivo was in and put dirt on them mi raza.

A chivo is a goat that's slow-roasted in a pit. On the designated Stormfront thread, one participant posted this message:

Just got back, I will post pictures later.

Unfortunately me and a few braves friends were mixed up with the counter protesters.

We had a few close calls where we almost had to get physical with S.H.A.R.P.'s and "UNITY" guys as well as self haters who were covering up their faces.

They knew we were there protesting illegal immigration as well, and we didn't back down when confronted.

The police were NOT on our side, we put our asses on the line being there greatly out numbered, especially with me being a resident of the city and seeing familiar faces.

We split around 3:30 P.M. when the NSM was done with their speech.

Unfortunately we could hardly hear what they were saying, due to the counter protesters continuously yelling and police constantly getting on their P.A.'s keeping the counter protesters in check.

I was still glad that the NSM made their presence known in this "sanctuary city" for illegal aliens, it seems like most the legal residents that live in Pomona could care less about what's going on or they are too afraid to tell the world how they really feel, it disgusts me.

More information and additional links will be posted later when available.


Anonymous said...

Not a fan of the NSM, but nice to hear they got 75 people. Those filthy spics want all Whites who don't agree with them dead. Mexicans are complete shit and more Whites need to wake up and smell the refried beans. The war is already on.

Anonymous said...

So the NSM takes it to the streets and gets 75 people. Good for them. Meanwhile, the ANP is planning for their "Xmas Get-together" you know, meet, eat and retreat. About a dozen people, and of course a "Nazi Santa Claus." Will Weird Dan Schreunder be playing Santa, and hoping for little girls to sit on his lap? ANP talks a lot of shit, but does so little. It's all about $$$, send in your donations!

Anonymous said...

Yes 7:58PM, let's all attend an always police controlled, police protected, police escorted, and police photographed NSM rally instead of a free gathering of White people like the American Nazi Party have at their indoor rallies and yearly Christmas Party of White activists without all that police controlled nonsense.

wescruz said...

It's interesting to note
that counter demonstrators
never have US flags. Of course
alot of them are confused dopes that
don't know what country they are
in in the first place. Mnay of these simple minded people from Mexico and
other places south of the border are told that they aren't breaking any
just laws, as states of California,
New Mexico(I'd like to change the name of that one, by the way),Arizona and Texas are rightfully part of latino land and should be Atzland. I am glad some people have the guts to face these debris and their friends!

Anonymous said...

I find it curious how these
controlled stooges of the
media like to put their little spin on something like this. This black
lady reporter saying that the counter
demonstrators "chased the neo nazis
as they left." Implying that the scum
could actually scare those guys.
Come on.....gimme a break!

Anchorage Activist said...

Just updated this post with two news videos and a link to a Tribune photo gallery. For a small local paper, the San Gabriel River Valley Tribune had surprisingly detailed coverage; they were the first to report that the antis threw stuff at the NSM contingent.

Anonymous said...

The NSM "takes to the streets" and accomplishes nothing. Job well done! They get photographed and exposed. Thank You NSM!! - Love, ZOG

Anchorage Activist said...

Anonymous 8:45 A.M. - Yes, it's frustrating, but sometimes seeds take quite a while before they germinate. The NSM is developing considerable expertise in organized street action, while some other groups are content to remain on the sideline.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Schoep abandoned his six-eight kids and their mothers with no chld support like a nigger. Is a felony burglar of a fellow white person, who has never held a real job in his entire life. And he reportedly has a niglet stepdaughter by his present 'wife'. What in hell is there to cheer about this person? I'm really confused. Plus isn't that Joy of Satan devilman NSM Cliff Herrington in the photo's?

Anonymous said...

75 or 75-hundred, what did it accomplish demonstrating in a majority non-white neighborhood except agitate the non-whites? If the spics held a rally in OUR areas we would be screaming provocation! This foolishness has gone on by nsm how many times? Instead of agitating the non-whites, wouldn't it be wiser to hold these in WHITE areas instead? Or, is agitating, hence getting some of that 'always negative jew-publicity' as Chairman Rocky Suhayda of the ANP calls it the whole basis of what they do? Seems like nsm is a dog chasing its tail in a continous circle jerk.

Anonymous said...

Good job, NSM! Glad to see people making a difference!

Anonymous said...

Someone can't count. Channel 7 TV video states '30 neo-nazi's'. Channel 9 TV video states '20'. Looking at both video's it certainly isn't '75'. Are we into wishfull think now? And whats with the old gray haired lady in stormtrooper uniform? We can't have sunk that low yet have we, that we need 'help me, I've fallen and I can't get up!' in uniforms on the front lines?

Anonymous said...

NSM Report of this event and new video is on their site now. Nice to see there is still some people with balls out there not just the meet in secret and talk to each other in a tea cup types.

Anonymous said...

And what did the great and wonderful NSM accomplish? Nothing but a bunch of NSM EGOS screaming from police protected lines. I shake my head in shame when I see the NSM do this degrading stunt over and over again.